Nate Ruess reveals Fun are working on new album

In an interview with U.S. magazine Rolling Stone, Nate Ruess of fun, revealed that the band is back in the studio and working on their next album.

On the process of the material, Nate said, "There is a concern at first, because I do not want to run the process. Still want to enjoy staying at home," he explained. "That was hard, after being on the road for a few years, you can not stop thinking about how the songs will stay. “Start thinking about what you want to play and what to say," he said.

The singer also said that he is aware of the success of the album "Some Nights" and on the pressure and the expectation of new work. "I remember when I wrote [' Some Nights '], kept thinking' nobody will understand this. it's not gonna work, this is the last chance and then I will look for a real job,'" he said. "The first song of this album is the opposite, 'you get what you dreamed of. What do you want now?'" He said.

Watch the video for "Some Nights" below: