Empire Fleet tips and tricks

Empire Fleet is a new MMO strategy game in the App Store for iPhones, iPads and iPod. The game is reminiscent of Kingdoms of Camelot and similar titles, but of course plays on the water. Empire Fleet has the typical components of a building game: collect resources, upgrade the fleet and then off to battle. Hostile fleets and islands will be defeated and conquered. As a multiplayer game you can watch in close alliances together and fight together against other players. As with any complex strategy game, there are some tips that particularly facilitate the start of the game for Empire Fleet. We show you now.

Empire Fleet Tips and Tricks
In Empire Fleet You start small. It's obvious, in the structure of the game you will have a lot to do to come to the forefront. At game start you have only a few ships available and, most important, can only be a limited number of vessels used for inserts. The more your in the level rises, the more ships can be used.

Empire Fleet Strategy
In the initial phase should be your opponents, you can not defeat, time and time again to attack. Hurry up there, so that can not recover from the first attack. So your also gets tough opponents in the knee or below the water surface.

Empire Fleet Occupy Cities
Compared to other popular MMO's at Empire Fleet is not going on too much. On the servers, it is quiet, as it does not exist yet many players. That you can use to your advantage, as there are on the map numerous unguarded cities. Grab the you.

Empire Fleet Level
In the first seven days after the start of the game you have one kind of puppy protection, so you can not be attacked. Our tip: Use this time to ascend as quickly as possible in the level. Concentrate upon it to the command center.

Empire Fleet Cheats
Cheats does not seem to give for Empire Fleet. No wonder, the publisher still wants to make money with the game.

These were first advice to Empire Fleet. Do you play the game and know more tips? Post them in the comments below: