Far Cry 3: Freeing Space for More Weapons

Far Cry 3 is a FPS action developed by Ubisoft and released for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is quite intense, full of striking characters and complex challenges. Moreover, it has an island paradise like setting where the player must face various mercenaries to survive. In this struggle, can carry the right equipment is very important. Learn now how to make room for more weapons in Far Cry 3.

To increase the storage space, you must make new bags. For this, you will need to hunt some animals to get your leather bags, and designing. There are three types of animals, one for each bag.

The first to be hunted will be the goat. Access your map and navigate to where you can find this animal. Once there, use your camera to mark them. This will greatly ease your game and you will not lose sight of them. Prefer to use the knife or bow as a weapon to hunt these animals. Firearms may attract enemies from another faction. One down, instead go to the goat and remove your leather.

The second animal being hunted is the deer. You will also have to pay close attention to not attract enemies from another faction. Be quiet and give preference to weapons that do not make noise. Use the camera to mark them, as was done for the goat. The difference is that the deer runs more than the goat. So you need more patience to shoot them.

The last animal is the shark. It can be found in various locations around the map, but there is a location that can be easier to hunt him down. Go to a pier located north of Heron's Perch. Before hunting the animal, you have to master the location that is in the hands of an enemy faction. Then go to the pier and use your camera to locate and mark the animal. In this case, use firearms, preferably AK 47. Mate one and grab your leather. Then kill another one and do the same.

After the hide of each animal, you can create the bags. No need to hunt all three animals. If you want just one bag, just hunt the goat is good sized. But if you want more space, you have to hunt other animals. With the leather of goat, you can do just one bag.

Go to the menu and select the "Crafting" option. Then select the icon that looks like a handbag, in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, select the first option from the list. Three options will then appear. One for each hide animal. Now just use leather for making bags. This way you will have more space to store weapons and miscellaneous items.