Listen to REM’s unreleased acoustic version of "The One I Love"

The classic version of "The One I Love" that REM played when they recorded their second participation in the "MTV Unplugged" was released. When the program was shown in 2001, the station made this song out of the final cut of the program.

The video serves to distribute "REM Unplugged 1991 & 2001 - The Complete Sessions," which will be released on the 19th. The CD will bring the entirety of the two performances that the band did for the program, including all the songs at the time were not displayed.

The history of REM with "MTV Unplugged" is quite peculiar. Unlike several presentations made to the series, the performances of the band were never released commercially. There is also the fact that they have been the ones to participate two editions of the program.

The trio ended their activities in 2011, after 31 years of career.

Watch the video below!