Borderlands 2 recently received a portable version adapted for the PS Vita which ended with a problem that hinders the progress of some players. The bug occurs at the base Bloodshot Stronghold, where players try to pass through a hallway and the game crashes completely. See how to avoid this problem.

According to reports from players, past a certain area or corridor Bloodshot Stronghold, the audio will suddenly cease, and will freeze after a few seconds. Apparently this is a problem in loading game data, which fortunately did not disturb the autosave, not damaging your save. Follow these steps to not be affected.

Step 1: During the mission Dam Fine Rescue You have to go through Bloodshot Stronghold first.

Step 2: Approaching the second respawn machine, pay attention to the autosave.

Step 3: Once the auto-save start, stop any movement, stay completely still for a few moments.

Step 4: Go back to playing normally and the game should present no problem catching.


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