Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy - Solve all Puzzles in the Game

Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy is an adventure game full of puzzles with as we like. This game follows Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon. You can find Ellen Cross, conservator of paintings that will show the work so sought after in the previous installment. But the painting of the famous Prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes will disappear again. You will then stop to meet the Prince of Darkness.

You stuck in an enigma, DTGReviews offers complete walkthrough Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy.

Table of Contents:

1 - New York
  1. - Introduction
  2. - The security system
  3. - Analysis of the dark matter
  4. - Infrared Analysis
  5. - The restoration of the portrait
  6. - The appointment
  7. - Betrayal
  8. - The poem - Radu
  9. - An unexpected help
2 - Istanbul
  1. - Access to Basilica Cistern
  2. - The column in the eyes of peacock
  3. - The path of the crypt
  4. - In the crypt
  5. - At Yanek
  • - The Puppet Theatre
  • - Yanek
  • - Ink Blood
3 - Chernobyl
  1. - The Way of desolation
  2. - The Tower
  • - The elevator
  • - 3 grids
  • - The boat
  • - Release Adam
  • - The End
1 - New York

Having found the picture of Dracula, you must pass security to come and analyze then restore. You will be pleasantly surprised to have an appointment with Adam Stoker but he will betray you. To know where it is, you will follow the track of the poem Radu and unexpected help will help you get there.

1 - Introduction
Select an image to represent you and confirm.

Ellen Cross is a summary of what happened in "Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon" where she was to meet European paintings that have been sinking in a shipwreck, one in particular, a portrait of Dracula.

Adam Stoker reveals him yet another work that you think you have taken in a crate to Yanek, a forger.

2 - The security system
You are in the offices of the museum.

You have in your inventory a knife, 5 cikloprex, 4 hemapromazine and 2 propoéthyne . (Careful, it's only with those of your apartment you have in this adventure! Take them sparingly and making associations advantageous drugs. Attention, some associations may be harmful.)

You can follow a short tutorial if you want.

Advance. Turn right and knock on the door.

The director of the museum welcomes you and tells you that the box that you wait awaits you in the workshop. Keep talking to him to exhaust subjects. It gives you your password (magnetic card) to enter the new security workshops.

Out of the office.

You arrive directly in front of the door leading to the workshop. Use your magnetic card reader on the left of the door. The door opens. Enter.

3 - Analysis of the dark matter
Gerry Berowski calls you. Adam Stoker will definitely call you. Continue to chat with Gerry.

Turn left and walk towards the corner.

Take on the table right compresses the scalpel and a small specimen.

To the right of the table, remove the protections of the body. Open it and remove the packed table.

Place the table in front of the black curtain. Tear packaging to find a table vandalized by tar representing a black cross.

Take an empty container on the table left.

Approach the table.

Take the scalpel on the canvas a sample of dark matter.

In your inventory, put the sample of dark matter in the small specimen.

Open the lift in front of the office of Gerry. Place the test sample on the support with.

Press the down arrow to go down the elevator in the laboratory.

You think an infrared analysis is indispensable.

4 - Infrared Analysis
Return to the table. Turn the screen to the right.

Turn to the left of the machine table and press it to start scanning infrared. On the screen, you see a portrait and other things such as animal or smoke.

Return to the table. Turn the screen to the right.

Turn to the left of the machine table and press it to start scanning infrared. On the screen, you see a portrait and other things such as animal or smoke.

5 - The restoration of the portrait
Turn right. Move left. Turn around to face a wardrobe.

Open the glass door and look at the shelves.

Return bottles to see what it is and those who take the following entries: oil and S237. Take the flask of oil and solvent S237.

In your inventory, put the oil and the solvent in a vacuum container and you get a solvent for tar. Then dip the pad in the solvent for tar and you have a swab solution.

Return to the table and apply 4 times the swab solution on the table. A portrait appears but the picture darkens.

Go to Gerry and an automatic discussion ensued with Gerry on the table, then book it allows you to read.

Take the table and move on. You do not feel well. Take your medications.

Use your magnetic right of the door leading to the reserve card.

Go ahead and place the painting on the easel.

Take the fabric right protection and cover the table cloth protection.

6 - The appointment
Exit the workshop and the phone rings. Answer. This is Adam Stoker. He pick you up in an hour at the museum.

Go see the book on the table that Gerry is already gone. You find that Vlad Tepes and his younger brother Radu were rivals.

Adam arrives and you want to show him the portrait.

Use the keycard on the reader to enter the reserve.

Remove the protective covering.

Kinematic: You and Adam discomfort accompanies you at home. They spend the night together but in the morning, it is no longer there.

Open the drawer of the bedside table and see what there is inside. Take medications 4 and 3 cikloprex hemapromazine.

Move into the room and look at the word of Adam on the table is left in London.

