FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014: tips for basic control and tactics

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil - tips and tricks to control and tactics

The official FIFA match for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is available since 17 April 2014. With our tips and tricks we want to give FIFA beginners a guidance and also for old veterans who are confronted with some new features. Our first tips and tricks for FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil include a comprehensive control guide, which facilitates the beginners and professionals, the new control options and Tricks brings you closer.

Our Tips and Tricks FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 were originally created for the PS3 version of the game. On the Xbox 360, however, applies a similar model, the buttons on the controller are, of course, but named differently. Thus, the [square button] corresponds to the PS3 the [blue X button] Xbox 360 The following table lists these tips and tricks we provide an overview of the buttons on the PS3 controller and their corresponding Xbox 360 counterparts.

PS3 - Xbox 360
[Square button, pink] - [X-button, blue]
[X-button, blue] - [Y button, yellow]
[Circle button red] - [B button, red]
[X-button, blue] - [A key, green]
[LB] key - [L1 button]
[LT-Trigger] - [L2 trigger]
[RB] key - [R1 button]
[RT Trigger] - [R2-Trigger]

Tip: basic control in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014
We reveal these tips and tricks for newcomers if we say that the basic control has remained at every FIFA game since years the same. Also FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 is no exception. Old FIFA rabbits should our basic tips and tricks conjure a weary smile. Nevertheless, we recommend to you the basic tips and tricks for FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 to go through briefly, because a refresh of the familiar can not hurt.

The timing is very important at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, as with all other FIFA offshoots. This is football and it is running in real life (relatively) controlled and precisely. Therefore, check into our first tip: Uncontrolled Buttonmashing leads in most cases to success. This leads to more frustration!

The pressure sensitivity of the keys and the duration of the keystroke play in a FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 (as with other FIFA games) play a significant role. The longer and more intensely you push each button, the stronger will of your player's resulting action. To briefly pressing the [X] key can cause, for example, a pass that starved on the way to your teammates. Pressing the button on the other hand is too long or hard, the ball comes either at the point where it hinsollte or can not reasonably be accepted and processed by being played teammates.

Tip: For absolute beginners FIFA 2014 offers in FIFA World Cup Brazil, the control method [two-button control]. It simplifies the control so that you will have focus on just two buttons: Adjust with the [X] key and shooting with the [circle button] then take care of everything for you and try situational to produce the best solution ever. Flank, swerve shots, lob through ball and all further refinements are thus executed automatically.

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Tips and Tricks: The attack

Tip: Attack in Possession:
A short pass - with ball of the foot, or by the specific head of the ball when it is in the air - leading to the [X key off]. Edge - also on the ground or in the air - can you beat the [square button]. A ball through conjures it in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 by pressing the [triangle button] from the foot and a shot on goal you give the [circle button]. Also on [circle button] head the ball towards goal or make a volley when the ball comes down in the same amount.

Will you send in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 your players forward, just type short to the [L1 button]: This paves its way toward the opposing penalty area and tries to position itself so that it can be played. Ideal to surprise the defense and, for example, to launch a quick counterattack.

If the goalkeeper loaded and the ball is transported into the top corner, the cutaway shot is recommended, also called spin shot. This lead in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 by holding the [R1 button] and the simultaneously release of the shot with the [circle button].

To let an opponent come to nothing, you can press the [circle button] and then the [X] key plus a downstream direction instruction by the left analog stick to fake a shot. Press [square button] and then the [X] key plus a downstream direction instruction by the left analog stick, you are deluding contrast to a pass, so you can leave your opponent in also come to nothing.

Tips and Tricks: The extended basic control in Possession:

With the help of our tips and tricks for FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 after a few tries you will certainly be able to delicate to control your stretching across the lawn that your opponents green with envy. Pressing and hold it as the [L2 trigger], your player turns his back opponent and shields the ball with his body. Have you run aground once in the opponent's corner while your teammates move up, you can gain through this wonderful little time. Tip: For a counterparty, this tactic can be really useful, but pay attention to onrushing opponents from the side.

