Robert Plant says chance of Led Zeppelin's return is "zero"

Robert Plant, the former lead singer of Led Zeppelin, again denied the chance to return the band. In an interview with BBC4 radio, the singer said that there is "zero" chance the band return to perform live.

In conversation, Plant talks about the reissues of their material - the first three albums of the group will return to stores in deluxe format in June - and unreleased material coming in the extra disk.

He also recalled the beginning of the group's career in the late '60s - "when having their songs played on BBC was no worry" and spoke of his early influences.

At the end, as always happens in any interview with Plant, the journalist asks about the chances for a possible return of the band. This time the answer was simple and direct. The singer simply said "zero" and the interview ends.

The statement will surely leave the millions of fans of the band disappointed, since last year the same Plant, had first said he was considering a return to the band. It is known that a tour of Led just not happened yet because of it, since both guitarists Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones oppose the idea.