Transistor – Strategy Guide, walkthrough - puzzle game

"Every time I hear your voice, I see the silence. "Red singer did not know say so because the small group Camerata has stolen his tool. This company seems to be the cause of all the ills of Cloudbank: people have deserted their homes, robots named Process took to the streets ... The investigation is needed!

Equipped sword Transistor, the young woman will struggle to escape. As a second companion for your lady, here DTGReviews offers a strategic guide to fighting and functions as well as tracking. Finally, the complete solution to Transistor shows the location of terminals OVC not to miss elements of the story.

Table of Contents

Guide - Fighting
Training Tests
Part 1 - Up Motorcycle
Part 2 - Until boss Sybil
Part 3 - Up Highrise
Part 4 - Up Bracket Towers
Part 5 - The Spine
Part 6 - Until lab Kendrell
Part 7 - Reverse Path
Part 8 - Fairview - (Royce: Final Boss Battle)

Guide - Fighting

This part of the walkthrough Transistor gives all turnkey for a successful battle with a mastered the system functions and their combinations knowledge.

While addressing the fighting

The combat system in general
The combat system Transistor is both tactical and real time. You run Red on a limited territory. To launch attacks, you use the four buttons shown at the bottom of the screen. They only work if you have previously fitted function in a location called active. This is actually the active sites that are connected to buttons on the controller.

The tactical aspect comes from the planning mode. It can freeze time and predict the movements of Red and future attacks. However, you are limited in your steps to maneuver because every action consumes gauge Turn the top of the screen. Thus, we must optimize travel and take a look at the amount of tonnage consumed by a particular function.

If you want to undo an action plan, press the left trigger. To fill this gauge, just wait, then leaving you to thank you opponents. Some functions are available while the gauge is not full as JAUNT.

Advanced Tips
Hit the enemy on their backs to make a sneak attack causing 25% additional damage.

Hit multiple enemies at once by placing yourself correctly on the battle grid. Note that the function BREACH enjoys a piercing effect very useful for cross several enemies simultaneously or pillars.

White pillars in the arena to allow you to temporarily shelter. Indeed, they eventually yield to force receive both enemies that assault your own keystrokes. However, they are a great help when you can not escape.

Function Locations
In Transistor, Red battle using functions. These are skills that have different effects depending on where they are fitted. This article details the system and explains in detail how to move the function of your choice in the desired location for the desired effect.

This is the main and therefore keys on your controller location. You can not use more than four primary effects of functions at once. For example, the main effect of the CRASH function is: "Blesse and destabilizes nearby targets, exposing their vulnerabilities."

It is the location of the secondary functions. It is under the active sites. You can unlock up to two per active site for a total of eight secondary locations. For example, the side effect of CRASH function is: "Allows most functions stun and destabilize the target". Warning: this is a general description To know in detail what the effect will be. association with CRASH every other game functions, see the dedicated page to combinations of functions.

At the maximum number of four, such positions are either side of the four active sites. They allow you to take advantage of passive effects functions. For example, the CRASH function installed in such a location will have the following effect: "Gives a damage resistance and immunity to replace effects."

To summarize: the same function does not have the same effects depending on which location it is equipped. Read the descriptions carefully and build the strategy of your choice!

Combinations of functions
You reap a new feature almost every level. Each time, you must make a choice. Thus, we must reach level 13 user to get all the functions of the game Beyond this point, you receive duplicate functions.

Here is the list of functions, their effects depending on the location in which it is inserted, and the effect of different combinations with other functions.


Process Limiters
Limiters are objects that you inflict penalty but, in return, increases a certain percentage of collected experience. You reap as and as you gain levels.
This article references all limiters Transistor for you to explain the effects. Be aware that enabling all limiters game provides an experience bonus of 32% in total.


Training Tests

Planning Tests
Test planning Transistor needed to defeat all the Process screen in one turn. Note that you must collect all the cells appearing in the death of enemies to confirm your actions. Pass these tests unlocks new songs.

Stability Tests
Stability tests Transistor asking to survive until the time runs out. It is not interesting to defeat the enemies here. Note that you must collect all the cells appearing in the death of enemies to confirm your actions. Pass these tests unlocks new songs.

