Child of Light walkthrough

Child of Light is a role-playing video game that invites you to plunge into an epic adventure in the world of Lemuria. The player will have to solve many puzzles, engage in combat in turn inspired by the classic Japanese RPG, and explore a mystical realm.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Girl and the Firefly, and the basics of combat
Chapter 2: The Queen of Light 
Chapter 3: Into the West
Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well
Chapter 5: An Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 6: Of Mice and Magna
Chapter 7: The Duke and the Duchess
Chapter 8 The Highest of the High
Chapter 9 - The Piscean and the Ogre
Chapter 10: The Lowest of the Low

Side Quests

Rubella's Plight
Finn's Plight
Pastoral Panic
Achilles' Odyssey
Bolmus Inferno
Free trade
Robert's Plight
Oengus' Plight
Gen's Plight
Cynbel's Secret 
Lost Lights 

This first part of the walkthrough Child of Light presents the tracking of all chapters with the location of treasures.

Chapter 1: The Girl and the Firefly, and the basics of combat
At the beginning of the adventure, simply go to the right to enter a cave. Here, push the block and climb on it to use it as a platform and continue the adventure. If you continue straight, you notice a wolf guarding a chest with a lever height. It is not at present available. Chests with a lever can not be opened by the firefly named Igniculus but only by Aurora. It will therefore come back here later. Climb the branches to access the area at the top right and go to a house to which you are encountering Igniculus.

After the acquisition of the firefly, retrace your way and jump to the left when you are on the most left branch to a new chest containing two potions of life. It opens with Firefly and as elusive for Aurora. Return to where you met the firefly and continue to the right. Instead of jumping over the precipice, go to the lower left corner of the area to get a life potion.

Continue your way to the right. After a moment, you must use the firefly to create three shadows to fit into the corresponding symbols. To do this, hold down the on-screen and place the firefly so good to superimpose images. If Igniculus lack of energy, a brilliant touch plant. You can now enter and take you to the sword. Before going to face your first opponent, be sure to equip a rough ruby (red stone) on your weapon to your attacks get the fire element which insects are vulnerable. Defeat you in one fell swoop with this gem!

Exit, collect the potion of life in the treasure well developed and continue on your way. Realize that you can make surprise attacks by blinding monsters with Firefly then touching behind. Also, in combat, you can slow the filling of the gauge waiting enemies using firefly near them. In short, with these tips, you can finish the first act without conceding a single blow!

In the dark cave, go quite right not to miss the life potion in the chest, then climbing, orient the firefly in the upper left corner of the screen to take you to the elixir of firefly.

Above, it must continue to the right to complete the first act of the game, however, do not deprive yourself of an additional treasure and will first explore the area to the left. Place yourself on the precipice and use firefly to reach the chest containing a crude sapphire.

Chapter 2: The Queen of Light 
In this new chapter of Child of Light, you'll be facing new enemies: ghosts. To defeat them easily, use the magic "Flash Stellar" Aurora. Other insects are still susceptible to fire. Continue to the right. At the fountain, climb over and mount to reach a chest containing a rough ruby.

Further, it is advisable to explore the background of the dark cave for a new object, an elixir Firefly. Then, go back, go right at the bottom of the box to grab the block and bring it all the way to the left. Then enter the building after gleaned plain blue sapphire in a hex containing only Igniculus can open.

Here, you are faced with a small puzzle. Start by illuminating the center button to bring down the first elevator. This allows to go retrieve a block to do and bring down against the right wall to climb. Top, lower the lever. This unlocks a second elevator that goes up and down continuously. Now go back down and move the first block on the lift. The objective is to place the object on the floor switch in the upper right of the room corner. You notice a mechanism in height and a trunk that will be accessible only lorsqu' Aurora have acquired the power of flight.

You go to the upper area. Here, pull the lever to open the heavy door below. You enter the cathedral. Climb, stand at the lever to the left of the circular structure containing four colors then use Igniculus to wear colored shadows in the corresponding crystals. Perform this operation in the following colors: green, blue and red. Ignore the purple.

