Sly Raccoon (2014) walkthrough, all collectibles - PS Vita

DTGReviews jumped at the opportunity to unveil the complete solution for Sly Raccoon game on the PS Vita. With this walkthrough, you will find the location of all 8 levels of messages that compose the five chapters of the game

Follow our tips to sneak all discretions in hostile territory, in order to avenge your family and regain your honor recovering the Volus Ratonus.

Table of contents

The tidal wave
The eye of the serpent
Voodoo morning
Sky on fire

The tidal wave

The art of discretion
The fires of hell
In the machine
1st Class Flight
The cemetery guns
Treasure Abyss
The eye of the storm

The art of discretion
At the beginning of the adventure, head to the right and follow the coins to reach a ledge that you will take with O. button

Then you come to a full of laser detection parts. Jump below to avoid getting hit to continue your progress. 

Once in the building, you will need to enter the office of the Inspector Carmelita. To do this, take the window to the right of the office door and walk along the ledge to enter through a window. 

Once inside, enter the code (937) that Bentley gives you to retrieve the folder in the safe.

Taking flight, you come face to face with Inspector Carmelita who will not hesitate to use his bazooka to try to stop you. Save yourself up truck awaits Murray.

Then select your next mission in your hideout.

When we got there, take the only corridor in front of you and go immediately on the left at its output to find the first two messages of the level.  

Cross the bridge to reach the boat. Kill the giant mole and then destroy the mast of the boat to retrieve messages 3 and 4.  

Iron on the pontoon to retrace your steps. You will see posts 5 and 6 placed atop two trees. For the fifth message, you can simply just jump on the tree. For the 6th, you must take the rope that overlooks.  

To access this rope, climb on the sign or the long view at the foot of the hill and then jump on top.

On top of this hill you will find posts 7 and 8.

Then use the O button to take the rope and go retrieve the message 6 perched on tree.

You then head to the left of the door lock to recover the 9th message before climbing the ladder. 

Once past the other side of the door, sneak up between projectors in time to not being spotted. You will find posts 10 and 11 on pylons stone after passing. 

Continue your way by removing moles on your way. After killing one that spits fire, you will find a passage on the right to retrieve messages 12 and 13.

Not far away, you get posts 14 and 15 resting on the rocks at the foot of the waterfall.

Then use the suspended using the O button while jumping to swing over the door hook. After passing a series of wheel and enemies, you arrive in an area where several spotlights sweep the floor. Analyze their movements to move without being seen. After spending the last projectors you will find on the left the 16th message level.

By making a few extra steps to the end of the level you will find the key that will allow you to complete the level. 

But not yet Franchise door, and take the rope just behind the freshly recovered to climb to the top past previously spotlights key and recover the last 4 posts. Going down, head to the exit, where you have to cross the safe that you can now open through the code that Bentley gives you. (792) 

Box contents : Attack "Fulgu-Pleongeante"

The fires of hell
To access level: "The fire of hell", you will bring down a platform with the wheel on the right of the board Once at the top of the same platform, use the jump. and the O key to hang the rings to pass through the vacuum that separates you from the entry level. 

You will find the first message at the beginning of the course on the boiler right. Turn you then to find a chest containing the second and third level posts. 

Progress in the fourth level to find the suspend message to the second side boiler. Climb it to be able to catch it.

After killing the enemy in your way, use the jump button and the square button to close the doors which emit flames. Using this technique you will get messages 5 and 6. 

Follow your progress until you cross the path of armed taupe a torch. Come in and turn slightly to end your steps to find the right message to the seventh on a pipe. You will also find posts 8 and 9 hidden behind black rocks in the same area. 

After retrieving messages, go on the wheel to rotate as soon as possible. This operation will move a string on which the hooks are set. Once the wheel at full speed, jump and you enter a hook using the O button and you cross the lava to the next platform. To the right of the latter, you will find the 10th message. 

Then kill the mole that blocks the passage and climb along the pipe to climb to the top floor. Cross the first bridge with the rings and collect the 2 posts of the pylons on the right.

Retrace your steps and this time take the left path until you reach a hanging in the empty message. To recover, you must throw in his direction and catch by hitting. (You will need to re-activate the wheel back across the lava and get you back to the upper floor.) Before you continue your progress, get the message on the 14th last pounded. 

Continuing to move forward, you will find two moles on your way. Once mastered, you can pick up 4 new posts perched on pipes on your right and your left.

