Trials Fusion (PS4) - 5 great Easter Egg Hunt tips

The developers of Trials fusion obviously had too much time: a few days after the release of no less than five Easter Eggs have been found which take you into little mini-games.

Tip: Easter Egg "Angry Biker"

To activate the first mini-game Easter Egg in Trials Fusion Level Stormtrooper, you must reset the start or roll backwards into a luminous portal. Then you find yourself in a sort of 3D version of Angry Birds again. Here you must speak with the driver then need to collapse building blocks.

Tip: Easter Egg "Game, Set and Penguin"

You might have already seen the tennis court in the car park, but do you know that you can stop on the tennis court? You unlock a mini-game in which you play tennis against a penguin.

Tip: Easter Egg "Biker Labyrinth"

Friends of 3D maze game come in the Cliffhanger level: At the start, you sit your bike back (or let it roll backwards). You roll down a ridge and fall over the edge of a platform through a hatch in a kind of bunker or UFO. Hey presto you are already in Trials fusion in a 3D maze!

Tip: Easter Egg "Off to the ormhole!"

Truly it is in the galactic Observatory level: Drop down after the start straight down on a small plateau. Here you can flame your bike (or gas, which allows seeing each its own). Now you race through flying flame rings and crashes at the end into a luminous entity that is supposed to be a wormhole.

Tip: Easter Egg "Merger Madness"

Nett and the Easter Egg in Fusion Trials Around the Oasis Level. Here you have to roll back to an outlet pipe into a ditch. Then you find yourself in a level again, reminiscent of the video game classic Marble Madness - and probably is also similar frustrating!

We are sure, that those are not all Easter Eggs that have been hiding in Trials fusion.