World of Warcraft: learn how to get Heritage (heirloom) Items

World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG today, counting already with four expansion packs. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, the game invites players to venture into the world of Azeroth. Learn now how to get heritage / heirloom items to level up faster in the game.

For starters, heirloom items are very useful because they provide some bonus experience for equipped play. Being linked to the account, the item can be used by any character user, provided they are on the same server. They are commonly used for those who already have a high level character, and would like to level faster start another character.

Step 1: Look for completing dungeons to earn maximum points justice. These points will be used as bargaining chips to buy heirloom items.

Step 2: After accumulating points for justice, visit the Larisse Pembraux NPCs in Stormwind, or Zulna in Orgrimmar. The cheapest item costs about 2,200 points of law. So make sure you have accumulated enough points.

Step 3: The next step involves entering a guild already high level. She should have a rating of "honorable". So, you can buy some items inheritance. The seller of the guild is located in every city in the game and sell some items inheritance for you.

Step 4: Once you buy them you can send them to any character you have on that server. The item will be sent by mail, and will arrive instantly. This is a good tactic for leveling new characters faster.