A little further, a third mole waiting for you. Not far from it you will find a total of 6 new messages. Two enclosed in a box, one side of a black rock and three other hidden behind other rocks. 

You will once again turn a wheel to release a rock flame that will hit the door you open the passage. 

By taking this same passage, you will find the floor on the carpet 2 new messages. Further suspended in the air, you will get the last 4 posts right level before recovering the key.

Once 30 posts recover, you must restart the level to go open the safe that is at the very beginning of the course. Bentley will give you the 579 code.

Box contents: Roulade Raton leak

In the machine
You will find the first message upon arrival in the level. You will use your weapon to close the door which lets out the flames to recover more easily. 

1st Class Flight
In arriving at this new level, follow the hallway to find the first two messages of the course. Continue your progress and continue the succession of laser to arrive in a large room overlooking a skull. Before you throw, get the third message slightly to the right. 

When you enter the room, lasers will take you hunting. Try to sneak up skull to destroy the alarm is below. Below left of the skull are 4-5 and 6 messages. Slightly upstream of the same skull on the right you will find the 7-8 and 9 messages. A small safe is the same location as the alarm that you destroyed earlier. It contains 2 new messages.

Once again ready skull, are two vertical posts of each side. You reach destroying initially two pylons to mount it. Then climb on the right and follow the wall to get behind the skull and grab the 16th message. 

Once all recovered messages, keep your progress on the bridge where two moles you pass bar. In the crossing, you will find two small safes that each contain two messages.

Just after coming to the end of two moles, you have to cross an area of water by jumping on lily pads while taking care not to touch the lasers that perform rotations. An additional message is to be recovered on the first platform before you begin your series of jumps. A second will be available on a water lily for your progress.

Once back on land, take the pipe to climb the walls. Progress sneak around pylons marking while not being spotted by searchlights. When your progress on these walls you will find the last 8 messages level. (The last message to be retrieved is behind the last pounded after destroying the alarm. 

Once the 30 messages in your pocket, you will retrace your steps, back across the water area on the lily pads and find the safe level that is right skull when you are in front.

Box contents: Jump Slow Cooperinda de Deu.

Then go back to the end of the level to retrieve the key. 

Do not run too fast in the level because you risk to miss the first two messages available immediately on your right. 

Later Bentley will contact you to warn you of the pitfalls present in the level. In fact, if you walk on the blue carpet, guns will be activated for you to pierce arrows. Then use the barrel to safely pass this critical area. Then you'll get to pass messages 3 and 4.

Once past the first carpet, leaving a moment during your barrel to control the mole and his torch. Do not forget to take your precious disguise to continue the level. You will take an elevator and will cross again entrapped carpet. Once it happened, you will find right after the first library on the right, a small safe containing two messages.

Continue your progress up the ladder. Take here to retrieve three posts. Turn around and then go grab the hanging in the air by jumping on top of the library on your left message.

Latter shelf, jump on the other side and go get the horseshoe a little further. Continue on your way to the heights of library luster to reach the upper platform. Here, you have to push a shelf full of books to discover a small safe containing two new posts.

Go get your barrel down, and continue on your way until two chimneys leak flames. On the right you will see an additional message. Continue marking then you do not burn. Once past the chimneys, you will find a safe behind the right and put on another message. Observe then the left to find the 17th and 18th message. 

A final carpet bomb you wait before taking an elevator to the upper deck. Before taking it, pick the three messages that are on either side of him.

Once upstairs, past the spotlight standing still in the light through your barrel. There are three additional messages after the first passage. (Note that the safe level end is behind the library on your right.)

You will take your barrel to be able to cross the next lights and find the latest posts of the level. Once all messages retrieved retrace your steps to open the safe level. (242)

Box contents: Tecnique air pickup.

Then quietly finish the level by going armed recover your key barrel to pass the last trap. 

The cemetery guns
From the beginning of the level, you will find the first two messages on a boat locked in a small safe. On the same boat, immediately after descending a few steps, you can retrieve messages 3 and 4.

After killing the first giant mole that you pass bar, you will need to perform a series of jumping on aircraft debris floating on the water while avoiding being spotted by the searchlights. You enjoy to retrieve two new posts.

Once your series of jumps made you come back on a boat. Defeat the enemy and get this messages 7 and 8 in a safe and 9th right mat near the alarm.

