Moebius: Empire rising walkthrough

Moebius: Empire rising is a contemporary adventure video game, a spiritual successor to the embody Knight series. Vous Gabriel Malachi Rector, an antique tracking rare items worldwide. Expert in the art and having an excellent photographic memory parts, he was hired by an organization to investigate an unexplained death and other events of the most mysterious. But it seems that it hides something much bigger and you are part of a plan more elaborate.

You decide to act or try to change things? What will it take you? You will find all the answers in our complete solution to Moebius: Empire rising.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Into your hands

1 - Back from Spain
2 - New Customer
3 - Bianca Cardolo
The crime scene
The witness
The secret compartment
The Dance Academy

Chapter 2 - The wheel turns

1 - Prepare
2 - Hasim and Saa
3 - David Walker
4 - Masri

Chapter 3 - When you know who I am

1 - The Rifle Smythe
2 - new
3 - The meeting
4 - The appointment
5 - Revelations

Chapter 4 - Drowning in the Seine

1 - The library
2 - Caroline Alphonso
3 - The Catacombs

Chapter 5 - The one

1 - The protagonists
2 - The Lovers
3 - Helene Bernadotte

Chapter 1 - Into your hands

Before starting the game, look at the E-comic to know a little history of heroes, Malachi Rector on the tragic death of his mother and his latest work in Spain to analyze an antique chest.

Back in your store in Manhattan, a new customer contacts you to offer you a particular job on a person: Bianca Cardolo.

1 - Back from Spain
Manhattan - NY - USA

Rector's Antiques

Kinematic: You arrive in Spain. You have a discussion with Gretchen, your manager.

You have in your inventory a phone, a wallet, a bottle of pills and aspirin.

Tell Gretchen. Exhaust the subject to know that some Amble Dexter needs an expert like you.

Take your passport in your luggage (suitcase).

Enter your desk to the right of the screen.

You receive a message from Amble Dexter on your mobile so that you see.

Get close to your desktop to see a letter from Barozzi, an antique Venetian. Read it. He tells you he has in his possession a statuette that might interest you.

Look at the headlines of the newspaper. Stand back.


Tell Gretchen message Amble Dexter.

Get out and go to 452 Central Park West in the office of Dexter.

2 - New Customer
Manhattan - NY - USA

Dexter's Office

Talk to the guard and the guard show your passport. It lets you pass allowing you to use the elevator.

You meet Amble Dexter in his office. He presents his partner, Michael Reichart. 

After you have installed, do an analysis of the character of Dexter and select points.

- Wheelchair: highly Determined

- Hands: calm leader

- The look: highly intelligent. 

Tell Dexter. It wants you to give an opinion on a person by looking. Look at the file it has placed before you. You will automatically scan all there is in the folder with your phone. 

Make an analysis of Guisseppe Montessero, painter and architect who died at age 36.

Eliminate historical characters do not like it then you must select one of 3: Raphael. Close the phone.

You passed the test with flying colors. 

Continue to talk with Dexter. He speaks of killing Bianca Cardolo in Venice. He would like you to investigate this woman and if it looks like a historical figure of their respective lives. It offers you to pay cash on nail and make it work in a week. Say: "I might be interested" (otherwise there would be no story!).

Want to know why he is interested in this particular woman and points of comparison with historical figures but Dexter can not tell you because it is classified top secret. Say: "I'll take the job" to accept the job. A plane ticket waiting for you at home.

You automatically leave the office after the conversation. 

In the hall, talk to the guard and he gives you the ticket to Venice.

Get out of here. You are caught on camera. 

Go to the airport (airport) to come to Venice. 

3 - Bianca Cardolo
You investigate the crime scene and a witness will tell you something interesting. To the victim, you will find a secret compartment that takes you to the Dance Academy.

The crime scene
The witness
The secret compartment
The Dance Academy 

The crime scene
Venice - Italy

See the folder on Bianca Cardolo on your phone to find out more. You must find 13 data on it. You only know that she died at age 21.

You can contact her husband Dante Cardolo and Detective Paolo Brunetta who is in charge of the case. 

Call Detective Brunetta. The latter gives you appointment at 425 Alle Due column on the scene: Murder bridge. Go.

Murder bridge

You see Detective Brunetta on deck. Analyze it. Select the data

- Worn coat: 20 years as a detective

- Smoking: high-stress job

- Swollen belly: stress-induced acid reflux

- Red Eye: working long hours, little sleep. 

