The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Full Guide, Cheats, Hidden Objects

With great power comes great ... oh that's enough, since the time that you repeat this sentence, you must be developed now. Despite everything, life superhero is not easy every day between madmen who roam the streets of New York and police still don’t know if you should shake hands or you put the clamps.

Fortunately, you can always count on DTGReviews to help you in difficult times. Indeed, our The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide / Cheats will take you through all the missions of the game and face the Boss battle easily. Better yet, this complete Spider-Man 2 guide will reveal the precise locations of photos Jameson and Felicia Hardy newspapers, they are in different missions in the city, so that you can unlock Achievements / Trophies "Reporter" and "Lover." You would not have a big desire to weave all of a sudden?

Table of Contents

On the trail of a killer
Who lives by the sword ...
Descent Oscorp
Day Hunter
In the lion's den
Nobody is safe
Hunters and Prey
The cat's claws
My ally, my enemy
The Kingpin of crime
The Green Goblin
Maximum Carnage
Hidden Object

On the trail of a killer

Hidden Objects Chapter 1

During this first mission, start by familiarizing yourself with the controls by performing the actions listed on the screen. Then join the lane shown on the map and move your height, from this position, use your camera to take a picture of the suspect face.

This makes your spider sense will warn you of danger, turn around so to see the crane collapse. After avoiding death, he will confront the enemy by following the instructions on the screen.

After the battle, use the charge of canvas to move quickly through the city then join the place of arms trafficking. There, then remove the first enemies entoilez checkout. Repeat 3 times and then confront Herman in single combat. After defeating him, ask him to put an end to the mission.

Who lives by the sword ...

Hidden Objects Chapter 2

Back in the city, join the area shown on the map and climb the radio tower area. Once on top of it, you will identify 3 relay communication, so use the pull wire to disable all.

This is done, go to the point indicated on the map and get rid of criminals. Immediately after the fight, the building explodes nearby, go inside and use your spider sense to find the victim and save.

After this sequence, go to the store by Stan and enter it a few moments to discuss with the old man. Under dialogue, leave the shop and head towards the point indicated on the map, there, enter the alley.

After the cutscene, you have to leave in pursuit of two criminals fleeing with a hostage. Then use the pull wire to jump on the car then move to the sides to get rid of the criminal at the rear. Once rid of the nuisance, go to the rear of the vehicle and save the hostage to conclude this phase of the game.

After the cutscene, join the point indicated on the map and approach the crowd you will see there, then take a picture of the letters CK on the wall to accomplish your goal. You can now join the subway and go to Aunt May. Once at home, you only have to talk to your aunt to put an end to the mission.

Descent Oscorp

Hidden Objects Chapter 3

From the beginning of the mission, join the Oscorp tower shown on your card there, take advantage of the opportunity that is offered to take a picture of the logo of the tower to Jameson. This fact, stand on the roof and get rid of enemies that are there.

After the fight, use your canvas to move the carcass of the chopper then get in line. Down, follow the objective indicator and discreetly dispose of criminal you meet on the way. A little further on, use your launchers to block the fan then through the obstacle.

On the other hand, have a second fan to reach a room full of hostages. There, stay up and try to get rid discreetly guards patrolling in the area. Once quiet, free Max Dillon then follows it so it opens the elevator door.

Once in the engine room, head towards your objective marker and then use your paintings to replace the coolers. This phase is completed, many enemies will land in the room with weapons, then this will get rid of the guards discreetly located near the front of the weapon crates entoiler.

Under this phase, you will face Herman, who is now called Shocker. To conquer this enemy, attack him in melee to weaken and, when placed on platforms, use your canvas traction for lower and dropping to the ground. After the fight, you just have to ask Herman to finish the mission.

Fight against Shocker 

Day Hunter

Hidden Objects Chapter 4

Join the Central Park area and get rid of criminals waiting for you there. After the fight, go to the city center and take part in the shooting, then this will get rid of enemies by surprise from behind. At the end of this sequence, you will face a bully, to do this, use the earthquake to stun your target before the injury. 

Under this confrontation, join the objective marker and enter the loft Kraven. Inside, you'll meet with the hunter in the main room and look at the lounge for 3 interesting photos: dinosaur skull, the skull and elephant portrait Kraven example. 
This-fact, go upstairs and enter the back room to find your host. Discuss again with it then get out of his house to put an end to this mission.

In the lion's den

Hidden objects in Chapter 5

Leave the house of Aunt May through the window and go to the roof of the house Kraven to speak with the latter. Under this short conversation, join the specified area on the map and use your spider sense to identify criminals. It will then observe the four men before take pictures.

This is done, enter the alley and set yourself up in order to have a good view of the body, take the picture to go to the next step. When the vehicle hit the road, follow it at a distance by using the buildings, when you reach the entrance to the den, infiltrate inside through the manhole.

