Find the 3D Easter Egg in Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order - guide to 3D Level Easter Egg. The developers have hidden a little Easter Egg for longtime fans of the series: There is a Wolfenstein 3D levels, from the German version all anti-constitutional symbols have been removed. Even the uniforms of the soldiers were dyed green. Our guide to Wolfenstein - The New Order shows you how to unlock the 3D level Easter Egg and video from YouTuber under the Article you see how Wolfenstein 3D looks in the new game.

The Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg hidden in the fourth chapter of Wolfenstein - The New Order. Once you have found the secret base Anya, you follow the thief of the helicopter. Now it goes up and embarks in the room with an old mattress on the floor next to a floor lamp. If he front of the mattress, you have now only the action button and off you go: You'll find yourself in a Wolfenstein 3D Level retro look! Much faster brings you no other guide to Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg.