J-Stars Victory Vs: Learn to Buy Additional Characters

J-Stars Victory Vs is a fighting video game from Japanese cartoon characters for PS3 and PS Vita. You start the story with only four heroes released and you can unlock all 52 characters throughout the campaign. However, you may also purchase additional characters, in a special menu and a fictional game currency. Learn how to do below:

Step 1: To purchase you will need to gather money from the game, which is obtained in literally any sport. Play, play and play a little more. Even in the tutorial you can already get more than 10 thousand. This is the key step before buying a new character.

Step 2: After some struggles, return to main menu and select the option as shown in the photo below. This is the place to purchase the game.

Step 3: Then, check the option shown below. The selected with the characters in shadows, serves to support fighters we buy. Right next to it, showing Ichigo, Naruto, Toriko and Luffy, is where you can buy the main characters.

Step 4: Inside the menu, do not worry if you are viewing a list of only the main or supporting characters - you can toggle through the options with the R1 and L1 buttons. The list will be similar to that shown below.

Step 5: Buy characters will spend their J-Points, the currency of the game, which can be obtained in combat. Also, initially, you will only have two free slots for new fighters. For more slots, simply perform more fights. In a short time you will get 52 fighters J-Stars Vs Victory!