Watch Dogs walkthrough - Audio Logs, Easter Eggs, QR Code Locations

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Act I:
Act II:
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Act IV:
Act V:
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Easter Eggs (Video Guide)

Act I

End of eighth
Intimidate Maurice by mine him shoot, retort to his attack to KB and piratez his phone to collect a first audio recording. Pick up the ingredients scattered in the room before going out, avoid the two policemen on patrol at the end of the corridor attracting them if need by hacking the laptop on the ground and switch to free run on the bucket at the bottom.

Piratez then the cameras to be able to unlock the door, follow the tutorial to make and use a decoy in order to clear the way towards your goal, discreetly cross bar by hacking a few laptops with the passage and follow the Badboy17 to find a guard with a pass through the cameras of the adjacent room. Then piratez stage network, start your Blackout, and pass in the back of the guards passing on the left to get out of the stadium.

Once on the street, get the gift left by Jordi avoiding you closer to police cars, exit the search box and return to your hotel room. After the scene, recover the system key and ingredients scattered in the room, take a NAP and piratez portable surrounding emerging to spy on potential crimes. Once one of them identified, go to place, do you do little to not let you identify the victim and the perpetrator and wait the ctOS suggest you to intervene to detonate the gas behind this last line.

Then go to the North to start the next mission.

Play big brothers
Open the portal to be able to enter the subdivision of High Grove, made the tour of the House by the right to find Nicky and Jackson, then piratez phone of the young woman once indoors to listen to the conversation. Outside, jump in the car parked there to take the hunting vehicle, use your abilities of hacking for him block the road (or simply enter an obstacle) and disable the driver walked.

After your conversation with Badboy17, will launch the next mission and buy your first assault rifle to prepare for any eventuality muscular before heading to the first system ctOS. You can find the access code and hack the server without paying the slightest drop of blood by exploring the area using the cameras, one of them being frozen indoors on the guard with the code, and then by attracting equipped guard of a camera hidden on the left in order to have the terminal in Visual and enter inside servers. Or, if you're anxious to try your new rifle, make talk powder blowing everything that can explode in order to obtain the same result.

Once the mini-game is completed, get out of the area to conclude and engage on the next mission.

Accompanied driving
Drive to the specified point, avoid areas of scan of the ctOS in green on the mini-map to reach your client hidden in a garage, then follow the video path below to escape police patrols.

Then place your package in the place agreed before heading to your next mission.

Change your life
Visit venue in the subway train to meet Badboy17, and then route to your next destination after having released a few very useful additional skills. The underground entrance, made diversion to browse the first meters, use cameras to explode a few gas pipelines as well as explosives that some guards wear on them, blast your way more or less discreetly to the gate indicated after unlocking it and retrieve all items scattered throughout the room.

In the hall that follows, adopt the approach that suits you best in going to any will or by spinning quietly in the back of the guards, pirates passcode on one of them, retrieve also the audio to the passage and climb upstairs to hack the terminal. Even if you had neutralized all the guards, then others will come to give you the hunting: make good use of your lures if you want out you discreetly or let speak the powder to escape a little more noisy way building, step doors on the ground floor.

You just then escape the scans of the ctOS while remaining out of the green circles which appear on the map and direct you to your next goal.

Thanks for the info
Approach the terminal on the roofs, open the profiler to reassemble the source of the signals and unlock the two consoles using cameras (lower the lift in the alley to release the angle of view of one of them) and reassemble to hack the terminal by playing the mini-game you know now. Once "in" the apartment, look at the message on the screen before cutting the connection and deploy protections surrounding you accommodate the fixers who plummet down and rooftops: first remove the snipers to have free rein and play with the environment to break the deadlock.

Then join the place indicated for having a little discussion with Damien Brenks and thus to terminate this mission. Then simply drive to the cemetery indicated to collect you on the grave of Lena during the first sequence remembering proposed before resuming your journey.