This fact, Aurora faces the guardians of the cathedral. Know that they are vulnerable to abuse so light spell Flash Stellar. Concentrate your fire on the same opponent to defeat him quickly and then use common Protection when you can not stop the attack of the enemy by attacking when the icon turns on red gauge "execution". You win the magic powder that increases your magic constant. Aurora manner can now fly!

Height, you unearth many objects: 2 elixirs firefly, 2 potions of magic powder PM.

A potion of concentrated life awaits you in the right chest. Finally, you finish the act leaving the area at the top left corner of the screen. If you fly to the top of the screen before touching the ground, you can glean the Confession # 1 before initiating the act 3.

Chapter 3: Into the West
Back to the altar: a festival of treasures!

The launch of the act, and if it is not already, fly height to glean the Confession # 1 . Then, on the left, please go to the Harlequin named for Rubella it joins Aurora. Rubella is a formidable fighter in hand-to-hand with a lot of strength, physical defense and HP. That said, it also has a lot of useful care to avert any problems in combat. The house next to your girlfriend is unfortunately locked. The first thing to do in the area is returning to the section where you had to raise a block with a lift. Now you can fly, you go to the party in the upper right corner using firefly to obtain crude 2 rubies. 

The purpose of the act is very simple: he must turn back to the altar in which Aurora is awakened early in the game and continue west to reach the tree with thorns. On the way from the air, you have access to many chests. At first, check the video below to learn how to get your hands on a powder PV (PV +5) and a raw emerald in a secret area hidden among the branches.


Continuing on the left from the platform where you met Rubella, you find other homes. The right contains two potions of life while the left is locked. Also, a resurrection potion awaits the ground under the houses. 

This done, proceed to the left always from the air. So you pick up two potions of life in a blue container in the air, a magic potion in a chest on another platform to the left (the two houses are locked), gross blue sapphire in another container guarded by a spider. Continuing to the left, find briers and follow them to find another powder defense.

Same in the area below, with a powder force. Hunting continues treasures! Returning to the ground, looking for a waterfall and enter the secret area just above to get their hands on a rough ruby. A magical potion awaits you in a chest guarded by a wolf on the ledge to the right of the house before you need to use shadows on the corresponding symbols in Act 1. Further to the left, in the dark forest, the fly above the trees to find a chest guarded by a flying insect containing raw emerald. Here, go back to ground level and then pick up a powder of defense in the dark hidden area right below separated by a hole over a steaming pool rocks.

From this point, all fly up and you find 2 elixirs firefly in a blue bin, a resurrection potion in the trunk to the right and 2 rough sapphires in the house right. Back at ground level and continue your way to the left until you meet again where you had seen a wolf keeping an inaccessible boot that you can now open. It contains two potions.

On the left, above the tree from which hangs a spider, a chest containing a raw emerald awaits you. Flying two seconds to the right, you unearth another blue bin. Hop, 2 additional raw emeralds. Take the road to the left towards the altar. To the left of the altar, there is a raw emerald hidden in a chest guarded by a flying insect. Now that you've cleared the area of its chests, back at the stairs and continue to the left along the brambles to meet a giant.

The fight against the giant is not hard but you need to observe some rules. Do not use magic against him because he turned against the run. Also, remove first the two wolves then focus your attacks on the giant. These enemies have no particular weakness ... Do not forget the potions and healing spell Rubella needed. Finally, make use and abuse of slowing firefly so to stop the blows of the enemy. For this, we must remember that hit when its icon on the timeline is in the red section. Having slain enemies, go left then before entering the gate leading to the tree with thorns, fly over to glean the Confession # 5 .

The tree with thorns

This field is relatively linear. At the first intersection, go down to find two potions in the trunk. At the second intersection, go up and open the chest behind the winged enemy to get a life potion and a resurrection potion a little further into the cul-de-sac. Return to the intersection and go down. You find here a ruby and sapphire uncoated in both boxes. Reassemble and go left. Blue receptacle contains a magic potion. After emptying its contents, start by exploring the tree flying above. You will go down later. Climbing, you acquire 3 raw emeralds and an antidote. 