Come and talk to Detective Brunetta on deck. Exhaust dialogues. The husband of the victim is an important man in local politics.

You notice an old woman who left her home and held near there then comes home when you're done with the detective. 

After your discussion with the police, knock on the door of a neighboring house. A woman comes out, Catarina Felone to discuss with you, the same one that was close to you during your conversation with the officer.

Examine the. Select the data that you learn about what you see

- Calloused hands: string musician

- Threadbare clothes: low income

- Neck: lost gold jewelry sold

- Hair: retired teacher. 

Ask the, but she does not want to talk about the murder happened in front of his door. We must find a way to get comfortable so she tell you what she saw.

Go to your phone to do a web search on Felone Catarina. You see a picture of her young with a collar around the neck.

Look at the bridge and into the water to see something.

The witness
Barozzi's Antiques

Come to the antiquarian Barozzi.

Discuss everything with Barozzi. He knew the victim. When you talk about the statue, you watch and laying before him on the counter. 

Take the statuette and analyze the

- Type: medieval chesspieces

- Material: walrus ivory

- Expression: Lewis Chessmen.

You provide the summary of your results. 

Take the telescopic stick above the entrance (boat pole). You put it on your account.

Approach jewelry. Choose collar medium (necklace) and you wrap it and also put on your account. 

Leave the area.

Murder bridge

Go see Felone Catarina and offer the collar. She will thank you and you can tell him about the murder. She saw two men in black. 

The Secret Compartment
Cardolo's home

Go see the victim's husband, Dante Cardolo home - Cardolo's home. Talk about all topics to learn more about the victim. It leaves you in the lounge. Inspect the premises. 

Approach the flowers on the piano. Take the flower basket florist putty.

Stand back. 

Enter the room of the victim.

Approach the desk.

Look at his schedule left. She had a concert the night she was murdered. 

Examine the kind of lock to the left of the drawer. This is certainly to open a secret drawer. Stand back.

 Get close to the hairdresser. Look at the photo of the victim poses with her son. 

Open the drawers to see gloves and look gloves.

Stand back and exit. 

Leave the area.

Barozzi's Antiques

Check back Barozzi who tells you that a young Asian woman wants to see you. She wanted to know more about you but he said nothing. You do not know this fact but it does not worry you that it learns about you.

Murder bridge

Go to the crime scene.

Put sealant on the baton and then use it in the channel. Vector stick to the object in the water. You get a brass hook. 

Cardolo's home

Go to the Cardolo and enter the room.

Approach the desk and use the brass hook on the kind of lock left. The middle compartment opens. You have a medical cream treating psoriasis, a card and a prepaid phone. Retrieve the card. 

Look in the prepaid phone to see who called Bianca: some Gabriella. You automatically put his number in your phone before replacing it in the compartment.

Call this Gabriella Spira. It offers to meet in a café on the place of Doge.

The Dance Academy

Doge Plaza

Head to the place of Doge Doge Plaza.

Observe and analyze the young woman sitting on the terrace. 

Select the data that you see

- The thin and muscular figure: dancer
- Hair: highly conscious of social picture

- Makeup: vain.

Stand back. 

Go talk to him. Exhaust all topics. Bianca continued dancing in a studio: Dance Academy.

Dance Academy
After your conversation with Gabriella, go to Dance Academy. Use the card you found in the secret compartment to enter. 
Look at the pictures on the wall. Examine the middle picture that represents Bianca. You notice that these hands were damaged.

 Select your smartphone in your inventory. Take a picture of this photo with your phone. 

You can now analyze the data on the victim. Remove any characters that do not fit him. Of the remaining three, Livia Drusilla select, the wife of the Roman Emperor Augustus even if you did not have similar data on 2 points.

You have finished your work in Venice. 

Kinematic: You get into your hotel room and you point with Gretchen. You tell him that you come back tomorrow morning and Dexter comes to the airport to see your results. You are attacked from behind.

You emerge and you analyze your attackers: they are Chinese who photograph your passport before escaping through the window. They leave an imprint of their soles on the edge of the window you are shooting.

Returned to New York, you talk about your sponsor, Dexter but he knows nothing about these individuals. He wanted to know what your inquiry to about Bianca Cardolo. For you, it is a mistake to associate with Livia Drusilla Bianca Cardolo even if they have something in common because she had a physical defect that Livia had not.