Down, let you down to ground level and cross the wagon. On the other hand, get rid of the guard quietly and send a burst of canvas on the camera. It will then take care of the rest of the enemies without arousing suspicion, when you're done, you can approach the data server to retrieve a new costume.

The new outfit in your possession, head to the center of the area and enter the car looked. At the bottom of it, enter the room and turn around to face the danger indicated by your spider sense. The next step is to face the enemy swift dodging his shots and by using traction canvas to block it. The mission ends at the end of combat.

Nobody is Safe

Hidden objects in Chapter 6

Go to City Theatre and once inside, talk a few minutes with your old friend Harry Osborn. Under the dialogue, make a small tour of the premises and follow the suspect server in the hallway of the bottom.

There, put on your costume and use your Spidey traction canvas to loosen the air vent. On the other hand, get rid of the enemies and free hostages.

Under confrontation, approach the back door, then continue pulling canvas and load canvas to quickly under the portico before closing. On the other side, join the server and confront the bully who accompanies.

After the battle, you return to the first corridor, so turn your clothes Peter Parker before returning to the main room. From there, approach the bar and talk a few minutes with Felicia. This done, approach the center of the room to talk with Fisk.

Under dialogue, leave the theater and go to the Russian hideout indicated on the map, there, hide in the truck to reach the base of criminals. Once there, he will travel to the area to get rid of enemies while destroying stockpiles.

Once all weapons destroyed, approach the main building and sneak up on the inside through the duct on the roof. In the building, you will get rid of some enemies by stealth before you start to rescue the hostage located in the basin bottom.

Hunters and Prey

Hidden Objects Chapter 7

For this extremely short jobs, join Kraven on the roof of his house, and after the cutscene, battle Carnage Killer. After the battle, follow the drive to complete the mission.

The Cat's Claws

Hidden objects in Chapter 8

Join the convoy officer indicated on the map to start the mission, then it will protect the vehicle threats that stand in his way. You have to destroy the turrets with your load canvas or eliminate enemies in combat. You will also use your spider sense to detect bombs hidden in cars and defuse.

At the end of this sequence, go to the museum and enter it through the roof ventilation mouth. Inside, turn off the cameras with your launch canvas then discreetly dispose of enemies patrolling the area.

From there, you will face the Black Cat, to defeat, attack the melee then avoid his throwing knives. When disappear from your view, use your spider sense to locate in the building and continue the fight. Repeat this as many times as necessary to complete the mission.

Fight against the Black Cat 

My ally, my enemy

Hidden Objects Chapter 9 

Go to Harry's flat and discuss a few moments with your old friend. Under dialogue, leave the house and wait a few moments, then he will jump on the car to Harry to discuss with him as Spider-Man.

This fact, join the loft Kraven then go upstairs to discover the real plan of the Hunter. At this point, turn around to face the danger and then watch the cutscene. 

Under it, you will face Kraven. This opponent is not very complicated to overcome: start by tackling the contact and then, when it will hide in the trees, use your spider sense to detect and jump on him. After your victory, ask Kraven to complete the mission.

Fight against Kraven 

The Kingpin of crime

Hidden Objects Chapter 10

Join the point indicated on the map and then hide in the truck to be driven to haunt the Kingpin. Once there, use your launch canvas to destroy the vehicle door and enter the complex, then it will again use your launchers to destroy enemy armor which now stands before you.

After the fight, it will be for you to browse the area in search of Lieutenant Fisk, but beware, in addition to being tough, they will be systematically accompanied by several bodyguards. Once the 4 lieutenants eliminated, enter the main building and walk the secret passage that has been opened.

On the other side of it, you will face Fisk. To defeat him, swing him an earthquake and then dodge his charge, then you can hurt before repeating the operation. Note, however, Fisk called reinforcements twice to help him in his fight.

Fight against Fisk 


Hidden Objects Chapter 11

This mission consists only of a long struggle against Electro. To begin, go to the first generator and destroy it. From there, it will always be to take care of the remaining generators but getting rid of that Electro will send drones. To achieve this aim them with your load canvas to destroy at one blow. When you're done, join DJ Times Square for further confrontation.

To overcome Electro swing him burst canvas until the stop, then go hit melee to hurt. You will then continue in the streets of the city while avoiding the electrical attacks. Then manage the series of QTE for him to the ground and finish.

Fight against Electro

The Green Goblin

Hidden Objects Chapter 12

From the beginning of the mission, you will need to load you recover and destroy three bombs, go therefore to the location of the first and grab it without worry of enemies around, he then will you rush to the shown on the map to detonate safely area.

To get the third bomb, you will have no choice but to confront the enemies on the roof, so use your launchers canvas to melt their armor and disposed of quickly before getting the bomb.

Once neutralized all the explosives, go to the new objective marker and eliminate enemies flying by the fall of their glider. After the battle, save the man trapped under the rubble and the other two victims found on the balcony of the Oscorp tower.