At the top you find a more formidable enemy than the other giant insect. The video below shows the fight against this opponent. Remember that it is vulnerable to fire. It brings in a lot of experience but it unfortunately does not reappear when you exit the game and you raise. Dying, the monster loose powder defense. After clearing the area, go down.

Follow the ground so as not to miss a raw sapphire. Above, defeat the spider and grab the paper flying to harvest Confession # 8. Finally, a potion of life awaits you in a box highlighted on a tree on the left. It only remains for you to continue in this direction to reach the village and finish Act 3 Child of Light. 

Chapter 4: The Deep Dark Well
The exploration well

Outside the village, enter the house of the blacksmith to glean a life potion and a raw emerald inside the building on the right. This fact, move in the arrow panel and enter inside the village. You notice once again that all the villagers are transformed into a raven.

In the village, find a bearded man and talk to him. His name is Finn and asks you to explore the well. Go for anyway, all the other houses contain no trunk. When you enter the well, Finn accompanies you. The man is a great magician with spells of all elements. In the cave you will find spiders sensitive ice not fire but electricity. Equip your Oculis accordingly. In the end, you will be faced with dogs sensitive to water (oculus Sapphire) fire. Down the first line, do not miss the raw sapphire in the receptacle for the firefly. At the bottom right of the first area, you unearth a rough ruby in another and a raw emerald blue container in a safe in the cul-de-sac immersed in the penumbra. 

This done, go in the pipe that goes up and glean powder PV to the left of the spider. Finally, engulf yourself in the left passage. Here, start by exploring the dark area at the bottom of the screen to find a raw sapphire in the chest and 2 elixirs lull in the blue treasure Igniculus. At the altar where Finn speaks to you, do not play with the shadows but penetrate into the duct bottom of the screen. This passage leads to many discoveries: 2 raw sapphires, elixir and acceleration a raw emerald. Note that you must use the brightness of the firefly on the white circle to temporarily stop the defense mechanism of the cave. The process is identical for all similar traps this area.

This done, return to the altar and then use Igniculus to match the shadows on those symbols engraved on the wall. The riddle is identical to the cross before. Go traps using the firefly then go up to glean a rough emerald and 2 elixirs acceleration in chests around a spider ice. Now retrace your steps and follow the other path. Beware of fire dogs are, in turn, sensitive to water. Change your Oculis arms of your physical attackers if necessary. Before continuing in the great cave on the right, explore the dark area at the bottom of the screen. In fact, it contains a polished emerald in a gross and a emerald blue treasure chest. That is, go to the big cave and begin exploring the area in the upper left corner. It contains a magic powder. Descend and glean 2 potions of life in the blue treasure at the bottom right of the screen after talking with the raven. Further to the right, puts his hand on Aurora 2 elixirs firefly hidden in a chest. Above, near a spider ice and left a warthog, you unearth the Confession # 3.

Eliminate the warthog and continue to the right blocking the trap as seen above. You're faced with a three-headed hydra. Each of the headers is a sensitive element. The first from the left is sensitive to water, the middle to fire and the right to lightning. So focus your spells according to these weaknesses. Also, you can place any weapon Oculus on a batter in hand-to-hand combat and use attacks that affect multiple targets at once. This is very profitable as you battle three targets simultaneously. Leaving the area, you complete the query "The misfortunes of Finn".

NOTE: killing the monster of Dark Well, you free the villagers regain their original shape, which provides access to two quests. Click the link for more information on this topic.

The path to the Plains Rambert

Now that you've explored the village at 100%, it's time to continue on your way. Exit the village and head to the left in the forest. Here you will be able to find many objects starting with a life potion in a chest on the ground and 2 raw atop first tree you encounter emeralds. Top left, you can fight against the wind and see a chest. If you are in a hurry, make a faster way to get the chest in your field of vision and use of Igniculus to remove a rough ruby. If you do not succeed, it will be possible to go from the left side. Proceed now to the left along the ground. After passing the panel glean the magic potion in a well highlighted box then engulf yourself in the passage in the lower left corner of the screen to find a potion of life. Following the leads, you get your hands on two rough sapphires in a treasure as well as a powder magic defense up into the duct where it is necessary to pause for not being pushed by gusts.

