War Thunder: Learn to Get new Planes

War Thunder is a MMORPG in which players assume the role of pilots in planes or tanks depicting many of the greatest aerial conflict between armored and World War II.

This tutorial will show you how the player must manage his or her account in the game to develop the research of new aircraft to its hangar and as speed up the release of these aircraft.

With a range of nearly 200 aircraft, divided between the American, British, Nazis, Japanese and Soviet forces, the game has a simple and fun gameplay, offering battles quite exciting prospects.

Step 1: Before starting any match in War Thunder is necessary to guide the search for new types of fighters, bombers or jets. So, right in the game home screen, click on the "Research" button.

Step 2: Featuring a huge tech tree, this interface offers search of better aircraft models you already have options, as well as new aircraft, with completely different functions and weapons. Select a model that is not on reserve your squad so that it is marked as "in research".

Step 3: At the end of each match you get credits and experience points and research, providing resources that will enhance the research process of new aircraft or provide scores that can be converted to accelerate this operation;

Step 4: To speed up the search procedure, go to the "Research" interface and click the aircraft being researched model. Then hit the "Convert" button that appears on its icon;

Step 5: A window will open showing how many research points still missing and what the cost in points credits and conversion. Click the "Maximum" button to complete this survey process;

Step 6: Then click the "Convert" option to complete the conversion and the acceleration of the search procedure. Completed this operation, you need to press the "Purchase" command to build the new aircraft, spending the amount indicated on claims;

Step 7: The new tickets will be available and may be included in the reservation of its hangar. The player may replace it by one of its planes or spend credits on "Recruit Crew" option, adding a space in their squad;