Robbie Williams will not Join his former band Take That on new album

Robbie Williams has virtually ruled out any possibility of taking part in the forthcoming Take That’s album - the band of which he was part of the first half of the 90s and returned in 2010.

Speaking to The Sun, the singer said it would be logistically impossible for him to join his former colleagues. That's because the singer began his newest tour last Friday (25) and in November he will be a father again.

Williams while not ruled out the possibility of joining with the group in the future. "No matter what happens, I'll definitely be in Take That. I love being part of Take That," he said.

Williams was part of Take That between 1990 and 1995. The following year the quintet broke up and was just resuming their career without Robbie, in 2005. Williams returned to recording and playing shows with the band in 2010. Its next album is expected to launch by the end of the year.

Watch an excerpt from "The Swing Live Tour". The show took place in Budapest on the 25th.