Speed Tests
The speed tests Transistor needed to defeat all the Process screen before time runs out. Note that you must collect all the cells appearing in the death of enemies to confirm your actions. Pass these tests unlock new songs.

Part 1 - Up Motorcycle

When you start the game, an image appears. Without additional information, you may be confused but just actually press any key to start the game. Help remove a Red Sword Transistor body by moving the joystick to the left. This fact may inspect the dress then go left before continuing the adventure right to interact with a console first OVC. These consoles provide additional evidence on the history of the game then you are faced with your first enemy. Transistor opponents are robots called "Process". To overcome this specimen, settle CRASH perform the attack which immobilizes your target temporarily. Dying, opponents suggest that a cell should pick up quickly. Indeed, at the end of the allotted time, the cell regenerates a new process if you have not picked up. Then you notice that to move, attack BREACH quickly pierces through the harsh elements and protections.

Introduction to Planning (tactical combat mode)
Follow the instructions on the screen to see how you move planning mode and plan attacks. Make sure to touch several times to Process. When you raise your attack sequence, you must wait until the screen the gauge fills up to fit into the planning mode again. Once cleaned up, activate the breaking point. On the bridge, interact with the telescope if you want and go for a walk. Below, you can reach all the opponents of a sudden BREACH.

Here, the important elements are: the corpse of PLATT, L. allowing them to acquire a new skill (SPARK) very helpful to reach several enemies at once. This is also the time to use it. Process on small top, near a console OVC. You find another console OVC bottom of the zone. That is, continue eastward.

Interacting with Poster Red, you can enjoy a beautiful song but it confronts you with a new Process name younglady. As advised, it is better to use sneak attacks, that is to say, strikes in the back for a damage bonus of 25%. The Young Lady teleports immediately after suffering a stroke so it is useless to try combos. Also, do not pay attention to his ghosts but focus your attacks on it. Further, you are faced with two break points. To move forward, go on one of them, start the planning mode, press the indicated key and go activate another breakpoint. it's Corpse Moyle, P. offers the JAUNT competence enabling perform a quick dash in a straight line. Following Transistor takes place in the court in which you battle a giant Process: Jerk.

To defeat him, first eliminate his minions then use JAUNT to go behind his back. So you run the most powerful sneak attacks. Use and abuse of sneak attacks and combos CRASH + BREACH for maximum effect. By winning the fight, Red wins a user which allows you to select an additional function level. Whatever your choice, you must then use the access point to appear from to equip this new function in either an active site (primary location) or a Man location (secondary location) which allows to add an effect to a primary function.

By activating the breaking point left, others appear Process including a Jerk 2.0 which allows you to test the newly acquired function. Overuse JAUNT to put you away and cons-attack with the techniques presented above. In the next area, it remains for you to interact with the motorcycle to flee the area by the freeway.

Part 2 - Until boss Sybil

At the beginning of this part, you fight Creep 2.0 have more life and hit harder but do not change your strategy. You now have the basics: go in the back with JAUNT and perform combos CRASH + BREACH without omitting the SPARK attack multiple targets. After inspecting the door of Jan's Junction (optional), go right to interact with a console OVC. Regardless of the choice of the flat on the terminal, this is purely role play. Then you meet the Weeds. Process these are immobile but repair damaged Process. He should destroy them first. Leave the area from the north. At the point, access, take the time to browse the channel of Goldwalk to face other Process and find a new console OVC.

Coming out of the canal, you join the rest of the level to the north. Here, as stated above, focus your attention on Weeds before hitting the Creeps and all will be well. To the right of access point, you enter the Passage. Later, you can review the Bay Goldwalk (optional) before continuing to the right. To easily defeat the next process, eliminate the priority Cheerleader protecting its allies. Then Join the Avenue of the amphitheater.

Examine the body PRECHT, Q. bottom left of the arena then paste a roust the younglady 2.0 which retains powers of teleportation and duplication of the first version, the increased firepower and more. As always, defeat the Weeds and Cheerleaders before hitting the younglady.

Once the household operated, enter in the Box Office to find a console OVC. Go back outside and continue on your way to the right. On the way, do not pay attention to the terminal OVC below: you will access in 30 seconds ... For now, enter in the Empty Set. Surprise, here is the famous terminal OVC. Walk to micro and hold suitable for humming a song to trigger a cutscene.