Then climb the rope connected to the mat to reach the top. -Use this rope to reach the plane on fire. On the right wing, you will find two messages immersed in the light of a projector. To recover, you will have to spot you. Attention then subsequently not to fall again into the light under penalty of electrocution.

Continue your progress on platforms suspended in midair. Then you come across necessarily posts 12 and 13. Try to keep an eye on the enemy off you launch stars.

You will then descend to a submarine. A night watchman will guard. The master, and go to the end of the submarine to get two new messages.

-Use the right wing submarine to continue your progress. You will once again jump on the debris to pass through a water area. On the latter, you will find two additional messages. In the distance you see two enemies on a boat on which are the last posts of the level.

Once the 20 messages in my pocket, climb along the rope to go open the safe level. (719)

Box contents: Technical magnet pieces

Treasure Abyss
In this level, no messages to retrieve. Only 40 boxes before taking crabs not take them in pipes.

Council to pass more easily: Care about initially crabs before recovering chests isolated. 

The eye of the storm
At the beginning of combat, Raleigh will turn into huge frog. It will jump in your pursuit platform to platform. It will do 5 jumps before resuming its normal form. Took the opportunity to hit once. 

For his second attack, you thrive on a single platform. Avoid again 5 of her jumps before hitting a second time.

The third Raleigh attack is the same as the first except that it will perform this time six jumps.

For the fourth and final attack of the frog, you have to jump at the right timing to avoid touching with his tongue. Made 6 jumps and give it the final blow. 

The eye of the serpent

A sacred departure
Bet Murray
The casino
The greyhound track
Flight from behind
You and Me
Right at the top
The call 

A sacred departure
Once you leave the vehicle, you will quickly find the first two messages on the left.

Then climb down the pipe this to the right of the door to cross it. Once at the top you can use for the first time the technique recovered during your fight against Raleigh: The arrow ninja jump (performing a jump and press the O button). Progress using this technique along the hanging lights to cross the path of a dog below. Then go down to retrieve the messages near 5.

Then go along the rock pillar to continue your progress. You will arrive on a tray or a dog gnawing a bone attached. Retrieve messages 8 and 9 before heading on the left to face a cascade. You will then jump on the floating debris to pass through the area and recover 4 new messages.

Once in the car, you will need to use your weapon for you to hang the rings to return to your starting point or find the dog attached. Use the mattress to be able to jump on the roof of the house and go through the gap again with the ring suspended over the void.

Then you come to a railing défoncera a dog to attack you. Once mastered, recovered three new posts to the right of the balustrade.

Progress on platforms to save point. Just next door is a safe containing 2 new messages. and on the left of it, you will find an additional after a mat.

Then spend the first wagon master and the dog held prisoner. On leaving the car on the right are the 20th and 21st message.

Take the stairs rock on the left and use the technique of jumping ninja arrow to cross the ropes. You come face to face with a dog that throws you cards. Kill him and loot the two messages. Before you progress, you will find an additional message behind the dog freshly conquered below behind a car. After spending three car new posts will be focused on your right.

Arriving to two dogs attached you will find the 28th single message against the right wall. Then progress to find a car over a cliff on which is placed a horseshoe. Remember this location as you will come back to access the safe end of the level. Hidden behind a wooden plank in front of the car, take the two messages enclosed in a box.

Just before progressing in the area of the pistons trying to crush you, look on the left. In a vacuum on a platform is 3 messages. Perform a double jump to reach.

Progress to the next save point where you will find the 34th message, and take the car riddled with lasers. Then you come across necessarily a new message.

You will then cross a body of water with suspended ceiling to reach the end of the course rings. Then you will find all the missing messages in order to open the safe. Then return to the location of the car teetering on the edge of the precipice to borrow a rope that passes over and you go grab the contents of the trunk.

Bet Murray
For this level, nothing very complicated as it is to follow the progress of Murray to the key placement. Using the directional joysticks, you target the enemies that come too close Murray pulling with a gun.

The Casino
First begin by lowering the lever on the right to plunge the casino in black.

You will then enter a room slot machine guarded by three giants. Do not bother to kill them and sneak up quietly between the torches. Take the left path to recover the first two messages of the level.

Then progress on your way and go the carpet protected by lasers. After it, you will get messages 3 and 4.

