Lego The Hobbit: Cheat Codes to Unlock new Characters

Lego The Hobbit cheat codes to unlock new game characters: Whether Galadriel, Sauron or even director Peter Jackson, with the cheat codes for Lego The Hobbit you can unlock lot of playable characters. It is quite easy to use cheat codes on Lego The Hobbit. All you have to do is just pause the game at the desired location and then navigate to the "Tools". There you will find a button to The Hobbit cheats simply enter the Lego.

Just type the cheat codes in the given table to unlock characters. However, keep in mind, that when using cheat codes to unlock trophies and achievements may be affected. In addition to the below cheat codes to new characters for Lego The Hobbit, there are also more cheat codes for other things in the game.

We will modify this cheats to Lego The Hobbit in the coming days and weeks with updates. We also recommend you to go through our Lego The Hobbit Walkthrough. There you will find tips on all mission in Lego The Hobbit, as well as a guide to unlock all collectible items.

Lego The Hobbit, Cheat Codes, Unlock New Characters

Alfrid - FAVZTR
Azog - 84ZZSI
Bain - W5Z6AC
Bard - UER3JG
Barliman Butterbur - XTVM8C
Barrow Wight - 555R9C
Beorn - KEID2V
Braga - MXUXKO
Elros - H2CAID
Fimbul - THAVRM
Galadriel - 00TE7J
Gollum - 3CE37P
Grinnah - TPD7YW
Lindir - V4Y5HZ
Master of Laketown - 9NOK35
Narzug - 4FYKKB
Necromancer - NM3I2O
Percy - 74KN31
Peter Jackson! - 5OJEUC
Rosie Cotton - TB4S6J
Sauron - OARA3D
Thror - SYKSXF
Tom Bombadil - 4Y95TJ
Witch King - V8AHMJ
Yazneg - S6VV33