Resident Evil 4 (RE4): HD Ultimate Edition - Quick Guide

Resident Evil 4 is one of the strongest titles of the popular franchise. With a footprint more toward the side of the action, the game brings new elements without losing the traditions, like complex puzzles and bosses:

Part 1

Leon begins his investigation in search of Ashley, the president's daughter who was kidnapped. Soon the agent realizes that something strange is happening locally, and that the simple inhabitants are actually dominated by a strange mutant strength.

Part 2

After surviving a mass attack, Leon needs to continue reaping the slopes in search of Ashley. Take the time to get used to the controls of the game and collect items and ammo.

Part 3

After being captured and escaping, Leon must face more enemies, now using arrows and even dynamite to remove the agent. Get used to the shotgun and you can always look to improve their weapons.

Part 4

Leon continues his relentless search for Ashley. It's time to face more enemies ahead, always taking as much care as possible not to be surprised. In the end, it's time to face the enormous giant creature. Pay attention on the correct procedure to eliminate it.

Part 5

After facing the sea monster, it's time to go meet Ahsley. However, other giants will be on its way. Although strong, it is not difficult to be defeated, just follow the procedure shown in the video.

Part 6

From now on, in addition to worrying about their survival, it is also necessary to keep an eye out that Ashley did not die. Browse keep it in a safe place all the time, and beware of traps all over the floor

Part 7

Still with Ashley on his tail, you have to face the giant again. This time, instead of a larger space, narrow corridors are the site of the battle. Do not spare bullets against him, and always try to defend (Ashley and defend) their strongest attacks. And against the boss, just follow the procedures and always aim for the creatures in your body.

Part 8

The premises of the castle, continue protecting Ashley from enemy attacks. Against creature trapped, shoot the bells so he can go to the opposite direction and you can hit him in the back.

Part 9

After Ashley disappears, it's time to chase her again. But on his way, a new enemy. Without many difficulties, shoot the gallon of nitrogen and shoot with the Rocket Laucher to eliminate it.

Part 10

If a giant was already complicated, imagine two! Follow the procedure in video to learn how to eliminate it. You also need attention to other creatures, such as flying beings and the masked chainsaw.

Part 11

In the narrow corridors of the abandoned mine, beware of the traps all over the floor and the surprise appearance of the masked and his chainsaw. At the end, go to the basket and step inside the mine.

Part 12

After overcoming more perils ahead, it's time to enter the mine at high speed. Watch for enemies that fall in their cars, always with an eye surfaces and other elements that may result in death.

Part 13

Stay tuned to the "ups and downs" of the statue. Use the mechanisms for moving platforms. In combat against another boss, aim at his eye. When he appears, concentrate firepower on it until it is eliminated. All this without forgetting its deadly bite.

Part 14

Time to recover Ashley again. However, before we must eliminate more enemies and a new creature. Use the rifle sights with heat to identify your vital points and eliminate it more easily.

Part 15

Again we must protect Ashley against enemy onslaughts. Never forget to leave her behind, even when we act together, as the time it takes to eliminate all while the girl is in the driving.

Part 16

It's time first battle against Krauser. There is no mystery, it takes just hit the combination of commands. Already against the creature platforms, attack it while in front, and run to run the sequence of commands and open the passages.

Part 17

It's time to final battle against Krauser. Do not get into your line of fire, or move it wherever possible. Meanwhile, protect yourself from attacks more closely with the correct sequence of commands. At the time of the final duel, the tower, delete it using the knife.

Part 18

After eliminating Krauser, watch for enemies that emerge from the fortress. No need to eliminate all since Aida will provide the necessary support helicopter, eliminating the heavy artillery.

Part 19

On the way to the final battle, there is not much mystery. Eliminate all enemies along the way, saving heavy ammunition for the final battle. When rediscover Ashley, adopt the same procedure to protect it.


Against the final boss, shoot whenever their eyes appear. A fallen time, spare ammunition against him. Also use the mechanisms playing steel platforms on him. Then just enjoy the end of the game.