You are propelled into the memories of Red. You acknowledge that this place is that from the very beginning of the game again, examine the terminal OVC left and interact with the sword Transistor. Back in the present, then Red faces REISZ, S and specifically the Process named Sybil. Sybil is quite fast and move a bit even after using the planning mode. It is sometimes possible that your combos do not touch their target. After defeating the first form with only 600 PV, she returned in better shape with 800 PV and accompanied Weeds. Get away from it time to eliminate the tentacles first. Finally, during the last phase, Sybil has 1200 HP. Here, you must first remove Cheerleaders. Beware of its stung attack through walls. If your health bar is emptied, a function saturates and becomes unusable for some time in the game Watch the video below to see the entire fight.

At the end of the fight, finish Sybil (50 HP). This fight will take you to the fourth user level. You receive the HELP function and an authorization for a backdoor Sandbox, you will go shortly after. Finally get into the outboard bottom of the screen to complete this part of Transistor.

Part 3 - Up Highrise

Port 37, follow the only path available to meet new Process: Snapshot. These are rather swift and take pictures which you blind Red. That said, they do not constitute a specific threat. Going north, you will find a first backdoor leading to the Sandbox.

Test Sandbox: Here you can discuss the hammock to enjoy the view, play ball and most importantly you learn about the different workouts. At first, only the first test speed is available. During these tests, you must accomplish the goal with specific functions and not using the skills acquired previously. To accomplish this first challenge, use the attack BOUNCE constantly bouncing between nearby enemies. In general, you win music by passing the different workouts. For now, leave the area by where you went, the "last leg" serving only to trigger a line of dialogue.

Leaving the Sandbox, continue eastward. The access point, you find that the game "limiter Process" is released. This section is a misnomer because in reality, it allows to benefit the process to make it more difficult but more profitable experience destruction. In other words, it adds disabilities. This is for example to ensure that the cells receive a Process shield or they are duplicated for gains of 2 or 4% additional experience. Also, do not forget terminal OVC top of the zone.

At bottom right, if you find the vocational offices where Transistor will comment, it is especially necessary to continue the adventure by heading down right on the Raster instead. You're faced with a 800 PV Process Operator category. Completely immobile, it calls colleagues from a certain time. As usual, destroy the most dangerous targets and those that regenerate their allies before completing cleaning. If the enemies are gathered, SPARK is a major asset. Exit then the area from the right towards the canal district after inspecting the tourist office at the top left. This is optional.

You can watch channels Highrise and see a new process and a terminal OVC. For now, continue on the main path. Red is then faced with this new type of process called Cluckers. They tend to flee melee but does not hesitate to use a ballistic weapon away. Do not stand still in the big red target on the ground. Further, Cluckers are accompanied Weeds to eliminate as a priority as usual. It is also the area that you had seen from the bridge above. Continue to the left. The 2.0 Badcells pose no problem to any player with SPARK. Once the household operated, cross a bridge and go to the right.

You can enjoy an access point. Leaving it, run to the right without stopping or use JAUNT not get hit by ballistic weapons countless Cluckers. JAUNT an advantage at the time but the time just after you recover more disability that something else. New direction: the Panorama. By examining the p anointed view, you trigger a cutscene showing Traverson Hall. Then a new backdoor leads to additional trainings in Sandbox. Here, a new entrant has elected domicile, a kind of dog named Luna by the sword Transistor. The most interesting remains the stability test in which it is advisable to charm the Jerk it helps you survive the Creeps and Badcelles until the allotted time. Warning: the effect is temporary and therefore needs to be regularly updated. Note that you must indeed survive and not defeat the enemies before the time limit.

If the drive test can freely exercise the functions of Red, note that a new speed test (2/6) appeared as the first test planning. For the latter, use BREACH horizontally twice. Regarding the speed test 2/6, the trick is to launch the attack GET (laser) keeping up your distances for maximum effect. Indeed, this strike has a very small effect in melee. Start by defeating all Weeds then go to Jerk and younglady. The other attack, FLOOD, is unfortunately too slow against the younglady and Jerk will avoid once two. When it dies, defeat quickly BadCells clubbing attack key GET. When done, exit the sandbox and go to the South Road Frustum.

