Trials Fusion: Find All 20 Squirrels - Locations Guide

Our Guide to Trials Fusion sends you on Squirrel hunting: A total of 20 of these little rodents can be found in this motocross game. Youtuber Maka91 shows us in his videos the localities of all skillful animals in the game.

Trials Fusion: Tip - Locations of squirrels 1 - 10

Tip: Squirrel # 1 - Water Works [0:05]
In Waterworks ride until you reach a forwardly inclined platform. Immediately afterwards comes a checkpoint. Ride now backward on this platform at the other end to the rear wheel of your bike touches the water. Now if you ride back to the top, shows the sign on the side of the platform a squirrel (previously motorcycle). Now completed the level and the first squirrel appears on a building.

Tip: Squirrel # 2 - Observatory [1:10]
In Observatory ride to reduce it at the end of a long drawn upward ramp with red LED strips on the side to a snails sign that asks your speed. Now take your hands off the gas and rolled slowly towards the next ramp, until you hear a tone. Now you have the slope in reverse, you can scroll down until you come to a small pond. Here is the second trial fusion Squirrel waiting for you.

Tip: Squirrel # 3 - Cliffhanger [1:53]
Shortly before the end of the cliffhanger level hides the third squirrel. To unlock you have to jump across the canyon and roll again backwards and drop into the canyon just skip. Wait now easy off and don’t start the level again! After a short waiting period start a video sequence at the end of which show you squirrels number 3.

Tip: Squirrel # 4 - Ski or Ride [2:41]
Immediately after the first checkpoint in Ski or ride, you have to let you roll backwards to find squirrels number 4. After the reset, you ride with neat train on the rocks in front of you to jump on the bike and rises in the air ("Y" for Xbox, Triangle on PS) as possible precisely to land on the gondola. This consist squirrels number 4 ensure that you arrive in one piece at the base station!

Tip: Squirrel # 5 - Shear Pressure [3:24]
In Shear Pressure the squirrel is hiding just beyond the penultimate checkpoint. After you've passed that, you ride the ramp straight up, but not jump over the next gap. Attempt instead of landing at the bottom of a sealed tube with a cap at the end of the steep ramp. The pipe explodes, catapulting your machine and you high into the air. Separate yourself now from the motorcycle and try to convey again the Biker falling into the crater beyond the finish line. Here wait squirrels number 5.

Tip: Squirrel # 6 - Skyscraper Showdown [3:55]
To unlock squirrel number 6, skyscraper showdown again, disconnect from your set of wheels. After the last checkpoint you let roll down the ramp, make it even before the finish line a wheelie and fire your driver with power - but without bike - across the finish line. If the timing is right, a flying boat comes with the Squirrel number 6 as a pilot and starts your driver on.

Tip: Squirrel # 7 - Park and Ride [4:27]
In park you have to jump (immediately after jump over two water fountains.) Nice and slow over the next ramp after the checkpoint next to the Synthetic-Clothing-shield. At the next ramp you will see a sign with a crossed-out wheeled motorcycle. Drop down there in the abyss where squirrels number 7 appears.

Tip: Squirrel # 8 - Blimp My Ride [5:05]
For the eighth nut squirrel love you have in Blimp My Ride. Load you at the beginning of the level, simply roll back until you activate a switch on a small platform with your bike (green). Now you ride again at the start over and the first ramp up until the two lights at the end, also be green. Now you roll back and at the start and the first platform passed on a second platform. There appear small squirrels and you have to collect at least 35 of them in the level to unlock squirrel number 8 at the end of the map.

Tip: Squirrel # 9 - Road to Ruin [6:02]
Somewhat more complex, it is in Road to Ruin. Ride up the ramp after the first checkpoint, but do not jump on Checkpoint Two. Trip instead over the edge and jump on the bike. The driver should then land without a vehicle in the hole right in front of Checkpoint Two. This sign changed to a squirrel shield. If you now re-enforces the checkpoint - to Checkpoint Three an in-game event and you will get squirrel number 9 free.

Tip: Squirrel # 10 - Storm Troopers [6:38]
In Stormtroopers you have after starting only one checkpoint over. You then land on a metal ramp before the second checkpoint. Now you have to just let you roll only one checkpoint over backward until you come to a small valley below the starting point. Here then wait the tenth Squirrel.

