Top Sites to Download Fonts for Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop provides a list of text fonts for users to use in projects. But it is possible to increase the options to add new fonts, with varying styles and designs. Check below the top sites to download them and make higher quality project.

The Urban Fonts deserves to be on top of the font sites list because, in addition to offering a large number of options, has organized menu and lets you enter a word or phrase and view its appearance in all sources at once. Thus, it is possible to evaluate assorted styles better.

Net Sources is one of the most comprehensive sites of its kind. Is available free of charge, a large number of sources in many styles for you to choose what fits best to your project. The well-organized menu options to the user, who can choose different ways to get the file. In addition to download the source, you can send by e-mail, online testing and creating logos.

The 1001 Free Fonts offers over 10,000 free fonts for you to download and add to your image editor. Choose fonts by category or alphabetically. See also the latest and most downloaded sources. There are many styles of letters as in 3D, alien, modern, retro, tattoo, Disney, Gothic, Easter and more.

4) Dafont

The Dafont is another rich site sources for Photoshop. All the possibilities of use of letters, numbers and arts of each option are displayed. Like other services, the download is practical as it is evident on the first page. Have the menu with the categories receives little attention, which impairs selection by style. The site warns that the fonts are free for personal use only.

5) Refont

The Refont offers 12 000 sources distributed in a large number of categories. The 100 most downloaded fonts and new features on this site are displayed. Its differential is offering to the public files of Windows , Mac and Linux . All the possibilities of use of letters and numbers are displayed.

The Fonts 500 500 sources brings many styles. There is no separation by class nor a good system of organization of the options, so to find a specific font, you need to look carefully. There are great sources for various types of projects, from the most modern to classic. Just click on an option to download it.