How to block Skype contacts by phone? iOS, Android, Windows

Nothing worse than being bothered by unwanted contacts. If you use Skype and want to prevent some contacts face disturbing you, learn how to block them on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, following the steps of this tutorial.

Blocking Skype contacts on iOS Phone

Step 1. Run Skype and log. Then the program screen, tap the "Contacts" tab;

Step 2 Tap the contact name you want to block.;

Step 3 In the contact information screen, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner to access the contact options.;

Step 4 Then, Touch the option "Block Contact".;

Step 5. At the next screen to confirm, tap "Block".

Blocking Skype contacts on Android Phone

Step 1. Run Skype and log into your account. Then go to the "Contacts" item on the program's home screen;

Step 2 In the contacts list, select the one you want to block;

Step 3. When you enter the contact details screen, tap the top right icon. In the menu that appears, select the "Block contact" option;

Step 4. On the screen that appears, tap the "Yes" option to confirm the lock.

Blocking Skype contacts on Windows Phone

Step 1. Run Skype and log. Then slide the program screen until you reach the "People" option;

Step 2 Tap the contact name you want to block, to access their information and options;

Step 3. Tap the bottom right to access options Contact singing icon. When the menu appears, tap the item "Block contact";

Step 4. On the next screen, tap "OK" to confirm the lock. If you want to permanently remove the contact, check the "Remove contact" before confirming.

Ready!. Now you can use Skype but quiet and undisturbed by unwanted contacts by leveraging the resources of the program.