Continue to the left and reassemble. This is where you expect a rough ruby treasure in the ground. That done, you can grow the wind to return to the beginning of the area looking for the rough ruby mentioned if you had missed. Anyway, go back and engulf yourself in the lead in the bottom right of the screen. You will find an unusual enemy guarding a door. The latter is sensitive to flame. Collect 2 resurrection potions behind and enter the secret area. Here, you'll have to solve a small puzzle but before that, go left and open the treasure containing a rough ruby. Now, let yourself be carried by the wind, hide in the corner protected latter then use the firefly to release a block. Push or pull in the lower left corner of the area on the floor switch. This has the effect of releasing the upward passage giving access to two antidotes, 2 raw sapphires, and magic powder as a raw emerald! Quit now the secret area and then return completely to the left of this area.

Before entering the Plains Rambert, there are two items to collect. It is a powder magic defense in a corner on the left, inside a duct windy and the Confession # 6 twirling against the right wall of the outlet duct above-mentioned. It only remains for you to enter the Plains of Rambert to begin Acte V Child of Light.

Chapter 5: An Unexpected Reunion
Arriving in the new area, you just follow the path to the left. The first box contains two potions. Further penetrate into the rock structure that appears hollow to receive 2 potions of life concentrated in a blue treasure for firefly. You arrive at a first mill. Start by going all the way down in the dark to find a chest containing two rough sapphires. Leaving to the left, explore the rails bottom of the screen. Thus, Aurora unearths 2 elixirs lull in the right corner and 2 elixirs acceleration in a blue container on the left. At the top, between the rock and the waterfall, you can find 2 potions of life concentrated. That is, enter into the rock structure and the lever carefully avoiding the spikes. You do meet Norah 's sister Aurora has the ability to increase the speed of allies in combat and slow the adversaries. In this new area, do not miss two potions concentrated in the trunk on the right track, a resurrection potion below and Confession # 7 flying over this potion.

Fly height to glean: 2 elixirs lull (blue container in the cascade in the air), 3 elixirs firefly in the trunk against the wall, on the rails at the top left and a block to push a switch left on the rails below. This allows you to open a door giving access to a treasure containing 3 rough ruby . This done, go back outside and go to the bottom left corner of the screen to go under the mill. As usual, use the firefly to temporarily disable the traps.

Continuing to the left, you get 2 elixirs acceleration in a safe and a powder PV in the area below. Here, do not miss the door giving access to a secret area. This area contains in order: a powder defense in the left wall (use the firefly), 2 elixirs defense (chest), 3 sapphires Gross (blue container in the background), 2 potions of life concentrated (chest), 2 raw ruby (blue treasure in the lower left corner),  2 potions of life concentrated again (chest), 2 ruby rough on the cage (start by exploring the path higher up) and 2 elixirs lull and another chest behind the red door.

In the passage from the bottom of the secret area, the trunk between the two pikes contains 2 elixirs defense. Right, you unearth a magic powder . In sum, you finally find the lever that opens access to many treasures. It is 3 ruby rough in the upper right corner of the screen and 2 elixirs lull in the lower right corner screen (in the dark). But it is not finished! Push the block to the left and push the switch again to access the Confession # 2 as well as four treasures. Now, exit the secret area and outside, go to the left.

There are 3 potions under the track, in a blue container. In the next mill, use the left lever to open a quick access to your position and then use the second to the left to rotate the structure below so that you can go left. Thus, you can explore the sunken area containing pig named Achilles (use the firefly upon him) and powder strength.

Now, cross the mill mentioned above and continue to the left. In this new area you unearth treasures 4 and a fifth in the rock structure with a system of pikes. Going further to the left, you encounter a capilli that offers 6 raw sapphires. If you follow the rock wall up to unearth in chests respectively 2 elixirs acceleration and 2 raw emeralds.