Slightly further afield you will find three new posts guarded by two enemies. Go through the right and take the ledge to move discreetly and get two messages. You can then jump to get control of the two enemies down and retrieve messages they kept.

You will then take the ceiling to continue your progress. On the first series of ceiling you will find a message on one of them to the floor and another on the last still suspended.

You then descend into a guarded by an enemy where a house as a slot running area (you can also try your luck by hanging the ring fixed on you to lower the lever). Behind this house, on the floor, two additional messages are waiting. Slightly elevated in the same place in plants, is a series of four posts that you find.

Slightly later and before taking the mat with lasers, pick up a message asking about slots left.

Then you can now focus on the passage of the carpet. We advise you to cross marking the first time in not being spotted, or by the dog at the end, or by ground lasers. Once on the other side, you can turn off the alarm and you will greatly facilitate the work to retrieve messages suspended 4.

The next 5 messages are inevitable since you always come across on your way during your progression.

After passing the giant roulette games, you will find two new messages and a safe containing two new messages.

Again, impossible to miss the next messages they will be prominently displayed on your passage. Concentrate fully on while dodging lasers.

When you arrive at the safe end, he will miss you more than 3 posts to open it. The first two are just in front of the chest, a ceiling on the ground. As for the latter, you will climb up the rope of the same ceiling in order to reach. Then it is now possible to open the trunk.

To retrieve the key end of the course you will manage this time your jumps to land on the green box three times. After three jumps performed, the key will be to you.

The Greyhound track
Not so much tips to give for this level because it is your driving skills will be rewarded with a key. A total of three rounds, just be sure to finish top in helping you vials of nitro placed here and there along your route.

Flight from Behind
In the beginning, follow the only possible path to the first two posts guarded by a dog attached.

Then take the ladder and trampoline to gain access to a safe containing two messages. Continue using a series of three trampolines that will take you directly to three new messages on your left.

After killing the dog held prisoner, jump on the air in order to reach the suspended bottle containing the message of 8th level. Then take the ladder that leads you to a second prisoner that prevents you from accessing two additional messages.

Go back down and take the trampoline trying not seen to locate the projector. There are two other posts at the top of the scale.

Then try to achieve the series of trampoline jumping over the same scale. And then you get three statuses giant dog based on which each message.

After spending the backup made discretion not to make you see the spotlight. You will then arrive in an area or a total of 5 messages revolve around a rope.

Beyond this area, then you will achieve a series of jump helping you air conditioners against facades to collect 3 new messages. At the bottom, you will enter a building by breaking a window. The ground floor of this building awaits a prisoner and three messages (one at the entrance and two in a safe). Use mattresses to climb from floor to floors and find 1 post on the first floor and two respectively in the second.

Then you are right next to the chest, and you will extend a little your progress to catch the last message that will allow you to open the safe.

Box contents: Accelerating time

Nothing more childish then go get the key to some later. 

You and Me
Just arrived in the level, you can already see the first three messages.

Continue your ascent using the techniques learned in previous missions for different arrival until the enemy throws you cards. On the roof, you can pick 3 messages.

Cross the gap between you and the next building by throwing you in a vacuum and hanging to the gutter with your weapon. Then you meet the agent Fox you complicate task since it let you go up to the end of the level. Then try to move avoiding his shots. The roof following the kinematics will give you access to 5 messages.

Use mattress and skills to reach the next roof on which you expect 4 posts. Climb neon to progress through the level then jumping from roof to roof.

You will then arrive in an area with velux or dry laundry hanging on a thread. In this same area you will find 3 messages.

Then use the rope or the laundry is hung to put you on the next roof. On its right end pick up 2 new messages before proceeding with a new rope will sell under your weight.

Take this one message on it behind the roof antenna and literally throw you into space on the left to reach the backup, and the 22nd and 23rd message.

Then you enter a room that contains three messages. Take the hallway and master the enemy in front of you before entering a large area guarded by two giants. Each enemy keeps a safe containing the last message level. Bypassed the right one, and killed in order to open the first chest quietly. Then use this mattress before him to access the chandelier. here you jump behind the second enemy to overcome and open the last chest before getting the code to open the larger.

Box contents: Plans den Muggshot

Then go on chandeliers through the mattress to finish the level. You'll need to be quick and accurate shots to avoid the agent Fox and fall on the moving platforms. Once the end of the level reached, destroy the cage that holds the key to view the agent disappear. 