You do not want to continue to work with him if he does not tell you why you are doing these analyzes.

Amble you see Dexter on the phone with a senator. It appears that the victim was alive ... 

Chapter 2 - The Wheel Turns

Cairo - Egypt
You need to protect yourself. Arm yourself and ask bodyguards, and Hasim Saa before meeting Masri. By a happy chance, you meet again David Walker you get out of a bad situation.

1 - Prepare
You are on the road to Bahariya. You fall down and you do not have a signal on your phone. A man arrives. You analyze the man in question to see if it can be a potential hazard. Man trying to help you and look at the engine of your car. The longer it goes the more you think it is dangerous. You steer your gun at him but soon you are both laughing. David Walker will attempt to fix so that you continue your journey. After a while, he came to run the car. The time to thank David continues his way without asking for his.

You are at the hotel. You receive a message on your phone messages about an appointment with Masri and a canopic chest and the record in this regard.

Search the web on: The canopic chest, Samuel Lessing and Horemheb.

Close your laptop. 

Take your bag to rest on the bed and open.

Retrieve your firearm.


2 - Hasim and Saa
Move left of the screen and enter a bar, the Lady of the Dunes.

Talk to the bartender Ammon. 

View and analyze the two men on the bench. Select the following on Hasim and Saa

- Rough hands and healed: Frequently gets in flights

- Muscular physique: lifts weights to be tough

- The expression ex-con, always expecting trouble

- The flashy jewelery: greedy, likes to show off His Money

- Jacket: CONSIDERS himself significant

- Mouth: he's a liar and a conman

- Eyes: intelligent, quick thinker. 

Go talk to them.

 Try playing darts on the target but you notice that for the center, darts are planted to the right.

Talk to the bartender about new darts. Hasim is very strong at this game.

Look at the ventilation grill.

Exit the bar and go down the alley to the right. 

Examine the ventilation in the upper left. Push the box to put it below the ventilation grille.

Approach the apparent son at the pipe. You have disconnected son. Reconnect son by colors.

Stand back. 

Press the switch to the left and the light of the lamp is lit.

Pick up the brick at the bottom right. 

Step onto the body and you approach a padlock closing the control panel ventilation. Use the brick to remove the padlock to open the control panel.

Try twisting the top button to put in the off position but it is too rusty.

Stand back. Get the crate. 

Exit the alley and go right.

Pick up a little further to the right a can of motor oil. 

 Back in the alley and climb on the body.

Use motor oil on the top button. Turn the knob.

Pour a little engine oil on the bottom button (repeat if necessary) and then turn the knob to airflow out.

You feel the air out.

Move back down to the box. 

Exit the alley and enter the bar.

Tell Hasim. You submit it to play darts.

Aim towards the center to launch your darts and you put the right places. When it was the turn of Hasim, he plant in the left wall.

You ask him information and agree to provide it. 

Tell Hasim and ask information about Masri. This is a dangerous man and he has a gun in his desk drawer. He offers his help and that of Saa for 1000 dollars. Say, "Alright, you're hired."

Hasim gives you her phone number.

Exit the bar. 

3 - David Walker
You cross the road again to David Walker. This time, it is you who help and why not it be your bodyguard.

4 - Masri
The next morning, leave the room to join David Walker at the entrance to the Emporium Masri.

Enter the building. 

You are in the office Masri Youssef welcomes you.

Look at the art pieces on the table. Analyze them

- Gold border: Canopic chest of Tutankhamen

- Marble: egyptian calcite

- Hieoglyphics: Tutankhamen cartridge

- Handles: rope and ring handles

- Figures: Tutankhamen jar stoppers.

You automatically call your sponsor to report your analysis and you tell him that these works were stolen from the Cairo Museum in 1992. These artifacts have been disfigured to hide. His client will warn the authorities in Cairo. 

Masri wants to show you the papers that show the authenticity of these works are in the drawer but it is blocked by the knife Walker.

You leave the area and you have a discussion with Walker. Suddenly, you're both surrounded by 3 people last night. A fight ensues and they flee. You see a footprint in a muddy puddle, the same as you saw on the window sill in Venice.

Well you analyze the situation. You think Walker is a double agent or he works for Dexter. A third option is possible, but you do not have enough elements.

You leave there, but it seems that you still need him ... 