Before entering the village, it is very interesting to inspect the base of the mountain. Enter the door marked with a red gem. Here you acquire a raw citrine as well as three rough sapphires. Get out. To the left, the blue chest contains 3 elixirs lull while the receptacle above offers two antidotes. In the duct above, go to the far left to find the lair of a sub-boss. Equip yourself with Oculi water attack and all will be well. By destroying, you get a powder defense then polished sapphire in the chest above. Exit and continue the exploration of the base of the mountain.

In the lower left corner of the screen you will find a chest containing 2 elixirs acceleration and a blue container in the dark with 2 resurrection potions. That done, go to the right to find a really drove very dark. If it contains a chest (magic potion concentrated), do not miss the passage going down and leading to 3 treasures as well as a blind NPC. Now that you've explored the area 100% back outside and fly as high as possible to reach a city. This triggers the beginning of Act VI of Child of Light.

Chapter 6: Of Mice and Magna
On entering the village you will find a chest containing 2 nectars tale right Adolphe which offers annex quest called "Free Trade". Click the link to learn all about this side quest. Delve thereafter houses to find some treasures. In turn, you unearth a rough ruby and 3 potions concentrated near a merchant NPCs offer you another side quest called "Hell Bolmus". In a house on the right, you find 2 elixirs firefly near a keeper and another nectar fairies in another building.

Now that you've explored the village, go to the far right and talk to the mayor. In leaving, Aurora made the acquaintance of Robert, who joined the group. Robert is an archer that can affect single or multiple targets. Leave the village and go at Magna, the head of the mountain which offers to enter his body. From the start, collect 2 items and inspect the stone before descending. The following two blue treasures contain respectively 2 lull elixirs and potions 2 life concentrated. Objective of this area is to defeat all the groups of spiders to explode the central heart and face the giant spider. These special spiders are respectively top left, right and at the bottom right of the central cocoon. The area contains many treasures are not hidden. Note however the presence of the Confession # 9 in the lava cave at the bottom left of the starting area. Right here, you unearth a powder defense.

NOTE: in the lower left corner of this area, Robert triggers a side quest called "The misfortunes of Robert". Click the link above to find out all the details.

To the left a spider inflamed, do not miss the door decorated with a red jewel to be sure to visit the area to 100% . It contains many oculi as well as potions and powder Force to end of the passage. Especially do not touch the walls inflamed or suffer heavy damage. Use appropriate plants to regenerate. When you have released the beast back in the cocoon and ready to clash against the boss. Start by eliminating his henchmen then focus your actions on him. You should know that the giant spider enjoys against the interruption. This means that whenever you stop it, the opponent will enhance its status (eg increased speed). That said, it is still advisable to interrupt a maximum cons because the opponent is never offensive. Postponing the battle, you get a dodge powder.

This done, you turn act VII posting on the hand of Magna.

Chapter 7: The Duke and the Duchess
At the beginning of Act VII, go to the right and go into the rock at the alcove to discover a secret passage containing raw citrine. Highest is 3 raw sapphires behind an archer and magic elixirs 3 defense in the trunk to the edge of the cliff. Now he must fly higher and higher to reach your goal. On the way, make sure to zigzag to visit the entire area and its empty coffers. They are mostly in places sheltered from the wind.

Also walk along the left wall to find more objects, including a powder defense magic at the end of a conduit protected by pikes. A strength to climb, you'll be able to enter the largest flying structure level. You can enter either the left, center or right there. Each duct has a lot of treasures. For example, the left side can get their hands on a powder defense including. The central area contains other hard objects and miss a creature of fire.

NOTE: to complete the quest annex on Rubella visit leads left. Click the following link for more information. By following this path, you get to know Tristis which then joined the group.

Near Harlequin, you unearth rough sapphires 2 and 3 elixirs acceleration. This fact, once you've got hold of all the treasures of the area, return to the center of the building and then fly up. You are automatically confronted with a giant eagle. To defeat easily, first removed his minions while protecting you from status effects with a spell or via the appropriate objects. When finished, use attacks body-to-body given the strong resistance to magic boss. Defeating him, you get a powder speed . In the next area, open the chest under the waterfall for two raw emeralds and sapphires rough 2 left then talk to all your friends who are pained to have to part of Aurora. Then enter the sanctuary.

