Exit NSYNC was the best and worst decision I made, says Justin Timberlake

Twelve years later, Justin Timberlake spoke again of his departure from * NSYNC, boy band that gave him worldwide fame, to pursue a solo career.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the singer admitted that it was a decision means bitter. "I wake up every day feeling increasingly a need to move on my own and try to do things my way as a musician," said the artist.

"People around me were saying. '.? You are the biggest group on the planet. Why you would give it' was one of the best and worst things I did was hard to say goodbye to that era, but I felt that was changing.. felt that music was changing and I was changing, "he added.

During the period 1995 - 2002, the * NSYNC sold over 50 million albums and still holds the record for biggest selling album in the first week of release with "No Strings Attache".

Last year, the group reunites during the tribute to the singer at the VMAs. Check out the performance below from 9:05: