Mario Kart 8 Complete List of Circuits - Wii

It is by far the most anticipated game on the Wii since the existence of the console and it will be on our shelves from May 30. Meanwhile, Nintendo continues to provide important information about the karts game, which will provide for the first 30 characters on the starting grid. Mean by that that the roster was pumped up thanks to all the minions of Bowser, excluding duplicate players like Golden Peach and Metal Mario. Obviously, with so many riders, the number of channels was also increased. Indeed we count 16 new tracks, while there are 14 circuits taken from previous versions, any console.

Circuits / New Tracks

- Mario Kart Stadium

- Water Park

- Sweet Sweet Canyon

- Thwomp Ruins

- Mario Circuit

- Toad Harbor

- Twisted Mansion

- Shy Guy Falls

- Sunshine Airport

- Dolphin Shoals

- Electrodrome

- Mount Wario

- Cloudtop Cruise

- Bone Dry Dune

- Bowser Castle

- Rainbow Road

Recycled Circuits

- Moo Moo Weadows Wii

- GBA Mario Circuit

- Cheep Cheep Beach DS

- N64 Toad's Turnpikes

- GC Dry Dry Desert

- SNES Donut Plains 3

- N64 Rotal Raceway

- DS Wario Stadium

- GC Sherbet Land

- 3DS Music Park

- N64 Yoshi Valley

- DS Tock Tock Clock

- 3DS Piranha Plant Side

- N64 Rainbow Road