Plague Inc. Walktrough

Plague Inc. is a strategy type video game developed and published by Ndemic Creations designed especially for smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android strategy. In this game you will be a bacteria to invade the world and end up killing the entire population of the world. To do so, you will be able to evolve so that it moves more easily, increase the symptoms as well as its resistance.

Finally, essentially paying story mode will put you in the shoes of specific scenarios like a zombie invasion, the Black Plague, etc.. DTGReviews offers a comprehensive guide to complete all scenarios, defeat everyone in the world as quickly as possible and achieve the best scores!

Table of Contents

Advanced mode


In Plague Inc. your goal is to destroy the world with your disease before people arrive to immunize finding to cure your illness. You will find below the list of diseases that you can acquire after finishing a game with a new disease. In addition, you will unlock new skills for you thereafter to increase your score and help you play:

Bacteria: the most common cause of epidemic. Unlimited Potential

Virus: pathogen very difficult to control rapidly changing

Fungus: Fungus spores are struggling to travel long distance

Parasite parasites prevent DNA alteration common infections

Prion: pathogen slow and subtle, hidden in the brain

Nano-virus: microscopic machine with integrated self-destruct mechanism

Bio-weapon particularly lethal pathogen, killing everything it touches

At the beginning of the game you start with disease "bacteria", which then unlock "Virus" after winning your party and so on until the "Bio-Weapon" disease.

Once the disease is chosen, you get to choose your type of difficulty:

Casual: For new players who want a quick game

Normal: For experienced strategists genetic

Brutal: For strategic geniuses who live in concrete bunkers

Note that you need at least play in normal mode to unlock other diseases of the game
Finally, you should write the name of your bacteria with up to nine characters (it can not be changed in the following the game).


Once the game has started, you will first need to choose the country to contaminate. The country will be following several choices:

- Location: on the location, the more a country is away from the rest of the world, the more bacteria will take time to develop. Bacteria positioning eg Greenland will grow in the cold and will not land countries to grow faster.

- Transmission: for the transmission, it will be more appropriate to choose a country with a port or airport at the beginning of the game This will allow your bacteria to move faster. In addition, skills will be to buy in order to improve the speed of transmission of the bacteria.

- Wealth: a developed country will be more resistant to disease, faster seek remedies and leave you less time to develop. The best is to start his part in a Third World country, bordered by other countries and having an airport or port. The islands can also develop your bacterium quickly as connected with many other islands.

How to choose the first country to infect?

- The islands interesting because it is difficult to infect until end of game
- Poverty: choose a populous country to developed faster virus

- Transmission: have airports and ports to transmit the bacteria faster

- Population: the higher the population of a country will be more consistent and infected people at the beginning of your party

Transmission of the disease will be the most important thing Plague Inc. Once the disease started, nothing more can stop it. You will then increase its lethal contagion and its capacity to defeat the entire population before it completes the search of his cure. Finally, you will also have the capability to transmit your illness faster you see the list below:

- Bird (I and II): Effective for transmitting the disease in neighboring countries. Increase the mutation
- Rodent (I and II): Effective in urban areas, increase the mutation
- Insect (I and II): Effective in hot countries. Increase the mutation
- Blood (I and II): Effective in poor countries. Increase the mutation
- Livestock (I and II): Effective in rural areas. Increase the mutation
- Air (I and II): Effective in arid countries. Increase the transmission by air
- Water (I and II): Effective in humid countries. Increase the transmission by boat
- Extreme bio-aerosol: Effective for all countries with an airport and a port


When creating your bacteria, you will have the ability to add bonus / malus your epidemic. These capabilities will be unlocked after each part of the game In this section, we'll initially on the capabilities of your bacteria in a game. Some abilities will be specific to an epidemic or will not be taken into account, as the virus may grow faster and will be brought to light more difficult. You will find below the complete list of these lethal skills:

Nausea: Low chance of transmission through kissing

Vomiting (Nausea): Projections of vomit increase the chances of infection

Diarrhea (Nausea): Dehydration lethal potential. Particularly vulnerable poor countries

Dysentery (Nausea) increased infection. Dehydration and hunger caused. Possible cause of mortality

Pulmonary edema (Cough, Nausea): Pathogen possibly released and transmitted in the air. Can be fatal

Pulmonary fibrosis (cough): intense cough. Can be fatal when combined with exercise (especially during the Olympics from London ...)