Right at the Top
An elevator takes you in the level. Upon his arrival at the summit, you will face a dog attached. On your left is the first message of the level placed on a car wreck. Be quick to recover, jump on the car, and immediately return to the roof. Posts 2 and 3 are located on your right (always compared to your initial position to the arrival of the elevator), and you get 4 other messages in two safes guarded by an enemy that launches you cards, going in front of you. 

Then climb the red neon arrow on your left will be able to climb the neon green that form the name of your future opponent. You will find a new message before you start your climbing.

Once you have crossed all letters Muggshot, get ready and get two backup messages. Near the latter, you'll also find two new messages placed on two wrecked cars. Seize in the same way that the first message level.

You will once again trudge on green neon letters to get to climb on top of the latest and thus reach the first floor of the tower in front of you. Made around the balcony to find two additional messages.

By the turn of that bacon, you will have the opportunity to climb along a pipe that will lead you to the top of the tower will collapse under your weight. But be careful, because there are still a lot of messages to retrieve in this area. Then go down under the tower to retrieve two suspended messages. On the right of the roof, there is also a message.

You will come across in the center of the area, a sort of tank which inevitably draw your attention due to the presence of a ring beside the tap. Use your sickle to make out no less than 8 new messages.

To the left of that tank is a safe containing two messages. If you continue on the left of the area, there are three messages to be retrieved.

This time all the messages in the area are in your possession. Then return to the mast you did collapse earlier. Kill the two enemies and take the message just above the backup.

You then head to the left to come face to face with a dog that throws you cards. Behind him is a new car wreck with a message, and to your right a new vault containing the messages 33 and 34.

Retrace your steps to the backup, and climb to the location where you retrieved the message. On this small roof, then you will find a dish on which you will climb to a lucky charm and a safe.

Then take the scaffolding that will guide you to the top with you on your way the 37th message. After your climb, a piece of scaffolding collapse to destroy a piece of wall and allow you to continue your progress. The area you just entered contains two new messages. Then again a wrecked car suspended in the air and the other on a sofa.

The safe end of the level is also in this area, and you'll get the last post at the end of the crane arm to retrieve the contents of the trunk.

Box contents: Suzanne Cooper notes on Water Security

Then return at the end of the crane arm to climb on the wrecking ball and finish the level. 

The Call
To access the fight against Muggshot, you must have recovered seven key level. Unlock then the input level down stairs.

The fight will take place in three phases. The first is to hit a total of 8 mirrors present around the combat zone. Dodge each shot Muggshot by double jump and hit all the mirrors. 

Muggshot then loses his weapon first and will recover one upstairs. Then begins the second phase of the fight. It is similar to the first, since you will once again hit 8 mirrors arranged differently to control the Colossus. Once the mirrors hit your opponent this time will take refuge in the huge room chandelier.

The third and last phase of the battle starts on the chandelier. You will use the technique of jumping ninja arrow to move nimbly on small surfaces. Head to the mirrors that surround Muggshot, and hit them again. Make sure to hit just after your opponent is his weapon if the mirrors will return again. Once all the mirrors back your enemy is defeated.

Voodoo morning

Marsh terror
The lair of the beast
The action of death
The descent of peril
The frightful trip
The blue ribbon
The deadly dance

Marsh terror
Once you get off the truck, you will find the first message of Chapter 3. A little further behind and a statue flame are the second and third.

To progress through the level you will need to use the new technique learned in the previous chapter: "The Raccoon Rail". Jump with the X button and then press O to grinder on the vines in the way of the greatest skaters. Using this technique on the first vine you will come directly to the this.

After killing the first spider, you will slip on the vine, trying to pay attention to boundaries between several of them. You will then jump to the right when you get off to get 2 new messages.

Continue your progress to the point of backup guarded by three huge mosquitoes. Master them and get the message at the bottom of the platform.

Continue your progress so skater with plants and trampolines on your way. Then you come to a tree stump. At the entrance of both sides of walls is two additional messages. Approaching the exit, a plant you attaqueras. Once you come to the end you will find a message behind it.

After the exit, you will reach the top of the stump or two new plants await feet close. After killing them, you will find 4 messages. (3 left and right suspension 1)

Continue towards the lucky then jump below to join the new save point. In this zone a message is present on the right.

Once the recovered message climb the fence to the right to move discreetly without making you see the rat standing guard. At the right end then you can join to get around and take the message of 16th level.