Chapter 3 - When you know who I am

Manhattan - NY - USA
After an evaluation of a rifle to Smythe, you learn by the newspaper that you can meet with Senator Markham to a meeting.

David Walker appointment with Gretchen but the end of the evening gives you a lot of hard time with Malachi Rector.

Amber Dexter tells you about the Moebius theory regarding Malachi closely.

1 - The Rifle Smythe
Rector's Antiques

You arrive at your office with Walker. You have a discussion with him. Gretchen gives you the mail you place on your desktop. Only you do call your mentor, Professor Reed.

Call Professor Reed to ask his opinion on the theory of people who have the same life history. He talking about a Greek philosopher, Paramedes.

Look on your desktop and open the letter Barozzi. He talks about a U.S. Senator Stephen Markham was invited to a charity dinner where he met Bianca.

Get out of your office.

Tell Gretchen. It tells you about a job on a gift that wants to offer a member of Congress Smythe to her husband and she does not know Senator Markham.

Watch the Web on your phone about Senator Stephen Markham.

Remove the screen to see a shotgun Smythe. Analyze the weapon.

Select 4 points

- Category up action rifle

- Engravings: Teddy Roosevelt's 1876 models rifles

- Barrel: half-round, half-octagonal barrel

- Manufacturer: Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Circa 1860.

Ask the member number Smythe Congress Gretchen to give the evaluation of the object. It gives you and you get into your smartphone.


2 - New
Rector's Antiques

Approach the newsstand. Read the headlines.

Go in the subway. Come in your apartment: Malachi's apartment.

Malachi's apartment

Knock on the door to the right of the screen. Walker arrives and you have a conversation with him. He secured the apartment.

Go to your room upstairs.

Get close to the nightstand right. Take the pot of money.

Leave the area.

Return the street from your store: Rector's Antiques.

Rector's Antiques

Approach the kiosk and insert coins to buy the newspaper. Read news.

Look at the post right booth then you can look on the web about the rally Senator Markham. The latter will be present at the meeting in Bethesda Square.

Visit Bethesda Square.

3 - The Meeting
Bethesda Square

Watch the tent VIPs. Talk to the guard outside the tent. VIP must be on the list and have a badge.

Stand back.

Analyze the left man. Select 4 points

- Glitter on pants: sex addict - lap dance before noon

- The badge: VIP Pass for rally

- The expression arrogant personality

- Phone: likes to significant APPEAR.

Watch it.

Analyze the young woman listening to music right. Select 3 points

- Clothing: comes from a poor family

- CD player: no money for upgrade

- Expression: has an attitude.

Watch it.

Talk to the young woman asking him to distract the man, but she refuses.

Malachi's apartment

Go home and near the kitchen. Take scissors.

Go to your room. Get close to the nightstand. Take the MP3 player in the drawer.

Bethesda Square

Back to meeting in Bethesda Square, back talk to the young woman by offering the MP3 player and in exchange, she attracts the attention of the type. She accepts.

Once you see that man looks at the young woman, select the scissors and then use them on humans. You approach him watching your smartphone then you cut the string and you get the badge to the ground.

Rector's Antiques

Come in your offices.

Approach the desk and take the superglue left.

In your inventory, combine the superglue with the badge. You have a VIP pass repaired.

Bethesda Square

Return to the meeting in Bethesda Square.

Call Congressman Smithe. You give him the results of your evaluation on the object. You ask him to meet with Senator Markham in the VIP tent. It can add your name on the list but can not give you a badge.

Select the VIP pass in your inventory. Talk to the guard again. You put the badge and you give your name. You can enter without problems.

Kinematic: Inside the tent, shaking hands with Senator Markham. You see him Caesar.

4 - The appointment
Malachi's apartment

You are in the shoes of David Walker.

You approach your backpack on the couch. You open the front pocket. Recover your portfolio.

Leave the area.

Rector's Antiques

Come to the Rector's Antiques.

Cross the street. Approach the flower stand.

Ask the florist appropriate flowers for an appointment. Roses are perfect.

Give him money from your wallet and it will give you a rose.

Stand back.

Enter "Cherries on Top" to the right of the flower shop.

Watch Gretchen then offer rose by installing it with you. Continue to chat with her ??.

Malachi's apartment

Once you leave Gretchen, you go directly into the apartment of Malachi. You hear screaming.

Enter in your room.

