Bound by Flame: Useful tips to do well in game

The game is an Action RPG where both matters, your skill in combat as the attributes of your weapon and character, but there are some tips that could help you with your journey.

Bound by Flame is the latest RPG released for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC , bringing the adventure of a mercenary who becomes host of a demonic creature.

Detecting enemies around you

Whenever there is an enemy engaged in a battle with you, your character will automatically draw his sword, but you do not always get to see where this enemy. Press the right analog stick to try to catch the sights and if it is close, the game will show the location of your opponent. If in doubt if there are still enemies, press A (X360) or X (PS4/PS3) to try to put his sword away. If your character does not keep the sword, because there is still some monsters around.

Stay tuned to the scenario

At various times you will see bright spots in the scenario that the offer be searched items as rewards, from materials to gold. However, they often mingle at the charts and it's hard to see them. Enjoy when staying overnight as the brightness of them remain, while the rest of the scene will be dark.

Using Stealth mode

Sometimes enemies will not notice its presence, giving you the chance to attack them by surprise. Press the Left Analog Stick to enter Stealth mode and you can attack them causing more damage. Be sure to erase your own enlightenment when you do this, press the directional digital D-pad to the left. You can also use this trick to avoid confrontation.

Use and its allies

Allies are an essential part of the game, since its battle system is very punitive. You can recruit them talking with them and Sybil is a logical choice for the beginning of the adventure, as it has healing spells. You can change their posture between offensive and defensive, talking outside of battle. Already within the battles you can give orders, pressing LB (X360) or L1 (PS4/PS3) and then the right trigger RT (X360) or R2 (PS4/PS3).

Allies are good shields

Another easy way to use your allies is letting them get instead of you. If your character dies, game over, but if they die, then come back after the end of the battle. Use this to your advantage to let them attract monsters while you recover or attack from the rear.

Invest in regeneration

One of the first skills you should buy to have a more relaxed start to the adventure is the ability to regenerate energy. She is the guide Warrior skills in Novice category, under the name Vitality. Invest as soon as possible in 3 levels of this skill and your energy will regenerate in the middle of combat and beyond.

Learn how to fight back

In Bound by Flame you will much of fights in a cycle of constant attack and defend until the enemy runs out dying. However, you can change this cycle to attack and counter-attack, since the time to learn how to accomplish it. When defending an enemy blow just when he hits you, your character automatically launches a useful counterattack. Use this to your advantage to cause more damage.

Use the map on the screen

Pressing the digital directional D-pad up you can take the map of the lower right corner of the screen and replace it with a transparent version that occupies the entire screen. This full version displays much better ways and makes it clearer where you have to go, being extremely useful to navigate, almost mandatory.

Exploration is rewarded

Normally your goals require you to take a certain path through the map without going through other parts. However, if you explore places outside of your path will find good rewards such as items, materials and gold. Usually also find some monsters guarding these awards.

Attention in stores

A curious point is that Bound by Flame menus of the game stores have memory of the last time you went there. This means that if the last time you walked into the store, sold an item, when you enter there again, the menu will automatically open in the sales rather than purchases. It may not seem like something important, but a distracted player may end up selling their items thinking they are buying new.