In this new area, make a carnage from Cheerleaders 2.0 before to take care of their boyfriends. SPARK works well here to make a carnage. Then it is possible to examine the patio seats (optional) before joining the hangar ferry.

Leaving the bridge, you can find your device right OVC. After look back on the road to the left. In the next field, Snapshots pass in version 2.0. No matter: the first aim Cheerleaders and Weeds then sprinkle their boyfriends! Continue south. Passing to white structures, sword Transistor announces that it is the work of Camerata. It should therefore not waste time and stop the actions of this group. Finally join the neighborhood Highrise.

Part 4 - Up Bracket Towers

Use the main elevator and defeat the Process using zone functions as SPARK. At the top of Highrise, you meet a new type of process: the fetches. These kinds of dogs are rather swift and it will be very difficult to hide the time you gauge Turn not back. In the first round, it is possible to reach all targets simultaneously. After admiring the view Highrise next to the access points left, continue to the right and possibly take a good time to apartments with terrace. That is, do not forget to check the terminal of the OVC before joining the elevator to the roof.

In the elevator in question, sword Transistor suddenly feels very badly but you can not do anything ... On the roof, defeat priority Cheerleaders protecting fetches then made the household. Below, note that you can enjoy a view of the patio as well as an access point if you want to rearrange the functions. Continue your way to the right on the bridge. If it is possible to examine the seaside pool, remember that the way you are interested in continuing down the stairs. Amidst these, Transistor can possibly make a comment on the area of hundred steps (optional). Below, enter in the "Sector" box to access a backdoor leading to the Sandbox door.

New tests Sandbox
For testing / planning 2 7, go in the back of Jerk then run in the following order, a CRASH attack followed by two strikes BREACH Speed Test 3/6. Observe where Cheerleaders launch their shield then use a spray on unprotected targets. The objective is to blow it up with the second attack for maximum damage. Performance Testing seventh. Performance tests require to defeat waves of enemies with more freedom than other tests for you have the option to select a particular function. The first test takes place in three waves. It is relatively simple and allows great freedom in the choice of your duties. Simply follow the rules of the following bases: hit in the back, a maximum of enemies both in planning mode, hide or flee remain in the charging gauge Turn.

Returning to the Jallaford square, Young Ladies land. Eliminate them one by one and hurry up to glean many cells they unleash dying to not be overwhelmed. Bottom left of the area, the Cluckers 2.0 await you. This version has a shield after conceding a first time. Once the household operated, mount the stairs to the left. At the top you unearth a new terminal OVC. Then, it is not less than four operators that await you. Since they have the ability to summon Process, defeat them as quickly as possible by using for example a maximum BREACH of them simultaneously.

After this fight, stairs to the bottom to access an access point while those above lead to steam for Transistor which can make a comment (optional). Continuing to the right, look at the construction site (optional) and then use the elevator Bracket Towers. At their peak, interact with the terminal of the OVC and then continue on your way to the right. After crossing the kiosk, a strange beast you puts pressure: the Spine.

Part 5 - The Spine

Atop the Bracket Towers, you cross the kiosk then you meet a friendly creature not really. Indeed, the Red Spine attack with its tail at regular intervals! We must therefore move quickly. For this, use the attack to pierce BREACH pillars and create a direct route to the greenhouse. Note that it is not possible to inflict damage to the Spine today. In the greenhouse, you can examine the decorative pool and skyline Highrise (optional) before mounting the stairs and equip you with the access point. Further eliminate Weeds priority staying out of reach of Snapshots and fetches. Also, stay mobile to avoid being crushed by the tail of the Spine. Then join the court Bracket Towers.

Note the terminal on the left OVC before continuing. From here, the tail of Spine try to hit you leaving walls. To avoid this, you can either wait for it so, or use the planning mode. Consider whether you want the basics and climb stairs. While above, fetches pass at 2.0. This allows them to be temporarily invisible. During this time, you can not do anything so their few moments. Another terminal of the OVC is in the left corner. Examine before continuing right and use the elevator Bracket Towers. Inside, do not fall asleep! In fact, you should avoid the blows of tail are unfortunately unpredictable. Be content to run without stopping until you reach the roof ... and Spine itself!

