Dark Souls 2: Find all Spells Locations, Sorcery, Magic Guide

Find all spells in Dark Souls 2? In this guide to Dark Souls 2, we provide you all Magic locations in Dark Souls 2 at a glance. To unlock the Achievement Or Trophy "Master of Sorcery" in Dark Souls 2, you have to find or buy all 29 spells in the game. It is not rare that a spell on several species may not be reaped. To unlock the achievement or trophy for all spells in Dark Souls 2, all you need is a version of each spell with a single character.

Below you will find an overview of all 29 spells, including locations in Dark Souls 2 all you need is just 1.5 game passes. Because for the magic "Crystal Soul Spear" you need at Straid Olaphis from the Old Dragonslayer soul in New Game +. Otherwise, all you need is the magic "Hidden Weapon" in Dark Souls 2 a little effort. As you rise up in the bell-keeper oath to Rank 2 learn in our Dark Souls 2 tips for all oaths and rewards.

Magic English Term Locality
Soul Arrow Soul Arrow Start item for magicians, purchase Hag Melentia or Magerold from Lanafir
Great Soul Arrow Great Soul Arrow Location: Forest of Fallen Giant, purchase Carhillion on the depth & Magerold from Lanafir
Heavy Soul Arrow Heavy Soul Arrow Purchase Carhillion on the depth
Great heavy soul arrow Great heavy soul arrow Location: Irdenspitze, purchase Magerold from Lanafir & Carhillion on the depth
Homing soul arrow Homing Soul Arrow Purchase armorer Ornifex & Straid from Olaphis
Heavy homing soul arrow Heavy Homing Soul Arrow Straid from Olaphis - Receive ruin guardian soul
Soul rain Soul Shower Straid from Olaphis - exchange for Scorpio Lady Najkas soul
Homing soul mass Homing Soul Mass Location: Forest of Shadows, purchase armorer Ornifex
Homing crystal soul mass Homing Crystal Soul Mass Location: Shrine of Amana after the invasion of the red NPC Phantoms
Soul spear Soul Spear Location: Hunters Grove, purchase grave guard Agdayne
Crystal soul spear Crystal Soul Spear Straid of Olaphis - NG + in exchange for the old dragon slayer soul
Shock wave Shockwave Purchase Carhillion on the depth
Soul spear fire Soul Spear Barrage Purchase Carhillion on the depth
Souls geyser Soul Geyser Location: Fortress Aldias
Souls Greatsword Soul Greatsword Location: Castle Drangleic
Soul strudel Soul Vortex Location: The hole or Lichtenstein Bay Tseldora, purchase grave guard Agdayne
Soul lightning Soul Bolt Location: Castle Drangleic
Magic weapon Magic Weapon Purchase Carhillion on the depth
Great magic weapon Great Magic Weapon Location: Black Canyon, rank 1 on oath the champion, purchase Magician King Navlaan
Crystal magic weapon Crystal Magic Weapon Location: Dragon Shrine
Strong Magic shield Strong Magic Shield Location: Castle Drangleic, purchase Navlaan
Longing Yearn Purchase Carhillion on the depth
Silence Hush Location: Lost fortress wall behind the boss room d ruin guard, rank 2 in the oath of the blue path
Camber control Case Control Purchase armorer Ornifex
Concealed Weapon Hidden Weapon Rank 2 in the oath of bells guardian
Repair Repair Fund in Cache of Winter
Glow Cast Light Purchase Dark divers Gran Dahl
Chameleon Chameleon Location Erntetal in Giftsee
Unleash magic Unleash the Magic After completing the quest of Navlaan