Trials Fusion: Tip - Locations of squirrels 10 - 20

Tip: Squirrel # 11 - Marina Marina [00:05]
Journey at Marina Marina to the second checkpoint and then let you fall off the bridge. Once at the bottom it resets until you touch the wall with the rear wheel. Then you push the button for the jump, so its fall away over the wall into the bushes behind you. There the eleventh squirrel hides. Alternatively, you can also try to do a front flip, which automatically transports you into the bushes when dropped from the bridge.

Tip: Squirrel # 12 - Base Invaders [0:51]
A fatal outcome has to search for the twelfth Squirrel. Move in Levelbase Invaders until the third checkpoint. Ride down the ramp and then the next up, with it repels you at the highest point of the bike and hold fast to the rope of the crane. Let go short and then again take the gripper arm. If the crane can reach the conveyor belt, you let yourself fall on the same. Waiting is your gruesome death and a sardonically grinning squirrel number 12.

Tip: Squirrel # 13 - Swamp Crash [1:58]
To find the squirrel in Swamp crash, ride her first to the fourth checkpoint. Ahead of you lies the jump over a small river on which float a wooden raft. But not completed the jump, but let yourself fall instead on the raft. Although this result in a crash, but you waving the next rodent.

Tip: Squirrel # 14 - Temple Trouble [2:42]
This squirrel requires your entire Trials Fusion skills! You may not build a single accident, but have to drive the route perfectly to operate all switches. Ride right at the beginning backwards on the bottom plate. The second plate is located on the ramp behind the fifth checkpoint, and the third not far away at the top of the fallen wall. Here you must not go on, but you need the ramp roll backwards down to trigger the fourth switch behind the checkpoint. We continue to the sixth checkpoint, where you will find the fifth switch on the top of the ramp. On the ramp behind the ninth checkpoint is the sixth floor plate. From there, you have to let you roll back and watch that you do not end up in the gap between the two ramps. The 14th squirrels then dives directly behind the eighth checkpoint.

Tip: Squirrel # 15 - Rocky Road [3:54]
Ride the rocky road to it on the third checkpoint a conveyor belt look uphill over you. Now take-up, ride up to the fourth checkpoint and jump the highest point of the bike, with some luck, you hopefully land on the conveyor belt. Did you get that, you can sit back and enjoy the short sequence at the end of your squirrel-counter rises to 15.

Tip: Squirrel # 16 - Eco Park [4:36]
Another difficult to be achieved Rodent: Happen in Level Eco Park the second checkpoint, and cast you down at the next ramp of your bike. You'll land directly in the situated in front of you cactus. Hold on to this until on your screen wild colors. Now, the track starts from the beginning and you have to finish it without error to find the 16 squirrels.

Tip: Squirrel # 17 - Cold storrage [5:56]
After this a tricky task, the 17 squirrel looks almost like a gift. Increase when jumping on the ramp after the second checkpoint in Cold storage back of the bike from and engage in the air after the chain. Hold on to her and she will carry you up to Eichhorn.

Tip: Squirrel # 18 - Cave Dweller [6:15]
Similarly fast you come in Cave Dweller to your Eichhorn. Jump to the beginning of the pipe in front of you and then let you back to the downward moving elevator fall and then again from this until the 18th squirrel stands against the bottom of the cave.

Tip: Squirrel # 19 - Covert Ops [6:38]
Even easier even you come to the last but one squirrel. Graduated from the track just to the end (you can be as often crash as you want), and then let you behind the goal line just fall into the pit. Then just wait a few seconds until the rodent appears on a lift.

Tip: Squirrel No. 20 - Jungle Gymkhana [7:07]
As you come to your last squirrel trophy is a bit complicated to explain. Therefore, a look in any case the video. The aim is to bring the rotating totems at the checkpoints in the correct position. However, you can always fix just one level at each totem. For this you have to wait until the layer is in the correct position and then just move on. The correct combinations are from top to bottom: red - blue, green - red, yellow - blue. Have you done that, you let you simply fall into the teleporter at the end of the track, waiting for the sequence number 20 with squirrels.