You will then arrive in an extremely well guarded area where the key that will lead you to den-Miss Ruby. Start by killing all the enemies to move more easily (use your skill "fast" to get there faster). Once clear of all rats area you will find two messages left. Another message behind a pillar that leads to the door still locked. It then you miss more than one message that you will find on the right side of the same area, and you can get the contents of the safe you will see just before you.

Box contents: Technical duplication

Once the new technique in pocket 5 candles destroy the area to remove the force field of protection of the key.

Grab you and go fight the terrible Miss-Ruby.

The lair of the beast
At the beginning of the level, you will come face to a closed door. Recover on the left the first three index of the mission and climb up the plant on the right, taking care to destroy the candles on your way. You will then use your sickle to swing you on a branch and cross to find yourself behind the door.

Then take the plant and drag it. During your descent, you will see on your right a platform where you can recover many messages (6 in total). Before resuming the same vine, retrieve the message suspends between the platform on which you are, and the vine have borrowed.

The tenth message pocket, pick your hard slide the vine. Get ready because during this descent you will hit three times messages for you seize.

Bypass then block full of spider and take the plant to climb to the top. When you climb, you come across the path of a new message. Then you get to the first save point.

From this point, you need to perform a series of jumps, and grip with your sickle to cross the swamp. Only one message is to recover on a branch at this session.

Your tree climbing done, you arrive on a platform or two giant mosquitoes await you. Contain and go to the base of the vine to get three new messages before borrowing to rise to the top. Once again, you will find a message in your mounted along the vine.

Arrived on the leaf of the tree, start by defeating the mosquito attack you and jump down below on the right to recover the 3 messages waiting for you. You will then jump to the base of the tree you just borrow back the vine to climb and return to the leaf of the tree which you are away. Now slide along both the following while recovering both messages present in hitting plants.

Then you reach a new savepoint. Help you hook to reach the small platform in front, take the two messages, and get ready to run as a wild beast is about to escape from the door to get in the leakage 'moment when you ask a foot on the roots.

During this chase, you will find the last three messages of level along your route. Be quick and accurate to reach the end without getting eaten.

Your frantic race will close the key. Do not pick up immediately and move a bit to go retrieve the contents of the safe. Once the loot bag then take the key.

Box contents: Roulade raccoon and the magnetic field

The action of death
Start by taking the talisman and killing the spectrum falls on you to slide along the vine. Then jump on the small central island to retrieve the first message of this level.

Progress in establishing the first giant plant that attack you. Then follow a series of attacks that spectrum you must stop destroying their tombstone. You will then be three new messages.

Cross the gap by helping you to achieve your sickle to the first backup. Destroy the wall formed by the roots to grow. Just behind them, on the right is a safe which contains two additional messages. Kill the giant mosquito who watches over and walk a little further to find another slightly submerged in water. Further, a new enemy you will face, and you will find another message to these sides.

Then enter into the jaws of crocodile breaking the walls made of root. Behind the first pass, immediately on your right is the 9th message level. Progress by hitting the spectra darken it until you tombstone. Then you will come to a place that you can access using the technique of jumping ninja perched on 3 torches present. Made evidence for timing arrival of it when these are off.

On reaching the place, destroy the three tombstones continuously release spectra. Then collect the three posts on the left.

Then take the trampoline and aim your jump on the left. Use the O key to move nimbly along the pier. Then you will find a safe containing two messages Made around the pillar behind the chest to take you 4 new messages.

Return to the trampoline and go right this time. Tread carefully sliding up between lasers that rotate around the pillars. Then you reach the top of the room or you will pick two messages on the huge chandelier.

Then use the ropes at your disposal to reach the platform in front, or is a new save point. Shortly after passing the latter, a tree and a giant mosquito attack you. Kill and take the tight rope on your left to reach the giant skull where 3 additional messages.

Retrace your steps along the string and search just leaves opposite to find a new message.

Progress once again torches trying again to keep the timing right to get on a platform or you pick up messages 25 and 26. Just after you arrive on a fragmented into several small plots area. On the right you will pick three other messages but first go and destroy the tombstone for your convenience. After reaching the next platform, kill the three mosquitoes and pick up the contents of the safe.

Continue using the root at the end of the platform. At the beginning of this root, orient your camera on the left to find a well-hidden behind the tree trunk message.