Approach the couch and take in your backpack grapple and knife.

Take 2 jump ropes right mirror.

In your inventory, attach the two jump ropes sets.

Assemble the hook with jump ropes.

Exit the room.

Take the table.

Come on balcony.

Use the table to reach the upper balcony. Start on the balcony grab.

Approach the balcony.

Climb to get on the balcony.

Kinematic: You enter the room of Malachi. You see attached to the floor. Malachi returned to him, but he is angry that Walker had seen him in one of his attacks and hunting out of his room.

5 - Revelations
Malachi's apartment

You send a message to Amble Dexter. Watch your email on your phone to see its response. He asks you to come to his office accompanied by Walker.

Get out of your room and discuss with Walker. It will not work under these conditions and would resign. You hold because you still need him. Keep talking to him to convince him to stay. Tell him that it was a panic attack then your pills.

Dexter's Office

You are in the hall of the FITA with Walker. Talk to the guard that asks you to Walker and a passport.

Dexter's office, continue to discuss with him. He talks about the probability that the assassin Bianca thought it was Livia and there are others who may think of it.

Say. "I want to know more about FITA".

Dexter sends his partner and Walker in the hallway. It shows you a map representing you and tells you what he knows you. There existed three scientists whose Benedict Mont Froi who developed the theory Moebius. He will send you a version of this theory on your phone. You must identify the Livia today.

Kinematic: Before boarding the plane, someone wants to talk to two men. This is Senator Markham. He wants to ask you to help identify and protect the woman who is supposed to become his wife. During that time, the driver replaces your pills against headache by others.

Other pictures are taken.

Chapter 4 - Drowning in the Seine


You do a double investigation in the great library of Paris: information about Caroline Alphonso and Bénédicte Mont Froi. You will need a coffee to access archives.

In Alfonse, you find a chest leading to Caroline at Chateau Country.

Before leaving Paris, you still find information by going to the catacombs of Paris.

1 - The library
You do a double investigation in the great library of Paris: information about Caroline Alphonso and Bénédicte Mont Froi. You will need a coffee to access archives.

2 - Caroline Alphonso
Meet Caroline Alphonso home but being absent, the contents of his chest will take you to her, Castle Country.

3 - The Catacombs
Castle Country

Take the lantern on the wall and get out of here.

The Beautiful Eiffel Hotel

Come to La Belle Eiffel Hotel. Talk to Walker about your investigations Caroline Alphonso. Tell him ("Tell him everything"). Walker appreciate your transparency and tells you more about him.

You have all the data on it to compare to historical figures. Remove any characters that do not match it up having 3. You need new information that Dexter has in his possession to better understand the character.

Look on the Web on cataphiles. These people clandestinely exploring the ancient quarries of Paris.

Tell Barista about the tattoo. Against money, it tells you how to go to the tomb of St. Armand.

Leave the area.


Equip yourself with lantern. Remove the manhole cover and get into the catacombs.

Look at the skeleton of St Armand.

Approach the panel with the coat of arms.

In your inventory, look at the photo of St Armand.

Move the skulls and femurs with letter to the panel around the Latin phrase "Prius mori quam fidem fallere".

The panel opens to reveal a painting of St Armand. Stand back.

Kinematic: You see David Walker St Armand then a violent headache occurs. Walker takes you back to the hotel. During the night, crying and Malachi Walker comes to calm. Malachi comes to.

Malachi known that these drugs have been changed. He contacted Dexter that he might not touch his business.

Chapter 5 - The one


You are now at a buffet in the house of Lorraine in Zurich before the guests arrive. You see, among other protagonists: Gustav, the butler, Karl and Lorraine Lorraine Alessandra.

You suspect you are having extramarital affairs and sister, Helene Bernadotte.

1 - The protagonists
The hall

You are welcomed by Gustav.

You automatically look at information about Alessandra Lorraine.

View and analyze Gustav, the butler. Select 4 points:

- Hands: subconscious gesture: greedy personality

- Brooch Diamond aspire above His station

- Beauty: His hired for looks

- The look: sexually manipulative.

Talk with Gustave.

Leave the area.


Come into the library. You'll find Karl Lorraine.

Watch it and then analyze it. Select the 3 points

- The skin suffering from long-term illness

- The suit: is not really interested or engaged in tonight's party

- Eyes: he's a lonely man.

Tell Karl Lorraine.

