Dark Souls: learn how to Find and Kill the Stray Demon boss

Dark Souls has some bosses who are somewhat "hidden". Although optional and not as strong as most, some bosses are worth the challenge of facing them. A great example is the Stray Demon boss, the twin brother of Asylum Demon, also found in Northen Undead Asylum. Check out our tips to kill this demon.

Where Stray Demon boss 'Hides'?

Stray Demon is found in Northen Undead Asylum, and Asylum Demon. It is actually the first demon that sees the player in the game. Soon after his hero leaves his cell and goes a long corridor, you can spot him walking from one side to the other through the bars on the right side of the aisle - that demon is not the Asylum Demon, as many think.

At this time you can not face it, only then, when you return to this location. In many places the Undead Asylum is possible to hear the sound of footsteps Stray Demon, which confuses many players who believe that such noise is the first boss of the game.

Stray Demon to fight, you must get to the great hall where Asylum Demon first appeared. While walking toward the door, the floor will give way, making your hero fall very close to the devil.

Attack patterns

The Stray Demon attacks are very similar to the attacks of Asylum Demon, however there are some differences. Check out the list:

Red Explosion Swing: the boss will swing his ax from the left, causing large explosion. This attack extends to the back of the monster and has magic damage. If you do not have a good shield to defend this scam, as Crest Shield, it is recommended to roll in the opposite direction to the monster.

Long Range Axe: attack used by the Stray Demon when your character is farthest from him. The creature will raise his ax to the back and then will turn you into a ranged attack, capable of causing great harm to the character. Care to dodge this attack since using the dodge too early could be fatal.

Ground Pound: if the player is very close to the Stray Demon, he will begin to flap its wings and fly to a height of about four meters. Not taking too long, it will come down all your weight and your ax to damage the player area.

The coup has a range of 10 meters and has good ability of sight. When you see the monster beat their wings, move away from him as much as possible, but do not forget to approach again when he lands, otherwise it will use the blow Long Range Axe.

Jump Attack: Stray Demon will bounce back and then immediately hit the floor twice in front. Avoid getting rolling back in the opposite direction of the monster.

Fighting Strategy

Once the floor sag, you'll fall right in front of the Stray Demon. The drop will cause you to lose a certain amount of energy, which can be significant depending on your stats. Soon as falls, wait Stray Demon perform some hit and run behind him, soon after taking one Estus Flask and Humanity for their energy can be recovered.

Although much like Asylum Demon, Stray Demon has much more energy and more powerful attacks. To avoid discomfort at having to return to the Firelink Shrine bonfire, rest at bonfire in Undead Asylum before facing this boss. Once you go through the gates, there will be two undead on your right. Kill them before descending through the floor, though they possibly die from the fall, it is good to kill them to ensure they do not bother in the battle.

Following the same strategy Asylum Demon, the best place to fight this monster is behind him, however, he often uses the Swing Red Explosion attack, and can be a nuisance against his character. Be aware of the scope of this attack and turn back the devil when he run it.

To facilitate the avoidance and escape the attacks of the boss, avoid lock the crosshairs on it - pressing the 'R' key for PC and R3 button to consoles - as is done with most of the enemies, it will help you run and jump prevent attacks like Red Explosion Swing.

I'm mage. And what’s now?

If your character is focused on magic, but you can still kill Stray Demon, however, remember that this will be a very long battle and even boring, depending on how your character is evolved.

First catch the sights on Stray Demon - only on strategies for mages this action is indicated - and stay as far away from the monster without losing the lock. Make sure you have enough to surround the monster and use fire spells and thunder to attack the demon space. In cases where it uses the Ground Pound attack, you will have opportunity to launch two or three attacks on the boss.

Another interesting strategy is to kill the two Undead above the floor and use the magic Homing Crystal Soulmass. Soon after, fall down the hole, use the Strong Magic Shield spell then quickly attack the monster with magic Crystal Soul Spear - if you have the item DragonCrest Bellowing Ring, equip it to better effectiveness of the attack.

Valuable Tips

- Stray Demon is very vulnerable to damage electric fire and Bleeding (Bleeding). Enjoy this vulnerability;

- Use Fall Control spell to not lose energy to fall into the hole of the floor. This item can be purchased with Griggs in Firelink Shrine;

- The item Lifehunt Scythe is extremely effective against the demon, causing him to lose a lot of energy with only two hits - carrying the sword in both hands;

What do I get?

Defeat Stray Demon Souls and earn 20 000; 1x Titanite Slab; 1x 1x Humanity and Homeward Bone.