Cross then in equilibrium and will destroy the headstone awaits you at the end. Later you will find hanging on the right message and two side by side.

Cross again a root killing spectra released by two tombstones to get to the location of the key level. Do not pick up right away and pick up a little more hidden behind a root message.

You then head to the right of the key to break down a wall of root and go to the location of two safes containing the last posts of the level. Then you open the chest that is right side.

Box contents: Bodies facilities Miss-Ruby

Then turn back to go get the key.

For this level, no messages to retrieve. The goal is to ignite a total of 25 torches after crushing in groups of 5 (or less) piranhas that will allow your vehicle to spit flames.

To be most effective and do not get lost in the light torches already, we suggest you proceed by region (first the right, for example, then the left etc ...)

The Descent of Peril
You will soon find the first three posts of the level, since you will come across on the right at the beginning.

Progress through the only possible way and help you to pass under the bone platforms without being detected by rats. After this bone row, you will find a safe and therefore two additional messages. From this platform, jump towards the rat standing guard to retrieve the sixth message.

Continue your initial progression to arrive at a series of stretched canvas. On it the most at the bottom right is a candle. Destroy there to open the passage in the direction of the enemy you start flaming skulls. Right next to him, recover two other messages.

Then take the bones on the right side of the statue to access the part of the height level. Progress to the hand of the statue to swing at the end rings through your sickle. You arrive on a wooden platform. Six messages are to take on the latter. (One on the bottom right end, 3 on the end at the bottom left and two on the top right end).

Go to the extreme left where the alarm to use a rope to climb as high as possible to access the chandelier. From here, jump onto the platform bottom careful not to fall into the lumen of the rat. Kill him and his colleague a little higher then pick 5 messages present (2 and 3 in the safes on deck).

From this area, go to the left edge to see down a rat from the beginning level. Then you will once again throw you into space and fell to the sides, control and retrieve messages it keeps 5.

You then head to the end of the platform to jump and hold on to the bone and in particular pointing vertically. You will then repeat the whole course already make to get to the place where you jumped.

Once all the way done, then jump on the rope after the skeleton on your left to reach a second chandelier height. Of the latter, you will reach the heads of snakes below to get a total of 4 messages. Once is not custom, you will once again jump into the direction where the waterfall flows to repeat again all the way from the beginning in order to return to the second chandelier.

Back on the chandelier, jump this time in the direction of good luck and use the O key to move stealthily around the pillar and between lasers. After this area you will find 3 new messages on your left.

The next room you enter and highly protected. Sneak between the projectors to the center to disable the alarm. Then destroy the 4 candles you open the passage to the enemy that you launch skulls on fire.

This critical area crossed, you will again use the technique perched jump ninja to cross on torches. Your success will be rewarded with two new posts. Perform the maneuver a second time to reach a new platform to retrieve messages 35-36 and 37.

Then let you slide along the root remaining attentive to reach a platform on the right or you expected the last posts of the level, as well as safe.

It'll just take your slip on the same root, and be guided to the key.

The Frightful Trip
No major problems for this level since it will not matter to retrieve messages. So you're on a scooter capable of firing in all directions.

Many spectrum attack to you to overcome and destroy their tombstone to master quickly.

The Blue Ribbon
Again, nothing complicated in this level. You'll just have patience if you're struggling to finish it.

The goal is to decapitate 50 chickens in less than two minutes. You can make your job easier by using the technique of roll loaded, or technical "fast."

Beware of big red hens who you race with bombs in the wings.

The Deadly Dance
At the beginning of the last level of Chapter 3, you will progress through the technique of jumping ninja perched on teeth to get to Miss-Ruby. Find the right timing to not get crushed by the impact between the teeth.

Once near it, wait until it makes a stroke on the ground with its tail and miss the shock wave down towards her and give her a first time.

A second phase is then about to begin. Miss-Ruby will test your sense of rhythm and dodging. It will throw combinations of keys you need to reproduce with your pad. Support at the right time so as to avoid the corresponding bearing down on you.

Similarly wait then what hits the ground to attack.

Another phase then begins dodge. This time faster with larger keys combinations. Perform the same maneuvers to inflict another blow.

Then you are now in the final straight to victory. This is once again a move similar phase to the first two. Stay focused and keep your dodges to successfully Hit-Miss Ruby for the last time.