Inside, you still can not open the blue treasure since Igniculus left you alone in your plight. That said, you can still open Classic chests located in the four corners area. At the top you glean the Confession # 10.

Follows several events during which you do not have much to do except follow the relatively poignant scriptwriting frame. In the field with the mother of Aurora, sautillez cheerfully to the right of the screen before returning to her. Finally, Aurora wakes up in a cage but soon released by a guard named Oengus who immediately joined the group. This is the beginning of Act VIII of Child of Light.

Chapter 8 The Highest of the High
At the beginning of the act, you will encounter many chests and some blue treasures that you can not open until you have found Igniculus. Your first task is therefore to rescue your firefly. Prior to this, note the Confession # 4 twirling at the gloomy tree atop the structure. Do not worry chests as you come back with the firefly in a few moments. Follow the path going down and open the double red door on the left to find the mechanism prison. Here you go free Igniculus and all your companions. This is done, turn back and open all the chests with your friend not to mention stuck in the wall at the beginning of level powder.

When you are ready to move forward, you move the lever to the left of the wheels, then press it once. Then move only small cog left. By doing so, you have access to the lower part of the tower. Off collecting the contents of the boxes without skipping a walk outside to find the magic powder near the wall, above the cage containing a blue treasure.

Downstairs, Oengus asks you to help rescue his people: it is of a request constitutes a secondary quest Child of Light. Click the link for more information on this topic.

After completing the quest or not, go outside along the bridge without forgetting the blue treasure under it. You are now faced with the witch who turns into a giant creature. Eliminate his minions with spells of "light" or impregnated physical blows of this element using the oculus "Citrine". Then, improve the status of your fighters (speed, strength) with supporting characters like Tristis and harass the boss to defeat. Know that his magic resistance is particularly strong, choose your biggest physical attacks. Also, the boss has the power to counter interrupts. He took the opportunity to regularly treat. Therefore, do not interrupt him too if you do not hit hard enough. By successfully completing this battle, you'll win a polished diamond. Aurora changes somewhat...

The new Aurora form comes from the Moon it is to recover. Moreover, it unblocks 100% talent trees of all your fighters. End of Act VIII of Child of Light!

Chapter 9 - The Piscean and the Ogre
At the beginning of the act, move to the right along the walls to not miss any chest. Note that inside the rocky outcrop, left a flame snake. Also consider the powder speed in the rock beneath the statue. Advance to the statue to start a new quest annex called "The Secret Cynbel".

To the right is the Piscean village. Start search houses, beginning with the first left. Inside you meet two important characters and a safe and powder Force. Once done, go around the village and enter other buildings before continuing to the right. There is also a very well hidden in the rocks chest, at a corner where there is a brilliant plant.

Continue to the right and enter in the secret area behind the horse. Here, the lever then follow the leads into the alcoves by waiting as long as the current disappears. If powder Magical Defense is easily accessible, do not forget the powder behind the first defense mechanism creating the current. Arriving in the last room, you unearth three chests. Quit now hidden area and continue on your way to the right.

In the midst of the sea, fly in the sky for the Confession # 11. Aurora and his team finally arrived in front of a giant rock whose interior contains a riddle. Start by making a tour of the structure to eliminate monsters and treasures glean content without omitting powder Dodge.

Then return to the rock and push the two structures with a Roman numeral in order to place them on the ground. Use Igniculus finally to bring the shadows of Roman numerals on the respective symbols. Directly after solving the puzzle, you are opposed to two dogs as well as a giant. Perform attacks multiple targets to get rid of dogs Lunge faster then the boss of physical blows. Indeed, it is highly resistant to magic. As usual, do not mind the use of objects and support spells increasing your speed or protecting against the powerful attacks of the opponents.

After the battle, you'll win a polished Onyx and Annex quest named "The misfortunes of Gen" starts. To accomplish this and retrieve supporting character in your team, return to the Piscean village and talk to the lady in the first building in from the left. Finally back at the boss to access the Act X of Child of Light.

Chapter 10: The Lowest of the Low
Gate of the Sun

At the beginning of this last act of Child of Light, take the time to explore the area from the left before you go find a beginner elementary quest Annex quite right. In the middle of the cave, do not miss the powder ceiling. The treasure that you see near the electric column is available through the bottom then reassemble making sure not to go near this column when the arc comes in your direction. Before joining this area, do not forget to explore the secret section in the lower left corner of the area. It contains a giant phacochère vulnerable to light and two objects.

Scour every corner of the crystal caves by going to the left until you find the first green crystal. By illuminating these objects, you appear an arrow pointing the way forward to continue the game Firstly, fly height so as to glean one second behind the waterfall Powder. You also unearth another powder in ducts lined with dark spikes.

Also, do not miss the Confession # 13 flying at waterfalls, over an archer crystal. Continuing to the left, you are quickly confronted with a first boss. To defeat him, use attackers have a Oculus Emerald or Finn and lightning spells. The gargoyle, meanwhile, is sensitive had fire. After defeating this enemy excavate the area and especially the bottom to find more treasures.

Before you leave, grab the Confession # 16 in the middle of the screen. Finally Pull the lever in order to continue to the left. To the portal, go to the left to find objects and serve you Igniculus to bring the shadows on the corresponding symbols. Must perform this task in the following order: Round, Wings, Lance, Lyre Directorate Palace of the sun..

The Palace of the Sun

Here, you are faced with very swift and very powerful winged opponents. To defeat them easily paralyze them with Genn example. Progress to be locked by a door. Climb, the lever use Igniculus symbol over white and make haste to go below before the doors close. Then progress to a block to move to the right, against a closed door. It will be useful shortly afterwards. At the same time, catch the underground Powder.

Take a tour through the top and then return at the locked door. By pressing the lever, you open the door that allows access to the block. Drop it on the floor switch to continue. In the following passages, do not miss the powder Critical Hit to a winged enemy.

Further, Aurora is enclosed in a box full of poison. Start glean Confession # 12 then explore the two top corners left and right to lower the two levers. By doing so, you free access to the upper part leading to the boss.

In the duct, make haste to fly height to avoid the trap then when you are away in the middle chests, go down and take the time to retrieve objects on the sides. Going up, it is advisable to prepare his characters as a major confrontation is about to begin. The next opponent is vulnerable to lightning. Equip yourself with Oculi Emerald type and be sure to have a Finn in top form at the talent tree "Lightning" type.

After this battle and several cutscenes, you finally here facing Umbra. The witch and her minions are vulnerable to light but highly resistant to magic. In our case, we opted for attack Oengus with a Citrine as powerful as possible because he had the overpowering attack slot Kategida 3 stars. The other character acts supports providing care for potions and by slowing down or stun the target. In all cases, start by defeating two henchmen before concentrating your fire on the boss it will slow down with the firefly up.

Defeating Umbra, you finish the story of Child of Light! After the credits, it is quite possible to continue the game to complete the quests and advance the characters.

Side Quests

This section of the Child of Light walkthrough lists all side quests in the game

Rubella's Plight

You meet almost automatically Rubella leaving Old Monastery in early Act III. Tristis This character desperately wants her partner. You meet the other harlequin in Act VII. From wheel building, before the fight against the giant eagle, go to the line left and follow the colored flags to cross the bluegill near the cliff.

Just talk to him to complete the application and ensure that this character joins the group.

Finn's Plight

This quest recovers talking to Finn in Capilli village during Act II. Must enter the Dark Pit and defeat the three-headed hydra to solve this quest. This is also the same object of Act II. Click the link to learn all about exploration wells.

Pastoral Panic

"Pastoral Panic" is unlocked after completing the Dark Pit in Act IV. Defeating the Hydra, the villagers return to their original form. Thus, you can then talk to Avo that asks you to kill insects outside his home in Forest Mahtildhis.

It is home to which Aurora has met Igniculus. Here, eliminate all spiders to accomplish the goal. As a reward, you get 4 tourmaline polies.

Achilles' Odyssey

The Odyssey Achilles begins in the town Capilli after slain the hydra in the Dark Well. Talk to the village to trigger the quest.

She asks you to find his flying pig named Achilles. To recognize, use the power of firefly to reveal the brand he carries on his blank. Achilles is in the region of the mills, in a section located under the rails, accessible through the addition of a mill traps. Use the firefly on the beast then return to the owner to get your reward: 4 powders PV.

Bolmus Inferno

Bolmus is a merchant village Bolmus. It invites you to explore the area under his shop. Enter the door not lying under the mouse. Here your task is to eliminate all fire creatures that are sensitive to water. Enjoy your visit to loot chests and blue treasures. Well open all the chests to find all opponents trying to play tricks on you when leaving the latter.

Also, explore primarily the lower left corner of the area to get their hands on a powder PV. Later, at the traps, stop them with two light balls and the lever. Hasten you finally reach the pipe at the bottom right for the time to pass. The following contains another treasure enemy fire. Finally, you leave these places by the passage height containing a polished ruby .

Return to Bolmus to receive your reward: 2 magic powders.

Free trade

Adolphus is offering you this side quest in the village Bolmus. This mouse offers an apple he'll have to exchange against various objects to get a gold nugget. First, you exchange the apple against a shovel with Teacher capilli town. It is located in the house where the sign shows a pipe.

Then you find a buyer for the shovel in the forest Mahthildis, east of the old monastery. Man you exchange against a lantern. Finally, the lantern is ideal rat located in the dark cave in the mountain Magna.

By relating the gold nugget in Adolphus, it offers no less than 6 powders Force!

Robert's Plight

This appendix quest Child of Light is triggered during Act VI while you explore the lower left corner of the inside of the Magna mountain. Here, Robert calls you on the need to open the door. To do this, pull the left lever so that the symbol at left corresponds, then the right lever to pass the puzzle. It then remains for you to illuminate the three white balls in order to enter the trunk.

Aurora has access to four boxes containing respectively 2 resurrection potions, sapphires, a raw citrine and 2 nectar fairies.

Oengus' Plight

As you explore the Forgotten Tower Cliffs Erin in Act VIII, Oengus tells you he'd like your help to rescue his people. Talk to him and open the red double door to start the quest. Following the leads, you reap many objects in blue treasures and a dodge powder on the other side of the wall.

Once arrived at four tents and another double red door, take the time to explore these tents. You then get a powder PV, 2 potions concentrated. Having done this, enter the maze through the red door. To get out here, open the door with the symbol corresponds to that indicated on the statue in the background.

Here are two other examples in pictures.

In the end, you find the tribe of Oengus and have access to three treasures and a powder Force.

Gen's Plight

This quest starts automatically defeating the ogre of Piscean town at the end of Act IX. Simply return to the village and talk with Gen in the first house from the left to make it join the team. This action validates the request.

Cynbel's Secret

This side quest Child of Light starts when you inspect the statue east of the Piscean village. Your task is to find the treasure Cynbel. It is well hidden! At first, teleport to the Sun Gate. Do not go to the palace of the sun but fly to the right until you reach a fountain. Here, touch the ceiling to find an extremely well camouflaged entrance.

Continue up to find treasure. This is a powder and 6 Onyx polished.

Lost Lights

This quest starts by talking to elementary located at the bottom right of the first cave crystal sea Cynbel when you start Act X of Child of Light. Your task is to find the 6 elementary scattered throughout the world of Lemuria. The first is not far from here, a few meters on the left.

You find a second east of the Piscean village, before crossing the sea. Then teleport to Old Monastery and fly to the left until you reach the stele in question.

After that, teleport to town capilli then fly to the left towards the thorn tree. This is your fourth elementary. The fifth is to the east of the village of Bolmus, after passing the woman who tells you about the Oculi.

Finally, the sixth and last elementary is under the Temple of the Moon. Warp to the destination and then fly down the screen until you find the monument in question. Back then see elementary Sea Cynbel to get your reward: 3 cut spinels.