Trials Frontier Cheats and Tips

Trials Frontier is a bike racing video game with top graphics and dense story developed by RedLynx for iPhones, iPads and iPod. The game takes just 94 MB of memory and is worth every single megabyte of it. In Trials Frontier your bang with a motorcycle through a post-modern world, in each level there are dangers and get to know quirky characters. Here we will give you first information about cheats, tips and tricks and show the launch trailer from Ubisoft.

Ubisoft and Developer ReedLynx are professionals. It may therefore be doubted that there are cheats for Trials Frontier.

Trials Frontier Medals
The game offers three different medals: bronze, silver and gold. The bronze medal is available for an accomplished level. So that's easy. Silver and gold are more difficult, because your need for completing certain things in the level. Prepare yourself first with the game and each level, then it should be you aim to provide each level with gold.

Trials Frontier Missions
In the saloon there are regularly new missions. Communication is everything, even the guests wish to be impressed.

Trials Frontier Upgrades
The bike will be maintained and improved. The workshop is located left of the saloon. Many tuning parts can be obtained in the game. Who does not want to wait or want to perform a speed tuning, can not get past the investment of diamonds.

Trials Frontier coins
Trials Frontier offers two currencies: coins and gems. With the coins with about your always fill empty tank and deny additional race. Alternatively, you have to stop waiting.

Trials Frontier gems
Gemstones are the premium currency in the game. You can sometimes get in the game or buy via in-app. 200 gemstones cost, for example.

These were first information about cheats and tips of Trials Frontier.

Frontier Trails Trailer