Sky on Fire

Rising risk
The temple flames
The stealthy enemy

Rising Risk
Just after passing the first door, kill the enemy that attacks you and retrieve messages around 7.

Continue a long time your progress until you contact Bentley. At the end of your discussion, you will find a message on your right.

Continue by following the suspension to put you on the next platform hook. Then you cross a long corridor between two mountains. Be careful because a gorilla you launch snowballs on the other side. You then continue your progress without too much difficulty in passing through a bridge on which you expect three new messages. You will then arrive in a temple. Proceed to the first turn on the left and discretion made along the walls. Stop under the windows to not be spot lights by monkeys. You can then surprise, recovered three additional messages and open a door that gives you access to the safe.

Then walk up to the door at the end of the level. The key lies completely on your right, after a long straight invaded by monkeys. It is in this area you will find all the latest posts. First get those left against the wall in a small safe. Then run to the pursuit of all the monkeys to master in order to recover other messages safely. You will find in the center, the walled on the right and on the left behind a door near the end shaft.

All messages pocket, retrieved the key, and returned to the safe to get the content.

Box contents: Technical constant idle

The Temple Flames
Start by making a raccoon rail on the tight rope on your right after killing the first enemy. Then move the laser area by hooking you with your sickle. Lower, down completely before taking the path hooks to find the first three posts of the level.

Continue your way and use the trampoline to reach the enemy and neutralize them. Spend on the cornice marking not being detected by lasers.

You will then arrive in a second area where lasers. Go get the lucky below. You will see that it left is a ledge. The latter will allow you to get two new messages.

Return to base lasers to serve you hooks to cross. On the other side you will find two messages on your left after killing monkeys.

Move up the ledge monitored by spotlights. To sneak undetected and entered the temple training. After killing the enemy at the entrance, go completely left to find a safe that contains messages.

Then go to the other side of the room, and climb along the statue contains a large fire. Once at the top of his head, jump on the chandelier and go to the platform in front. Bypass again pillars and go to the balcony to find three messages.

Climb down the rope behind the gong and use the rope to the right to go get 4 messages.

Retrace your steps and then slide the rope left this time. You will reach a save point. On the left, a missing piece of board gives you access to the lower floor. Skip ahead and you will find two new messages.

Cross the chasm into making a raccoon rail. You will then need to overcome two enemies. Further, under a gazebo, an enemy guard. Use the outer ledge of the booth or use the technique of diversion by launching a replica of yourself in the light. Then you can easily master and find two messages behind him and two others in a vault under the gazebo.

Then take the turnstile to go upstairs. Head to the right to see a series of platforms that will take you to recover the last three messages level.

Turn back and continue your progress across a huge chasm with your sickle. Further you will find the safe in a room overprotected. Slightly further away you get the key.

Box contents: Technical invisible displacement

The Stealthy Enemy
Follow our video guide to complete the level "The stealthy enemy" of Chapter 4 of Sly Raccoon.

You will find the first two messages of the level before entering the first house on the left.

Once inside you will need to use your invisibility technique to borrow the treadmill and overcome the enemy. In front of it is a safe containing two messages. You will then arrive in a foreign court or an enemy monitors two messages in the light of his torch. Use again your technical invisibility to kill him and take messages.

Progress to sneak a truffle laser projectors and room. With the same technique used before, through the long corridor and you get a new message at the very end.

Visit the lookout point in front jumping on the torches. To get inside and retrieve two new posts.

Continue your progress and you will arrive in a hallway or an enemy is at the end and you bar the passage. Progress in invisibility mode and master it. In the rooms on either side of the hallway you will find two rooms with a total of 5 messages.

Slide along the rope to get into an area where you will find a safe at the foot of a tree, and two messages on the branches of the latter.

Climb the central tower helping you trees on the left and made a complete tour of the first to get you two messages kept by a monkey.

Continue your ascent to borrow a rope and hit the building opposite. You arrive in a room stuffed lasers. Start by crossing the area and destroy the alarm monitor which is on the other side. Back then recover the four suspended messages. Besides the alarm previously destroyed, you will also find three messages. You then hang on hooks hanging in the void to reach again the building in the center.

Made the total tower roof to take two posts and climb to the top to retrieve the last message that sits on the edge of the building using the trampoline. The safe is then next door.

Go down one floor and enter inside the tower all the way down without being spotted, in order to recover the key.

Box contents: Map den Panda King