Exit the library.

Room buffets

Head to the room buffets. Take a cake on the table to the right of the screen.



Return to the library.

Give Karl Lorraine piece of cake accept and eat with pleasure.

You can now questioning. Exhaust all dialogs.

Take a pen on the table. Karl lets you take it.

Give your medication, xanax then talk again to him.


Room buffets

Back in the room buffets.

View and analyze Alessandra before the buffet. Select the 3 points

- Hair: obsessed with her own appearance

- Phone: she's Hopping to hear from someone

- Dress: she likes to be the center of attention.

Talk to him.

2 - The Lovers
Room buffets

Ask Walker to distract for his mobile phone.

Enjoy a glass of wine on the table to the left of the screen and go talk to Alessandra with your glass of wine. You spill wine on him her pretty dress. As she wipes, Walker approached to pick up the phone. She leaves and Walker gives you the phone.

Examine the phone in your inventory. Answer the Alessandra place to agree to meet the unknown.

Go to the lobby.


Climb the stairs.

Pick up the blue ribbon on the ground.

Approach the portrait of two young women. Look at the portrait.

Go down the stairs and talk to Gustav about the portrait. The other woman is the sister Alessandra, Helene.


Go to the library. Discuss again with Karl about Helene.



Return to the buffet hall and out into the garden.

Go left. View and pick jasmine.

Room buffets

Back in the room buffets.

In your inventory, make a bouquet with jasmine and blue ribbon.

Combine the bouquet with the pen to put a word on the ribbon bouquet. Put the word "Forgive me".

Place the bouquet on the table.

Alessandra is back with a new dress. She takes the bouquet on the table and leaves. Three shots are heard.

Out in the garden.


Advance and fountain, go right. Move through the maze at the top. You hide behind a bush. You see happen Alessandra and Gustav that seem to be lovers

Look in the Lorraine Alessandra file for analysis: not a game - not a game - not a game - not a game - game - game - game - game - game - game - game - game. You conclude that Alessandra Lorraine is not Livia Drusilla. But you want to see more.

3 - Helene Bernadotte

Back in the hall and up the stairs to see Helene Bernadotte.

Looked at it and analyze it. Select 4 points:

- Physical: strong and disciplined, mentally and Physically

- Flattering dress accessories: serious, not frivolous

- The look: smart and reserved

- Hair: has a classic, timeless style.

Tell Helene.

Go down the stairs.

The hall

Pick a white glove on the ground.



Give the glove Helene. Continue the conversation.

Kinematic: She loves what you told him. Holding her hand, you see it Livia Drusilla. You suddenly have a severe headache. You say what you think you have seen Walker. You need evidence.

You send your analysis to Dexter.

Look in the folder to see Helene you need information on it.

Helene room

Go upstairs to come directly into the room Helene.

Approach the desk.

Look at magazines.

Look into the open annotation in red and black and then post it agenda. It seems Helene met Markham. Take the post-it.

Try using the mobile phone, but you must enter a password.

Stand back.

Look at the chart above office.

You approach the trash right office. Look at the flowers and take them (act on).

Look at the pregnancy test is positive and take it.

Stand back.

Step out onto the balcony.

Select your smartphone and connect it to the usb cable Telescope.

Post-it gives you the coordinates where you should position the telescope.


- Right ascension: 3:00:00 (using the right or left horizontal arrows)

- Declination: 50 ° 00'00'' (using the up or down vertical arrows).

Click "Device found - Save image". You automatically take a picture.


Down in the lobby and come into the library.

Check astronomy books using photo for the constellation looks Helene Cassiopé.

Helene room

Helene back in the room.

Approach the desk. Pick up the phone. Enter code: Cassiopeia.

You see a conversation between a man and Helene. Must trace the number to find out who this man is.

Stand back.

Send a message to Dexter to request the telephone number to trace and wait for the answer appears. This is the number of a certain Rene Crow, President of France today.

You can analyze the Helene Bernadotte folder to see a perfect match with Livia Drusilla: match (everywhere).

Kinematic: Meanwhile, Walker returned very dressed for the evening. It takes a glass of wine and drinks. After a moment, it feels weird and turning over around him. Helene is in great danger. He barely has time to send a message to Malachi.

It is still in the room Helene. He receives the message that Walker press. Through the window, you see men put Helene in the back of a car. Walker tries to continue. The car comes to take it.