Fight against the Spine
Spine has 3400 points, all say it is very durable. He throws lightning body to body you protect yourself by staying behind the pillars. They produce a highly visible area of effect within which you make sure not to stay. From a distance, they are red lasers that affect you. Of course, once the gauge Turn is ready, drain it for him cause maximum damage. When he launched many cells, your priority is to pick to lose less time to overcome Badcells that will flow. SPARK is the feature that allows you to slay the fastest. When the cleaning is done, wait for an opening between his lightning attacks and kill them. If there are Badcells alive while Spine dies, they also disappear. Finally, Red penetrates inside the beast and cut his heart to finish for good.

Direction: the hall Bracket Towers.

Part 6 - Until lab Kendrell

After defeating the Spine, Red enters the hall Bracket Towers. The descent is easy to approach: just follow the only path which also contains a terminal of the OVC. It is this time a personal message Asher Kendrell sent directly to Red. Keep dotted with security gates and after a few stairs route, you can examine the "welcome amenities". At the top, you find two terminals of the OVC, a security door locked, and a back door leading to the sandbox, and we advise you to cross now.

New tests Sandbox
Test planning 3/7: start with the aim Badcells bottom of the screen and the next target by making a clockwise. Test planning 4/7. Place your explosive package at the exact spot to be certain defeat all Badcells in one fell swoop.

Stability test 2/3: here, use only JAUNT turning without stops along the arena until the allotted time. Indeed, JAUNT is here with the function "copy". This results in the creation of an illusion that temporarily draws enemy attacks, leaving then you run without receiving damage Speed Test 4/6. Run to gather the enemies and make sure they are all in your VOID (red ball). This function causes a debuff that increases damage taken by 175%. Then apply the PURGE to each target. Repeat the process until victory.

Performance test 2/7: BREACH is a versatile function that serves you in all the battles of the test. Then it's really a matter of personal preference. Note however the interest of the PING function against the multitude of Badcells dropped by YoungLadies wave # 3 and following. Or ruez about their cells to prevent them from hatching. Performance Test 3/7. This test is filled fetches. So expect something to be mobile (JAUNT) or have defense with such BOUNCE passive location. When you close all doors testing, return to Cloudbank.

Remove two bolts security firewall
Enter first in the maintenance wing (left box) and use the launcher to evolve in this area. There is a terminal of the OVC on the left. From now on, pass Weeds in version 3.0 which means they can summon allies. Destroy them always first: this does not change your business. Continue through the pipe maintenance and defeat all Process to unlock the launcher at the bottom left of the duct. Furthermore another terminal OVC, you find YoungLadies 3.0 that have the ability to bring up the Badcells in combat. So, make sure occasionally to clean using the SPARK control for example.

The first security lock ups when you look at the terminal of the OVC near the access point. You then return at the backdoor and you must go in the second zone containing a terminal rising al security complex archiving right.

In the next area, you will find the right access point and a corrupted archive to inspect (optional). Above, is a new terminal OVC. Later, you realize that the Cheerleaders access to version 3.0 and now protect a shield. You just wait until it dissipates and attack quickly before it reactivates. Follow the path as forgetting a trip to the bathroom to admire a charming artwork.

3.0 Snapshots become extremely painful. Indeed, they generate a screen that prevents targeting far. There is nothing else to do but close. At the top level of the complex archive, you finally go to the terminal OVC for raising the second and final lock. Take the elevator from the lobby to join.

Jerk 3.0 is able to attract you to it but this is not a problem if you shoot at a distance using the function BREACH example. Pass the firewall security and access roofs. In the laboratory, it'll just look at the two corpses for more information on what is going on and leave through the exit at the top left.

Part 7 - Reverse Path

In this chapter of Transistor, Red must return to the beginning of the game, pacing the streets by infected Cloudbank proliferation Process. From now on, fetches get really aggressive. Version 3.0 allows them to stun you and attack power evolves. So be mobile by turning around the pillars the time gauge Turn back. Cross the area Clukers are afraid of being attacked and then examine the terminal before joining the OVC Avenue Amphitheatre. Empty Set its Process and take the time to return to the Box Office containing another terminal OVC. Note that you can defeat all the Creeps 0.5 without necessarily enable planning since they are not very aggressive.

