Child of Light - Basic features of the Oculi-Crafting

This visually stunning fantasy game Child of Light by Ubisoft is available since April 2014. Child of Light, the small Aurora awakens after her death in Wonderland Lemuria and sets out accompanied by fireflies Igniculus back to find in life. On their journey through Lemuria Aurora collects the oculi, to which it is to go in this tip.

First we want to say a few words to the oculi even in this tip but. . Oculi can not attach to any part of your equipment and enhance the attributes of each member in your community, oculi give them even more unique abilities. You can also send your friends. For this, you have to in the pause menu to select "oculi". Then you click on one of the three fields under "Oculi produce" ("No oculi equipped"). Now comes the cursor to the / the oculi that you want to give away. In the lower right corner of the screen should now appear a "Gift" button. Tip: Offer makes sense because every player finds other ovules in the game. Maybe you come by yourself gifts also oculi, which itself rarely finds!

Around the Offer it is not in our tip to the oculi in Child of Light, however, because these particular stones can be placed in Child of Light crafting to new oculi. The basic crafting system of oculi we want to briefly outline in this guide. The crafting principle is very simple: you combined different (or the same) oculi, thus creating new, stronger oculi. Oculi is available in four levels: Rau (Rough), Honed (Tumbled) Faceted (Faceted) and Sparkling. Combining three oculi of a type - for example, three rough emeralds - get a polished emerald. Combining at least two oculi different type, you obtain a new oculi. For more information about Child of Light is available in our Child of Light Walkthrough.

Oculi with higher level crafting:

3 rough gems of a type found 1 cut gemstone of the same type
3 polished gems of a type found 1 faceted gem of the same type
3 faceted gem of a type found 1 sparkling gemstone of the same type

Combine oculi and crafting new oculi:

Sapphire + ruby: Amethyst
Sapphire + Smaragd = tourmaline
Ruby + Emerald = Citrine
Sapphire + Ruby + Emerald = Diamond
Amethyst + Citrine + Tourmaline = Onyx
Onyx + Diamond = spinel