From there, it will be to find the Green Goblin to confront. Once with him, continue it in the city and engage the real fight. Here, you will first of all use your launchers canvas to destroy drones and returned in the face of your opponent, then you can attack in melee to hurt a little more. Once you managed to hang onto his machine, hit it continuously and move right or left to make it hit the walls of buildings. Then repeat the operation with the drones to overcome.

Battle against the Green Goblin 

Maximum Carnage

Hidden Objects Chapter 13

Join the police officer indicated on the map to be taken to Ravencroft, there, it will eliminate all enemies in the area to release 3 civilians trapped under the rubble.

Once the civilians saved, join the central courtyard and get rid of prisoners to save Dr. Menken. Under confrontation and ensuing dialogue, drive the doctor in the parking lot to the shelter.

Now return to the grounds of the asylum and enter the building through the hole in the wall. Once inside, head to the central cage then go get rid of the enemies on the left.

This is done, use your traction canvas to destroy the debris and open a passage in the wall. On the other hand, let you down to the lower level then move from platform to platform to reach the laboratory.

When you reach the wing Venom, jump on the pipes and enter the pipe at the bottom. There, go on the platforms and use your earthquake to destroy the symbiotes. A little further on, use your paintings on the lever to burn the symbiote and reach the area of the Boss.

There, Cletus battle in human form (this will be very easy) and then ask him to learn more about his motivations. Under this dialogue, the real fight begins.

To defeat Carnage, first draw near levers scattered everywhere then use your traction canvas to trigger the furnace. Once you have sufficiently weakened, Carnage will be placed on the sides to shoot at you, so use your earthquake to make him fall and hurt again. Repeat this as many times as necessary to finally defeat and put an end to the adventure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Fight against Carnage 

Hidden Object 

In this part of the walkthrough of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, you will discover the locations of all the photos of Jonah Jameson and the locations of the 10 newspapers Felicia Hardy. Indeed, this information will help you get the Achievement / Trophy "Reporter" and "Lover".

Pictures of Jonah Jameson

During your adventure, Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle will ask you to take 13 shots of places or important objects hidden in the city. 8 of them are hidden in the missions and five others will be found by your care in the streets of New York. You will find below the list of the 13 shots and their precise location.

8 photos Jameson Hidden Missions

Photo 1: During the "Descent Oscorp" mission take a picture of the wings on the right side of the laboratory.

Photo 2: During the mission "Descent Oscorp" in the generator room, climb to the upper level to take pictures of the mechanical arm Octopus.

Photo 3: During the mission "Nobody's safe," take a snapshot of the purple suitcase found in the wings of the theater.

Photo 4: Also during the mission "Nobody is safe," head to the tip of the base and then turn right to take a snapshot of the battle armor.

Photo 5: In the museum during the mission "The claws of the cat," take a picture of the white mask in the main room.

Photo 6: During the mission "My ally, my enemy," take a picture of the pumpkin placed in the library of Harry.

Photo 7: During the mission "The Kingpin of crime," go to the left corner of the base and take a picture of the T-shirt on the sand.

Photo 8: During the "Maximum Carnage" mission take the photo announcing the arrival in the wing panel Venom (Venom Wing). 

5 photos New York

Photo 1: During the "Descent Oscorp" Mission, take a snapshot of the Oscorp logo on the tower before entering the building. 

Photo 2: During the mission "Who lives by the sword," take a snapshot of the shop Stan.

Photo 3: During the mission "Nobody's safe," take a snapshot of the sign of the Daily Bugle (you start the task perched above).

Photo 4: Before entering the museum during the mission "The cat scratch", go to the west of the city and take a picture of the logo at the foot of Fisk Tower.

Photo 5: Before recovering all the bombs during the "The Green Goblin" mission go to the west of the city to take a snapshot of the sign of The Wake.

Newspapers Felicia Hardy

There are 10 papers left by Felicia Hardy through the city, 5 of them are recovering in the game's missions and 5 others in the streets of New York. You will find below some pictures and a video revealing the locations of each of them you.

Note: The order of recovery logs differs from their actual listening order.

10 newspapers Felicia Hardy 

Journal 1: In the main room of the theater during the mission "Nobody is safe."

Journal 2: Behind the door at the back of the theater during the mission "Nobody is safe."

Journal 3: Behind the scenes of the theater during the mission "Nobody is safe."

Journal 4: Behind a green sign on the right of the museum during the mission "The cat's claws."

Journal 5: On the left pane of the museum during the mission "The cat's claws."

Journal 6: In a park east of the city.

Journal 7: Above the sign of the nightclub "Venom" south of Central Park.

Journal 8: On top of a building to the south of the city.

Journal 9: In front of a large arch south of the city.

Journal 10: In an alley in the southwest of the city.