El Chavo Kart – Quick Guide to play the Racing Game – PS3, Xbox

El Chavo Kart video game brings the characters of the famous TV series for insane races full of unexpected items, similar to the Mario Kart series. The game is actually based on the cartoon of the El Chavo, which in turn was inspired by the TV series with real actors.

Check out how to play it on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 below:

Super Starting
As with many games Kart, if you start accelerating before the start, will not have a lot of speed, and there is a trick to get a turbo early. Just start to accelerate your kart when the count of 3, 2, 1, the number 1 appears. You will receive a strong turbo enough to stand in front of the other pilots.

Different Characters

The choice of which character class you will use the keys seems to be just a matter of taste initially, but although no details on the game, each driver has its own characteristics on attributes such as direction, speed, acceleration and resistance. Try them all and choose the one that fit best.

Tunnel Vacuum
When there is another car in front of you, it can create a vacuum tunnel by which you can move and gain speed. To do so, just get behind the car and wait for a character transparent wave emerge in front of your vehicle, indicating that it is gaining speed. Use it to make an overdrive and always keep an eye on your mirror so you do not do the same with you.

Offensive items can be defensive
Most items in Chavo Kart are divided between offensive and defensive, but as revenge is never full, you can use offensive and defensive items too. Just like in Mario Kart, items that are normally thrown forward, may be thrown back to keep the analog stick pressed down before pressing the button to use items. Experiment with items such as horn, Bowling Ball, Piñata and Journal.

Knocking on walls
Some tracks in the game have tight parts, with edges that will make you lose precious moments where speed and bump them. However, if you have a turbo, or drift, for an item or for hitting another character, you can lessen the impact of these edges. You practically do not lose speed when hitting things when you are using a turbo.

Master the art of the jump
The jump button is unusual in racing games, but he brings a Kart Keys differential. You can skip obstacles such as puddles, materials that reduce your speed, like sand, jump on top of enemies to gain momentum, achieving alternative routes and even cut way.

Please note the color of the curves
Each curve of the game has arrows pointing toward you, but if you pay more attention to them, you'll notice an interesting and incredibly useful detail. The color of the arrow changes depending on how the curve is closed. Green arrows indicate smooth curves, yellow a bit more closed, and red indicates much closed paths - sometimes up to 90 degrees. Use this information to enter the curve in the best possible way.

Look for alternative ways
Virtually every track in Chaves Kart has alternate paths slightly off the main path. Some are challenging to follow, while others are mere bifurcations. But the important thing is that many of them will reward the player to look for them, with extra items and turbos.

Know the weapons of the enemy
Where other riders pass over one of the barrels with mark that provide items, you will see an icon on their heads indicating which item they managed to catch. Take this advantage to not give them the opportunity to use this item against you.

Game Modes and Tasks
The title features three game modes including: Tournaments, Challenges and Free Race. The main one, Tournaments, brings a series of 5 races, 4 of them being normal and 1 with some peculiarity, such as running or Survival Against the Clock. You accumulate points during these races and try to stay in first in overall score.

Challenges bring a series of small tasks to accomplish, such as winning a race under certain conditions or perform a specific done. Some of the missions are quite difficult and certainly challenging. Finally, Free-Run lets you run alone or with friends, on the slopes longer available.

Check out the commands of the game:

Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
Drive Left Analog Left Analog
Accelerate RT R2
Brake / Skidding LT L2
Skip The X
Use Item X Square 
Attack Right Analog Right Analog
Rear View Y Triangle
Reset Position Back Select

As in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed , Keys Kart has a system of drift, one after skidding as turbo bonuses. When using the skid button, your character will throw the weight of the car to the back, skidding and making the curve in style, losing little speed.

Rather than just leave the car follow the direction of the curve during the drift, fight it, moving slightly the left stick in the opposite direction. With this you will get a turbo to the end of slippage, which will increase power depending on how you fought the curve.

Attack Unintentionally Wanting
As in the Mario Kart series, you can get items to attack their opponents in Chaves Kart. Hover over the barrels with question marks and you will receive an item. There is so much offensive as defensive items and their uses vary somewhat.

For example, bowling balls can be thrown at your opponents while newspapers may be left behind so that those who pass by them has obscured the view. Food items in turn, like peppers and ham sandwiches, turbo offer for the player.

There's another way to attack their opponents, using the right analog stick. With it you can take lateral force invested with them, and will also get a turbo as a reward.

Massacotes and other hazards on the track
The dangers of Keys Kart are not limited to their opponents and in fact you can find more of them coming from own tracks. The whole circuit of the game is full of dangers waiting to catch you by surprise, from simple puddles even trees that come to life and move just to hit you. Stay tuned, because it is easy to lose races because of these obstacles.

Unlocking characters and tracks
Once you start playing, you realize that you will not have access to all characters and tracks, including some basic, as Doña Florinda or Teacher Girafales. More characters are unlocked every time you get two new tournaments, which has not won before, as more tracks are unlocked every 5 challenges overcome.