You must finish the restoration of the portrait.

Open the front door. Go out.

7 - Betrayal
You arrive automatically in the museum lobby.

Enter the workshop and in the reserve with the help of your magnetic card but the picture is gone. You notice the camera. Video may show that took the canvas.


Take your medications.

Turn around on the left panel of the door of the reserve. You need a code, but wear buttons allows you to determine: 954.

Open the panel and approach.

Press Stop to stop recording then rewind and finally reading. You see Adam take the picture. You must find as soon as the portrait.

Press eject button (far right of the unit) and take the video cassette. Stand back.

8 - The poem Radu
The phone rings and the answering machine is activated. Marlene, a librarian found the original written by Radu but an agent of the government seems to be interested in these searches poem. She sent a letter to Gerry.

Go to the office of Gerry. Take on the table the key postbox Gerry.

Come to the front door. Press the green button and exit.

Turn to the mailboxes and approach you.

Open one of Gerry with his key.

Retrieve his mail. You have a poem that seems to be more a game trail showing the different stages of an initiatory journey to find the hiding place of the Shadow Dragon.

Leave the area.

You automatically return home.

Turn your old computer and use it.

You must place the keywords and try keywords. You can read the poem to help you Radu.

Select and 3 Tags: sanctuary (basilica) - tank - Turkey. Press "search" and you find the Basilica Cistern or Yerebatan also called Sarnici.

Press "back" and stand back.

9 - An unexpected help
Your telephone rings. Go to your bed and pick up the handset. An unknown tells you that Gerry was found dead in his apartment and you have to find the table. She left a package on your doorstep.

Try calling Gerry. Instead of Gerry, you have a police announcing the death of Gerry you. He wants to see you tomorrow morning at the police station.

You must go to Istanbul to discover what lies behind the Basilica Cistern.

Just outside your front door and open. Look closely the envelope on your doormat.

Unseal the envelope and look inside.

Recover false papers passport.

Kinematic: Going to Istanbul.

2 - Istanbul

Radu's poem leads you to the Basilica Cistern, so try to uncover the secret of the column in the eyes of peacock and the path leading to the crypt Gorgons. The crypt of cult reveals certain things. While you are in Istanbul, appointments Yanek.

1 - Access to Basilica Cistern
You are in front of the window of the Basilica Cistern. Talk to the guard. You can visit the site for free for one hour. The tour is free for the Gorgons and the column in the eyes of peacock are not accessible.

There should be from the goalkeeper to be free to move.

Turn right. Go ahead and turn left to find yourself in front of a plane.

Approach the plane. Select the Gorgons (one is missing) then the column in the eyes of peacock. Stand back.

Turn around and walk up to the screen door. Try to open it. You need the key to open the goal.

Come to the information panel. Look at the phone numbers at the top left to automatically note that the welcome (reception).

Turn left and go forward. After you get to the cafeteria. Enter the cafeteria. Look on the left table to notice that the server has not recovered the addition and any tip.

Use the phone in the cafeteria but you need a room.

Come to the table with the addition. Move the receipt and take the coin.

Turn to the phone. Insert the coin into the device and dial the number of the home. You give him an excuse to remove him from his post.

Go to the window and take the keyring through the opening.

Turn right to come to terms. Turn right again and walk until you get to the screen door. Use the key on the door.

Select the key in the middle (at the end of the key) corresponding to the shape of the lock and insert the key into the lock.

Return to the window to put the keyring in place.

2 - The column in the eyes of peacock
Go ahead and turn right. You right column in the eyes of peacock. Look at the boat. It could help you to explore the site but you need a way to achieve it.

Take the long board left.

Return to the screen door. On the left, you have the floor boards. Pick it up.

Return to the boat and put the long board and the board to come up to the boat. Get in the boat.

Look up the exposed brick. Use your knife on the brick with a symbol.

Remove the cloth that wraps the object and then take the little scepter.

Come to the column in the eyes of peacock. Place the rod into the hole in the column.

Look closer.

Turn the eyes of peacock as the poem (from top to bottom and from left to right).

- Right - top - left

- Low - High

- Top - left - right.

A column of water rises to reveal a Gorgon.

Get in the boat. Untie the rope left. Turn around and walk on water.

Take on the column that has raised a compass in gold.

3 - The path of the crypt
The orientation of the Gorgon heads show you the path to follow with the help of the golden compass. So go ahead following the black arrow of the compass: east 3 times, 2 times south west 2 times, 3 times to the south, east 1 times 1 times south 1 times west, south and 1 time 2 times to the east.

After disembark.

Turn the switch. The light illuminates the 3 statues and their shadows reflected on the wall.

Rotate 3 times left statuette representing a bat and 3 times the right statuette of a horse to show a uniform shade depicting a dragon. A passage opens.


