Foo Fighters make surprise show at 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Fans at the famous 9:30 Club in Washington DC give tribute to Trouble Funk - one of the most important bands of black music in the area, certainly did not realize that the "special guests" advertised on the poster were the Foo Fighters.

The group took the opportunity to perform 17 songs for about 1,200 people who were at the venue at the last minute.

Grohl was in place as master of ceremonies of Big Tony Fischer’s, leader singer of Trouble Funk, birthday party. In addition to cheering crowds, and playing with his band, the musician also participated in an impromptu jam alongside members of groups like the Bad Brains and Fear.

Grohl was in place mainly to thank Fischer’s generosity - Dave recalled that Big Tony always made his first band that opened for Trouble Funk.

Check out an excerpt from the performance below: