Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Puzzle game review - 3DS

Sugar Sweet "Kirby: Triple deluxe 'laps ingenious level design with refreshing puzzle elements. But its easy difficulty and awkward end makes the whole less memorable.

"Kirby" is the charming platform cousin to "Donkey Kong" and "Super Mario". Although the genre's recipes recognizable - to pass a certain number of courses and a boss to advance to the next world - the "Kirby" its niche. The pink title figure, considering the lack of personality with its fluffy round shape, its large eyes and dinky movement patterns.

Sweet monster, a charming main character and cheerful environments also characterizes "Kirby: Triple deluxe" - the first handheld game in the series since 2011. Here is Kirby's goal is to rescue a kidnapped king to get through the six worlds that are held together by a magical beanstalk.

In 2D view you control Kirby, whose talents are many and fun. He jumps not only across platforms, he can inflate itself and fly, for example, to cross chasms or avoid enemies. In addition, he also has the ability to suck up his enemies, and thus steal their skills. Flamethrower and the whip are so pliable to direct and forceful in their attacks that Kirby can readily be strutting through the courses obstacles.

Others, such as bells - which function as bats - have neither the range or power, and the balance of capabilities is not entirely smooth. But overall, they are strong, which makes the game a tad too easy, even if it is a pleasure to control Kirby.

"Kirby: Triple deluxe" is not only about platforming, but also a part of problem solving. There is not any difficult puzzles, but do you solve them, you often get a hidden treasure in recompense. It becomes a personal challenge to meet everyone, and it is nice break from jumping and fights.

But one thing that really stands out is a fruit that enhances Kirbys absorbency. It allows him to suck up huge objects and monsters, which completely changes the conditions of the game. It is an inspiring and ingenious level design, and moreover it is pure slapstick to see Kirby suck up stuff and enemies that are ten times greater than he. Too bad that the fruit is so sparse deployed.

Another interesting layer in the game is its depth. "Kirby: Triple deluxe" is seen in a 2D view, but the trails use of parallel platforms in the foreground and the background. When Kirby jumps to a spinning star carried him forward or back in depth. It is a fresh approach that is amplified when you pull up the console's 3D effect.

Purely aesthetic is "Kirby: Triple deluxe" is not as exciting. I have seen volcanic ledges, water courses and lush forests many times before. The design is lame even in the end. The last world is a mishmash of previous worlds and reuses addition its bosses. It feels tedious, sloppy and is a sad way to end the day. While there are more game modes than the story mode to explore the "Kirby: Triple deluxe" as a fighting position for example. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable and charming platformer, with many interesting and ingenious game mechanical ideas that hopefully performed better in the next "Kirby".

Too easy difficulty level leaves much to be desired.