Pneumonia (cough): Population cold countries particularly vulnerable to pneumonia

Cough: Chances of infection due to increased pathogen transmitted in the air. Dense urban populations particularly vulnerable.

Sneezing (cough): Increases the chance of infection

Immune suppression (cough): Increases the transfer of your illness can be fatal.

Fever (cough, rash): Increases the contagion and causes severe dehydration, which can be fatal.

Stop members (cough): Causes rapid and brutal death

Sweating: Increases infection due to poor hygiene. Cold countries are particularly vulnerable to sweating

Rash: Slightly increases infection

Skin lesions (rash): Greatly increases infection

Necrosis (Rash): Turns people into a corpse, so deadly. Significantly increases the transmission of the disease

Insomnia: The researchers are less productive in the search for a cure

Paranoia (Insomnia): Humans are less likely to receive the remedy proposed by researchers

Crises (Insomnia): Reduces the desire of humans to be independent. Can be fatal

Folie (Insomnia): Humans behave irrationally. It becomes almost impossible to administer their cure

Inflammation (Insomnia, cysts): May be fatal, increases mortality

Cysts: pockets hatch under the skin, and burst. The disease is more likely to be transmitted

Hypersensitivity (cysts): Humans are more susceptible to the disease and increase the infection. Rich countries are particularly vulnerable

Paralysis (cysts): The disease is virtually incurable on people infected and can be fatal

Coma (cysts): Humans fall into a coma and become unresponsive. The disease is virtually incurable and fatal

Systemic infection (cysts) infection is significantly increased and the disease can be fatal

Abscess (cysts): Pockets of infected flesh burst and spread the infection.

Tumors (cysts, anemia): The cells disintegrate, causing death

Internal bleeding (anemia): This symptom triggers a certain and rapid death

Haemophilia (anemia): The disease spreads more easily through blood infection

Hemorrhagic shock (Anemia): The body is deprived of oxyègne, causing unconsciousness and death

Anemia: Reduces the red blood cells, leading organs function less well

Advanced mode

After you finish your game, you'll have the ability to make a "Adventure" mode that will put you in a situation with a specific disease with bonus / malus and to accomplish several objectives to complete this mission. Although Plague Inc. is free, it will cost you a few coins for the privilege to play the entire campaign and faster to unlock the powers of your bacteria. Do not forget to regularly look at your charts to understand how developed your bacteria and how to best manage your next party.

Use the "Désévolution" Removing the capacity will give you DNA points. This will be useful if your bacteria learns a symptom and you do not want to be identified directly by the population. Note that the virus can not unlearn skills, so you'll quickly manage the situation and the evolution of the virus.

Special abilities: Use the special abilities of your diseases! Most of the time, it will give you a significant edge over the development of your game. Fungus spores eg launch randomly, allowing you to infect non-border countries, it will be wise to improve this skill quickly in your game.

The symptoms do not increase your symptoms too quickly. This will kill the infected population and so being spotted very quickly. You will lose both DNA vaccine and will begin to be realized by the richest countries repeatedly.

Card bonus and patience to finish, look at the map of the game at any time so as not to miss DNA and remedies. Whenever an orange icon will appear on the map, click on it to get between 1 and 3 DNA. Whenever a new country will be infected, you will get this type of reward. Clicking on remedies, slow evolution. Do not forget not to be patient and infect as many people as possible before making your deadly disease, according to the situation.