Panini World Cup 2014 Sticker Album: Create Collectors Groups

In Panini Sticker Album of 2014 World Cup fans can collect and trade cards with their friends and other sports fans around the world. Every day the player can open up to five free packets with five figurines. However, it is inevitable that appears again and best to trade cards with your friends. Discover how to create a group of collectors.

How to create groups of collectors

Step 1: In the game homepage, click "Collectors Group".

Step 2: In the new window that opens, you can create or join an existing group, in this case we will create in this way in the "Build Team" select the team name, slogan and password. Finally, click "Create".

There, your team is already in the air. But, so there is need to have a team member, for that you can invite your friends to join by clicking the "Invite more people!" Then a new window will open so you can share a message to your profile on Facebook or Twitter saying that you created a group and presenting all necessary information to your friends in social networks enter therein. Remember that you can only have up to 10 participants on each team.

In your team of collectors window is available to chat option where you can chat, share code and combine exchanges, strategies that will facilitate time to replace the repeated figurines.

To replace the images with people in your group just determine what the person will change and go in the area of trade in "Figurines Change" option and create a transaction in column "For team collectors", select the figurine you want to exchange and you want to receive, your friend should do the same process. In no time your exchange will be made.

Joining a group

Join a group is as simple as creating one, go for it in the area of "Collectors Group" and enter the group ID and password in the "Enter Team" and ready. You will already be on a team.

Unfortunately it is not possible to enter several teams at the same time, therefore, to enter into a new trade cards for a specific group is first necessary to get out of it is to enter another doing the same procedure.

Finally, do a free exchange can be good, but do trade with your friends is much more fun and nostalgic, so be sure to create / get in your group to have fun and be able to complete your album soon.