4 - In the crypt
You are in the lock exposure. View inscriptions which displays objects behind a glass inviolable.

Enter the vast crypt.

Examine the sunken vessel. There is something under the glass dome.

Walk towards the altar. Look closely on the altar pentacle with 4 elements.

Take the bane weapon on the right wall.

Come to the exhibition entrance. Use the weapon on the two windows to break.

Take the amphora, engravings of the seventeenth century, the journal of Father Arno and back D operation. You notice the recent absence of the dagger.

Check your newspaper engravings of the seventeenth century.

Exit the crypt.

Fill the water amphora.

Tuck and near the sunken tank. Pour the water into the tank. You observe a pentacle with elements after each branch.

Come to the altar and look more closely at the pentacle on the altar. 4 Move the elements such that:

- The triangle area is striped top left

- The inverted triangle at the upper right is

- The upside down triangle is crossed at the bottom left

- The triangle is at the point in the lower right.

Place the scepter above.

A sign in front of the altar opens revealing a family tree.

Consider the family tree. This is the line Radu. Look down the family tree to see Adam Stoker belongs to his descendants.

Kinematics: The Guardian comes to that point and triggers a trap that makes you fall in sewers. Found by sewer workers, you are taken to the hospital. A bouquet Adam throne in your room. You turn in your hotel room. The only track you now is Yanek who you stole the famous portrait.

5 - At Yanek
Puppetry definitely hiding something like last time and you will be surprised to meet Yanek. It helps you find Dracula through the ink of blood.

1 - The Puppet Theatre
2 - Yanek
3 - Ink Blood

1 - The Puppet Theatre

You are in front of the door of Yanek. Open the door and enter.

Turn right and go forward. Take on the table shellac.

Turn around and take the crank.

Go to the other side of the workpiece. Take the bowl black smoke.

Go upstairs. Take on the nightstand vial kohl.


Come to the theater at the bottom. It has been modified since the last time.

Turn key respectively (rated from 1 to 6 from left to right). 5 - 6 - 2-4 - 1 - 3-6 - 5 - 5 This must be done in the proper timing so that a puppets inserts the key into the base to release a bird will take off a puppet on board the boat. The other must reach the ring above it to trigger a mechanism.

A door opens at the bottom right. Enter the new opening.

2 - Yanek

Take up to 3 sheets of paper and a bottle of ink.

Take up to 3 sheets of paper and a bottle of ink.

Continue your conversation with him. It teaches you that the portrait of Dracula is a mirror and it is a window that Dracula can see the world. In addition, it tells you that you are expecting a child of Adam. He tells you that Lilith is the wife of Dracula who drank his blood to become a vampire. He wears around his neck a little blood of Lilith.

You find that you need to go see Dracula and he tells you how.

To prepare the portrait, it took the blood of Dracula can be between Vinci and Brueghel.


3 - Ink Blood

Look at the shelves filled vials. You approach the shelf Da Vinci. Take the right book.

Turn the page and take the blood of Dracula.

Watch the notes above the rotary to record the symbol of alchemy.

Examine the shelves bearing the symbols. Take engraved copper cylinder in the middle.

You approach the rotary. Place the cylinder and crank.

Then pour the ink into the funnel for this purpose. Put leaves right and turn the crank.

Look what you've printed. It is a recipe for ink blood. To do this, you need a base from antimony powder (you have in kohl), black smoke and shellac. The blood ink allow you to print a map where your prey, Dracula, is located.

Prepare the base in your inventory. Add kohl in black smoke then shellac for a base ink for blood.

Set the machine to the left of the rotary base ink for blood and blood Dracula.

Use the knife on the machine to obtain a drop of your blood with knife.

Approach closer to the camera.

You must guide the drops of blood in the right direction at each relay point to destination. To do this, you must activate the circles on the path of the liquid. Note the paths 1, 2 and 3 from left to right, then for each path, circles 1 to 6 from top to bottom along the path.

And press circles:

- Path 1: 2 - 5-6

- Path 2: 2-3

- 3 way: 1 - 3-6.

Press the button at the bottom left to run the device. You get ink blood.

Note the symbol mapping (compass). Approach the shelves to make the engraved cylinder money all right. Stand back.

You approach the press. Place a sheet right. Pour the ink of blood. Remove the copper cylinder to replace it with money.

Turn the crank. A map appears. You just have the time to know where it is located before the card ignites: Ukraine, near Chernobyl.

3 - Chernobyl

Arrival in Ukraine, you must find the path of desolation to find retirement Dracula located in a tower.

1 - The Way of desolation
You are surrounded by nature.

Walk towards the truck. Lift the cover.

Approach the carton. Open the box. Collect the batteries, the Geiger counter and for the Geiger tube.

In your inventory, put the tube and batteries on the Geiger counter for a ready to use product.

Stand back.

