Daisy Berkowitz reveals plans to release Katy Perry’s lost album

Daisy Berkowitz, former guitarist of Marilyn Manson, has revealed in an interview with Noisey he plans to release Katy Perry’s previously unreleased album.

When the singer moved to Los Angeles in search of stardom, signed a contract with Columbia Records and recorded an album inspired by Morrissete Alanis and Avril Lavigne with producer Glen Ballard.

The album was never released because the label folded to represent the star - but the musician, who attended the original formation of "Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids" declared interest in the material and its release.

"Katy Perry has an album that was never released because the label decided to cancel it for some reason. But someone has, somewhere," said the guitarist. "I was talking to a person and said' would not be legal revive it?' The album was recorded ten years ago. It is not really old but old enough to compare with the current pop music. Doing so would be very cool. "

Some songs, such as "Simple", were released on Myspace in 2005 Remember the video for the track below: