DayZ Standalone: video tips to Secret Loot Locations (PC)

In DayZ standalone find good weapons? Whether assault rifle or military equipment, in DayZ endowed you in secret Locations with all sorts of good weapons. In these video tips you will get a small guide on how good their weapons where you will find in DayZ standalone.

It is necessarily to start search the smaller villages or barns first to melee weapons. To disallow from a single zombie attack and also don’t cause any noise. The situation is different of course, as soon as you encounter bandits in DayZ. You give hope that you only plundered, but left alive.

In three-part video tips show secret locations for weapons in DayZ standalone. Of course, military bases and police stations have a higher chance to get hold of guns or assault rifles. However, produce weapons without silencers often neat and should be used with caution. We'll show you on the following, the three video tips to DayZ with secret Locations for good weapons.

For example you find no loot in a shack or a house in DayZ, you should also check under beds or cabinets. Sometimes there are guns or ammunition in DayZ in secret location in a special hiding place. In addition to the following DayZ video tips on the loot locations for good weapons we offer you also a DayZ Survival Guide with tips.