Mario Kart 8: Unlock All Bonus Characters and Car Parts

So you unlocked all the bonus characters and auto / car parts in Mario Kart 8 free: Since today, Friday, 30 May 2014 is the latest installment of the famous 8 Fun-Racer series exclusively available for the Nintendo Wii U.

With Mario Kart 8 you will never be bored on the worn tracks, the developers released a total of 14 playable characters, as well as approximately 40 different modification parts for your racing car or motorcycles have hidden in the game. In addition to an iron Mario you can profit by the various Cup among others, Toadette, Wendy or your own Mii as a driver for Mario Kart unlock 8.

In addition to the opportunity to learn new Mario 8-bonus features, there is the Fun-Racer also the chance to make your vehicle according to your preferences. To use the full range of auto parts in Mario Kart 8, you have in the various races the golden coins to collect - more than ten coins but unfortunately not "credited" to the end of the race, whether you only ten or a total of thirty have collected in the course of the race. So you can not just tires or new paragliders for your mobile pedestals, but also entire chassis model "experience".

Mario Kart 8 - unlock all bonus characters

Complete the respective requirements successfully to unlock the corresponding character.

Baby Rosalina: Win the Mushroom Cup 150cc to unlock this character.
Iggy: Win the mirrored armor Cup to unlock this character.
Lakitu: Win the 150cc Lightning Cup to unlock this character.
Larry: Beat the 150cc Leaf Cup to unlock this character.
Lemmy: Beat the 150cc Special Cup to unlock this character.
Ludwig: Win the mirrored Banana Cup to unlock this character.
Metal Mario: Win the Special Cup 10ccm to unlock this character.
Mii: Win the 150cc Star Cup to unlock this character.
Morton: Win the Mushroom Cup mirrored to unlock this character.
Pink Gold Peach: Beat the Banana Cup 150cc to unlock this character.
Rosalina: Win 150cc the armor Cup to unlock this character.
Roy: Win 150cc flowers Cup to unlock this character.
Toadette: Win the mirrored Flower Cup to unlock this character.
Wendy: Win the 100cc Star Cup to unlock this character.
Mario Kart 8: unlock all car parts

Collect the below specified number of coins to unlock the corresponding car part in Mario Kart 8. Note: The coins that you have collected, you do not have to spend for the respective parts. Your collected coins remain you!

Spring tires (tires): 50 coins
Mr. Scooty (motorcycle): 100 coins
Blue standard tire (tire): 150 coins
Retro-Kart (car): 200 coins
Trike (Tricycle): 250 coins
Slicks (tires): 300 coins
Wiggler (Auto): 350 coins
Button-wheels (tires): 400 coins
Cloud slider (Geiter): 450 coins
Racing bike (motorcycle): 500 coins
Airplane glider (glider): 550 coins
Yoshi bike (motorcycle): 600 coins
Flower Glider (Glider) 650 Coins
Speed bike (motorcycle): 700 coins
Special-Kart (car): 750 coins
Toy horse-Kart (car): 800 coins
Thin spring tires (tires): 850 coins
Pirate ship (car): 900 coins
Flame bike (motorcycle): 950 coins
Retro off-road tires (tires): 1,000 coins
Steel-Kart (car): 1,100 coins
Azure tire (tire): 1,200 coins
Wario slider (slider): 1,300 coins
Comet bike (motorcycle): 1,400 coins
Off-road tires (tires): 1,500 coins
Metal tire (tire): 1,600 coins
Jet Bike (motorcycle): 1,700 coins
Teddy Buggy (car): 1,800 coins
Squirrel glider (glider): 1,900 coins
Bowser screen (slider): 2,000 coins
Hot monster tires (tires): 2,100 coins
Pink racer (Auto): 2,200 coins
Sponge tires (tires): 2,300 coins
Peach-slider (slider): 2,400 coins
MKTV slider (slider): 2,500 coins
Cyber slicks (tires): 2,600 coins
Sports coupe (Auto): 2,700 coins

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