With a siphon into the barrel, you overcome playing the defense and reach a quick thrust forward: a Heber such lead out by pressing and holding the [L1 button] and the subsequent pressing of the [triangle button]. No matter how good the defense chain your opponent also stands in the game, with the right timing pass this variant is one of the most dangerous in the game at all.

Low plays flank by rapid, double-tapping the [square button]. Flat edge conjures to the quick, three-time Tap the [square button]. Tip: This technique is especially useful if you are as Leading ball in the corner of Sixteenth tithes and storms a team-mate in the other corner in a better firing position. The flat edge is very fast, direction changing surprise attack. FIFA veterans know this very well and are annoyed by repeatedly about "Sweaty Goals".

An early edge in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 leads you out by pressing and holding the L1 button and simultaneously pressing the [square button]. With the early edge you strike the ball from midfield directly into the box. Tip: Although this variant of the edge carries the risk of ball loss but can sometimes lead to surprising scoring opportunities. So one or the other goal in FIFA has already emerged out of nowhere.

The "Flair Pass" looks really great, but often leads to bad passes. Tip: To him really experience and savvy FIFA Players should grab: the flair pass you activate in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 by pressing and holding the [R1] key and simultaneously press the [X] key. Now pack your players - depending on your own skill level - Fits a trick in Ronaldo-style and makes for example with a hoe to a team mate.

Tip: Change your mind and choose a different turn: Action in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 can be canceled at any time by simultaneously pressing [L2 trigger] and [R2-Trigger].
FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Tips and Tricks: The defense

Defensive work in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil at least as important as offensive work. It should be exactly learned and internalized. The motto: Rear and front densely goal threat. Thus a successful match, nothing stand in the way.

Tips and Tricks: defense without the ball:
With the [L1 button] you can always switch your player to be controlled in the defense of FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil. Tip: Create a Player change you can also perform target the [Right Analog Stick}. Show with this in the direction of the player to be selected and FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil changed your protagonist.

The enemy attacks, what to do? You now have the choice between several defense options. Through the one-time pressing the [circle button] you start a duel. Your player tries to wangle the ball to his opponent. Tip: This timing is crucial again. In the wrong moment pressed, your player steps into the void or obsolete at worst misconduct of the legs and commits a foul.

While following an opponent you can press the [circle button] in the barrel and hold. The result: Once your player is convenient to his opponent, he pushes and pulls on that to stop him. Tip: To violent pushing and tugging can be used to challenge or even to the yellow card lead against you. Set this tactic probably a metered.

A clear message to the attacker is the opponent. After pressing the [square button] to your player poses with his whole body and legs, into the opponent to get to the ball. Tip: Beware! Poorly timed slide tackle often miss the ball and hit a maximum of the running apparatus of your opponent. The decimation of your squad by a red card is pre-programmed.

Hold firmly over the [L2 trigger] to push away the ball leading opponent with your body. You do not find yourself in the course, you can also press and hold the [L2-Trigger] to deliver your opponent just shot path to the gate and force him out. Tip: Your player thereby position himself facing the opponent and his back to own goal and does as wide as possible to push away the ball leading opponent to the right or left.

If you push the [X} button and keep pressed, your player tries to deliver the enemy and prevent the shot. Your opponent is too strong for you to handle alone? Do not worry. Tip: Get By pressing the [R1 button] a computer-controlled teammates to help and go for two against the ball leading opponent.

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Tips and Tricks: Tactics

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil offers you in the usual manner different tactics with which you play style and adapt to the opponent and the game situation. Basic Tip: Use the digital control pad can determine the 2014 offensive and defensive alignment of your team in FIFA World Cup Brazil. At the beginning of each match, this is set to default. Standard is a kind of golden mean between offense and defense. Do you want to make the alignment offensive, you push the digital directional pad to the right. Each time you press the directional pad in one direction changes the tactical of your team by one stage.