Take the machete.

You hear a voice ask you to follow the path of desolation.

You have the right of a box truck Medicine. Open it and take iodine tablets. You can take immediately.

Turn right. Look bushes. You have something behind. Use your machete to discover after the symbol of radioactivity. A new voice that tells you to follow the path of desolation.

Taking iodine tablets to treat you against radiation.

Turn on the Geiger counter in the bottom left and turn the button to 1x.

Go to the car and turn around you until you quit in the direction of the most radioactive area.

Use your machete to clear the path. Advance to arrive at a tower.

2 - The Tower
The path of desolation takes you to a tower, the retirement of Dracula. You will go down a lift, move the right gate and take a boat before arriving in front of Dracula. It asks you to take the table Adam Stoker. To do this, you must release Adam. But how this story will end?

1 - The elevator
2 - 3 grids
3 - The boat
4 - Release Adam
5 - The End

1 - The elevator

Turn left and pick up a presser foot.

Walk towards the tower. You hear the voice again.

Use 2 times the presser foot on the door. Come in. The voice asks you to join him down.

Turn left and take an empty jerrycan.

Get out and walk up to the tank. Bring yourself.

Place the empty jerry below and turn the valve to fill the jerry can of gasoline. Take full jerry.

Back in the tower.

Approach the generator (yellow unit). Pour gasoline on the top right of the generator. Turn the generator by pressing the red button.

You must now run the elevator.

Approach the box at the bottom of the lever.

Open the panel on the left. Put the items according to the color code (from left to right and top to bottom): R red - blue - green - gray D - Green Q - gray U.

You are at level 0. 0 represents the cursor is on top and the one that the cursor is at the bottom. Call the elevator by entering the code level 0: 01001010. Pull the lever. The elevator arrives.

Ride the elevator.

Kinematic: Get off.

2 - 3 grids

Click on one of the three grids. The voice tells you that one of them will lead you to Dracula while the other will lead to death.

Look over one of the doors: Secuti viam desolationis then the ground where syllables are engraved.

Press the following syllables: D - ES - OL - A - TI - O. One of the gates opens.

Try to cross but you are reluctant to move. It is perhaps a trap.

Collect cannonballs left elevator.

Use one of the balls on the grid to see if it's a trap.

If the gate is closed after the passage of the cannonball is that it is a trap.

If nothing happens, you can move safely.

3 - The boat

Go down the stairs. The voice tells you that you must pay your way.

A boat arrives with a smuggler.

Use the blood of Dracula left. The blood found in a syringe.

The first syringe is filled up with blood. You must distribute the blood respectively from top to bottom 0,5 - 2 to 1.5.

To do this, write down the tubes 1 to 3 from top to bottom and injections between the tubes:

- 1 and 2:

- 2 and 3: B

- 1 and 3: C.

Inject the blood as follows: A - B - C - B - A - B. This opens a panel that reveals a new puzzle.

Bring yourself.

Blue dots allow raising or lowering the water level. The red dots show the possible obstacles. The goal is to bring a rock turned left to get right while avoiding obstacles.

Make the following path:

- To take the rock, step back (left), mount, move, mount, back, down 2 times, go back, back 2 times

- Go to the other side: forward 2 times (right), get, get, get, go 4 times, mount, back 2 times, climb, walk, stand, move, move, down, back, down, forward 2 time, mounting, dismounting, and move 2 times.

The person inside the boat disappears. Get in the boat. Advance 2 times.

4 - Release Adam


Initially, Dracula is playing with you then it appears on a throne in front of you. He asks you to bring him his portrait. You can reject, accept or negotiate but anyway, you do not have a choice. If you want to negotiate, you have to choose between Adam and survive.


Back in the boat. Go ahead and go right to find you before Adam. Continue the conversation.

You approach the lock of the cell. You have a series of numbers above the lock and right on the wall, you have a table.

You need to group by the pair of numbers corresponding to the coordinates. The latter may read in the table for determining a letter. All form a Roman numeral. This gives:

- 7.1 M

- 5.2: C

- 5.3: D

- 7.0: L

- 9.2 X

- 9.0 V

- 6.3: I

Where MCDLXVI, Arabic numeral, it gives 1476. Enter this number on the lock to open the gate. You pass.

5 - The End

Kinematic: You are in the room with Dracula and Adam. The latter seeks to save Ellen negotiating with Dracula. As soon as it turns its back, Adam tries to attack him with the dagger but Dracula is faster and stronger.

You are conscious and you face Dracula. Take medications if necessary and if you run out, you can find health against 50 points.

Talk with Dracula. It offers you the beverage of eternity with the blood of Lilith. From here you have two possible endings:

- Refuse. You spill the cup and Dracula kills you but Adam immersed in the drink back to life as a vampire.

- Accept. You become a vampire.