Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z: Customize your Fighters in the game

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a fighting game in teams based on Japanese cartoon Goku and his friends with some minor RPG elements. During their adventure, players can customize their fighters to become stronger and better exercise their functions on the team. Check out how to do this on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita .

When beginning your adventures in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z you will earn certain rewards cards as their battles, but the game does not explain very well how to equip them and they do not effect any stops on your collection. Here's how to customize your fighter with them.

Step 1: On the selection screen team, having already chosen your characters, select the fighter you want to customize.

Step 2: Press Triangle (PS3/Vita) or Y at (X360).

Step 3: A new screen will open with icons and spaces to be filled.

Note: From top to bottom the icons symbolize: Ki Power, Speed, Health, Melee (physical fighting), Ki Blast, Special, Skill and Item.

Step 4: Press X (PS3/Vita) or A (X360) on an empty slot, or even busy, to see what cards you can put in that slot. Each letter should provide an improvement over each attribute mentioned above.

Step 5: When you finish customizing your fighter pay attention. If you press the button to go back, the game will discard your changes. Instead move the cursor to the "Confirm" button to confirm them.

Step 6: Ready, your Z warrior now has all the extra attributes which you assigned through the letters.

Automatic Personalization

When customizing your fighter is possible to notice a button saying "Auto Customize", which is very useful to generate automatic customization of your warrior or even helpers with whom you want to spend less time. Click on it and will be given four options. Check out what each one does:

Auto Set-Up A: Generate the best possible customization for the warrior in question, removing letters from other characters if necessary. Use it to set up your main warrior like Goku.

Auto Set-Up B: Customizes the fighter with the best possible combination of letters, but using only letters that are free, not equipped by other warriors.

Clear Slots: Removes all cards equipped fighters in the game.

Clear Slots B: Remove the cards equipped only fighter you are customizing is at the moment.