Starcraft 2: Create Matches Against the Machine

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is the second part of Starcraft 2 strategy game in real time trilogy developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In it, players can battle each other in online matches, choosing among numerous maps. There is also the possibility of creating maps to play against AI (machine) in offline mode. Learn how to create matches against the machine.

You will be able to create a game offline with any map of, but you can not invite other players or even get achievements. Check out the walkthrough.

Step 1: Click Custom Games.

Step 2: Click on "Search Maps" and their right-click the map you want to play and select "Create offline game."

Step 3: A lobby will be created. Enter as many players want AI. Select your race, the races of other players and their colors. Also select the skill level of each AI opponent or ally. Then click "Start Game".