Warlock 2 The Exiled: Gameplay Strategy

Warlock 2: The Exiled is further to the end of the saga against Dremagors terrible that antagonized Warlock: Master of the Arcane. The game kept their style of play turn-based strategy and added innovations in its mechanics and gameplay.

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The visual and game controls are similar to Civilization 5, showing scenarios divided into hexagonal spaces and diplomacy options. However, the technique of Warlock 2: The Exiled prioritizes their matches, highlighting the coordination and development of troops and numerous choices of powerful spells.

With two modes of departure, which recounts the campaign of an exile and another mage with random missions, the game allows the player to select the size and complexity of your scenarios and powers and specialties of your character.

Possessing an informative and well thought out presentation, Warlock 2: The Exiled is a turn-based strategy game that can be easy and intuitive for players accustomed to this style, but still has a screen that controls arranged in an innovative and dynamic way.

This interface has a series of buttons in order to facilitate access to research spells and management of your cities and troops. Additionally, the player can quickly access your spell book and coordinate their navigation through multiple worlds minimap.

Check out the Function

Legend - Function

The - Resource Panel, indicates the quantity in stock and the production per shift

B - Access to research spells

C - Access to the spell book to cast the spells available

D - Display the selected unit

E - Button to end your turn

F - Access to the drive panel

G - Access to the Lords panel

H - Access to city panel

I - Access to diplomacy with the other Great Magicians

J - Displays the objectives of the missions accepted

K - Display with the tasks of turn

L - Window with the main activities to be done in turn

M - Options for viewing minimipa between one world and all discoveries dimensions

N - The minimap

The - Access to interdimensional panel

P - Command to view its capital

Troops and Lords
Adding good news in its gameplay, Warlock 2: The Exiled is a game with fast turns where the player need to coordinate his troops to explore the many worlds of scenarios, and independent creatures attacking soldiers or controlled by other exiles Great Mages.

Offsetting the coordinated attacks on mass or numerical imbalance of some battles, the game now has a new special unit called Lord that are powerful wandering in the service of Great Mage to pay them better heroes.

Besides being stronger and more resilient than trained troops, these special warriors can also be equipped with weapons and magical artifacts found by scenarios, receiving improvements to their attributes of attack and defense.

Moreover, his warriors will receive experience points each turn of the match and extra bonuses after each attack the opponents. Whenever troops reach a new level, Lords are hired or trained soldiers by cities, the player will have to choose again an improvement or special skill.

See what you mean subtitles:

Subtitles - Function

The -  Attack points and bonuses

B - Indicator of the health unit

C - Dial the number of moves per turn

D - Indicator points and the level of experience of the troops or fighter

Searching and using spells
Warlock 2: The Exiled has two major features that set it apart from other turn-based strategy games: your scenario divided by different interdimensional planes and its system of magic.

On this last feature, the player will find an interesting tree of evolution that will leave you free to evolve the best way to understand. This distinction, combined with the randomness of the maps helps to make every single game play.

In addition to the game that require a spell is always being searched, the player can open your spellbook each turn and throw the scene of your spells unlocked and can benefit from your troops, attack the enemy, change the appearance of land, etc. .

Developing cities
With a management system quite simple and intuitive cities, Warlock 2: The Exiled would be very simple and monotonous gameplay made it difficult if not inserting the player into a fantastical interdimensional universe.

Every game world has unique scenarios where their territories have particularities that will influence the production of resources that structures built on them will produce.

There are four resources in the game: gold, it pays pays for troops and buildings and buildings, foods that increase the prosperity of cities, mana, which serves as "fuel" any kind of magic, and knowledge points, which reduce the time in research spells.

The production of these resources can be improved by the construction of special structures, which further amounts may be added both its production and may increase the proportion of overall production.

However, as the spells in Warlock 2: The Exiled players need to follow the prerequisites to build the buildings.

Subtitles - Function

The - Frame with build options
B - Access panel with the progress line
C - Display about the selected city
D - Panel indicating the resources produced by the city
E - Command to modify the city's specialty
F - Box with the options of troops that can be trained