Do you play better around the back and you want to have your team deep in their own half - which can be a good tactic to counter strong opponents - express her the D-pad to the left and set your alignment to 'very defensive'. But if you want that your defense in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 positioned in the attack with turns and closer to the center line, you have the tactical changes to "offensive" link or "very offensive". To find out the right tactics for your individual playing style, you have a little experiment with our tips and tricks.

Tip: For more tactics can be called up or down during the game in FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil by pressing the digital Control Pad:

Tip: The offside trap:
If you press the D-pad in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 upward twice, you come to the offside trap. The offside trap causes your defensive line always tried to provide the attacking opponent offside. Tip: Caution is: Sometimes you will crack gaps in your defense and teams with weak defense load the opponents by scoring opportunities rather than to lure these marginalized. The offside trap should be recommended only for teams with good defense.

Tip: The wing changes
Pressing her the pad up and then left her enabled in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 wing change. The wing change causes your offensive wingers (left and right wing) try to cross in order to position themselves a goal threat. This can confuse the opponent's defense, the assignment of the opponents defense is no longer correct and then possibly the winger can bring in a dangerous position. It may also happen that the attention of the opponents defense is disrupted by the wing change and your shock striker can exploit this to freely to position well in the penalty box.

Tip: Centre Back storms with (IV storms with):
You may offensive?: Press the D-pad up and then to the right. So expanding great pressure on the opponent, you look at your central defender participate in the attacks. Centre back are mostly large, robust and very strong in the air. Through this tactical formation, they take part in your attacks and support your team in the fight for the victory. Tip: Here however, caution is advised. Remember that your defending players must run the entire route over the entire space back now if your attack is parried. Since these are usually not the fastest among the players, it may well happen that you stand suddenly without central defense when the opponent is driving a rapid counterattack.

Tip: Pressing Team
Team Pressing: solve it by pressing the + Control Pad up and then down and out. Pressing team in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 affects the defensive work from your team when the opponent has the ball: Your team is doing everything to take your opponent any space for acting. Your player back high out, exert tremendous pressure on the opponent and try to connect through optimal positional play and early attack on opponent rooms and to take wings. Pressing team works well to stop the attacking opponents. Tip: Pressing team means a lot of running and leads to a high consumption of endurance. Assume that your players get tired faster when they run Pressing team.

Tip: Breakaway:
A raid-like attack or counterattack triggers, when you pressed the D-pad down twice. Have you in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, a fast, agile and counter-strong team, it is natural to try the counter-tactics. Your entire team is lurking then on winning the ball and when it is so far once your players dash at full speed forward. Tip: Fast Forward and Winger, as Sergio Aguero (Argentina), Gareth Bale (Wales), Jesus Navas (Spain) or similar type players are using this tactic to keep attacking monsters. Use the element of surprise and the agility of your players with this tactic to teach your enemies fear.

Tip: Possession
Set value to a lot of possession, the D-pad presses down and then to the right. The motto of this tactic: As long as your team has the ball, the opponent can not score goals! Your player is now eighth on keeping the ball in their ranks and to minimize bobbling the pass through precise risk, which can lead to the loss of the ball. Tip: Forget steep passes, lob or long shots and play controls in the style of FC Barcelona or Bayern your opponent with short passes out. Let's run the opponent, you is precise and deliberate before the day of his penalty area and then examines the financial statements.

Tip: High Pressure
Pressing your control pad down and then to the left, enable high pressure. High pressure effect on the offensive work of your team if you are in possession. Your players try high pressure on the opponent to exercise and do not even give him the opportunity to get hold of the ball. Thus you let your opponent run and plow in the optimal case and fatigued his players to decide the game in the closing stages of a match of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 for you.

Tip: Enable Standard Tactics
Pressing the D-pad down and back up again, you come to the respective standard tactics of your team. Each team has their very own standard tactics. Try it and you look for a team whose tactics in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 adapts to your preferred style of play.