Continuing to the right, it is possible to examine the particle footprint where was PRECHT, Q. and South Pier. For now, join Boulevard Goldwalk the corridor with red lights. Here, keep carnage of defeating far the Weeds and Creeps. Before taking the "passage", note the backdoor to indulge in performance test # 4.

The place is unrecognizable but it is nevertheless well Goldwalk of the channel. As usual, destroy Process, starting with the Cheerleaders and Weeds, especially that first blurs the view of Red. Household made, go to the right you pioneering through BREACH function. Examine the terminal OVC height being careful to avoid the tail of the Spine seems to be back from the dead! Continue to the right and go around the central wall so to return to the bottom left of the screen. You can find the bike that borrows Red to return to the starting area Transistor.

Before that, Red is facing a new Process: the Man. Isolated, it will do you no harm. Spend on his back, weaken it and put an end to his short life. Men throw the skulls that explode your contact and causing heavy damage. It is therefore necessary to destroy distance or, more risky, use JAUNT control at the time of detonation. After the cutscene, follow the road and avoid the many YoungLadies 3.0 by pressing the indicated bottom left of the screen button.

In the next area, you collared Jerk 3.0. It is therefore immediately go into planning mode and negate, making sure to put his back to perform powerful sneak attacks. On the promenade where Goldwalk Poster Red, enjoy alignment Snapshots 3.0 for their cause maximum damage simultaneously with BREACH example. Continue to the left. Before joining the raised deck, look at the two terminals of the OVC respectively at the bottom and at the top of the zone.

On the bridge of the 16th Avenue, two Men are attacking you. It is best to go in the back of a first and perform a sequence able to win in a single round as the famous combo CRASH + x2 BREACH. In our case, BREACH function is improved by VOID command. The Man stealth is invulnerable in its ethereal form. As for shields, wait for it to once again become targetable and finish it by paying particular attention to any skulls that can launch. After these battles, finally meets Red Bracket Royce through a proxy. You can not cause him damage. You notice that where Red got the sword Transistor now is the "site user login. "Go left and interact with the terminal to open OVC access to Fairview.

Part 8 - Fairview

Upgrade from gateway to gateway you confront several Men. As usual, excellent technically is to go behind their backs and perform combo CRASH + x2 or x3 BREACH. Following the path follows the same logic, that is to say a sequence of Men to overcome and bridges to cross. Note the terminal OVC right Royce, before taking an additional gateway. The grove, go to the left to continue your journey.

New tests Sandbox
At the intersection, use the passage to the right to reach a new backdoor to gain access to many additional tests Sandbox Stability Test 3/3. Since it must survive and not defeat Men, simply run along the arena using JAUNT to attract Haircuts in black holes that it generates. You can pass this test simply due to emergency planning that occurs when you lose all your life. Indeed, it saves you constantly insofar gauge Planning is full when you receive a normally fatal blow.

Test planning 5/7: to meet this challenge, run once on each GET Fetch and shoot twice TAP. And voila! Without even moving a single step test planning 6/7: run the FLOOD based on three targets from the bottom and drop a LOAD close to Clucker he died from the explosion caused by the third FLOOD.

Test planning 7/7: Here are the deadliest combination to defeat Jerk 3.0: go behind his back and then start VOID x3, then CRASH CULL. Test speed 5/6. Clear the way to a Man destroying by far his Haircut then go behind his back and run as many as possible PING. Make sure you leave a part of the gauge to complete the attack by the powerful CULL. Repeat the operation for each Man. JAUNT is useful to escape Haircuts.

Returning to Cloudbank, leave the area to the north to find a terminal OVC. The level continues to the south. Advance to the dark area where a man since you fathom its platform. When you move the wards fade. Just wait a few moments for each barrier.


Just like you, Royce uses Planning for you cause damage. There is a way to escape some of his attacks. The function and JAUNT, Equip yourself the corresponding key to escape when Royce makes his combos. A good way to inflict a lot of damage is as follows: VOID x3 + CRASH (+ sneak attack combo effect) + BREACH (image10). When you have inflicted damage, flee the time gauge Planning increases. When it is full, let the planning mode earlier, before your enemy. This is the best strategy. The fight takes place in three equal phases.