Tonight we eat Chinese
Go to the balcony shown near the beginning of the mission from free race, and after the scene with Jordi, jump into the River to the other side and step onto the dock on the right. Then explore the area with cameras that mark out the marshalling area, well locate the fixers able to call in reinforcements, and make whatever it is priority targets, either to avoid or neutralize them. Address therefore always the situation as you like emphasizing baston or discretion, unlock and pass the door after putting hands on the ingredients scattered in the surrounding area and get ready to do battle with enemy reinforcements once back outdoors.

Sticks in the wheels
Having started this mission, put yourself looking for the niece of Angelo Tucci by activating your profiler, enter the building to flush out the keeping your distance and piratez his phone after your call to plot the position of his uncle. Its acquired route keep route tending an ambush at base of grenades or simply taking hunting taking advantage of your hand-placing on the systems of the city to destroy his vehicle and those of its allies: crush it then when it tries to escape, then sow or eliminate your pursuers.

Go get your voluntarily to the police station indicated, then once incarcerated, use guards portable cameras to explore the block and reach the camera fixed in the office on the first floor to be able to hack the opening doors. Do you do any small leaving, pass in the hallway right by neutralizing the guard when he turns back, go down the stairs later on the right and get the planning in the office.

Exit at the ground floor hiding behind the stand then passing behind laundry baskets, pirates on-board cameras of the guards to be able to hack the terminal in the room at the bottom of the corridor, also unlock the oven racks with the console in this same room after locating your target at the entrance of the outer Court, neutralize the guard who monitors the passage to take no risk and take the elevator.

Insert you into the system to see the guards corrupt at work in the adjacent room while unlocking the door to the passage, make your entrance with covered and pick up the shotgun on the left to be able to retaliate. Be careful when entering the heavy soldier staged, keep your distance while flooding it with bullets before occupy you the last two thieves and open the door at the end of the corridor. Get your business in the bag waiting for you a bit later after the scene, pirates audio recording in the office by unlocking the grid to the passage by looking through the glass and stay well covered.

To escape, you will indeed need to run right on your left leaving to go down the stairs: "borrow" then a car to finish down the parking and escape.

Hold on, little
Venue by the River to have a small telephone exchange with Damien, driving to the home of Nicky and join the metro station after the scene. Pirates train to start while remaining in car and Chase both cars targets putting terminals in the wheels and sending them into the background. Once your pursuers sown or annihilated any will find Jackson in the metro indicated in security.

Then go to fill up with electronic components from the specified merchant and set sail towards the next mission.

Act II

Attention, fragile
As usual, several approaches are possible to achieve your goals during this mission: you can you infiltrate by the turn of the forbidden zone to take all guards cuffed, attract all this small world on the other side of the complex by triggering an explosion, either load like an ox if you feel the urge to (be careful however, a heavy soldier patrol inside: remove it easily by detonating an element of the decor as it passes alongside). Retrieve whatever it is the code of access to one of the guards, mount in the office from the inside or using a lift as a makeshift lift and unlock the door.

Pirate camera then your target's phone, exit zoom of the piece by blowing up the line behind the heavy soldier and jump out the window for you put behind the wheel as soon as possible and give the hunt to root. Dispose of it after having demolished his car, then return to your hotel room for the suite.

After the scene, the hotel is transformed into miniature replica of Baghdad: let therefore speak the powder to get rid of your first assailants and explode the vehicles below to quickly trim the enemy ranks. Finish the job by setting their account to the snipers on the roof, and then a few holes in the body of the enemies that arrive as reinforcements for you prevent to get Clara to his car.

One foot in the grave
Pirates terminal on your left after the scene to get a track as the opening of the bridge, follow Clara in the slum, and then pirates phone one of the tramps present nearby for trace of Tobias. Run to the road to find a vehicle and take the fuser in hunting, dispose of it and its supporters and invite you to the poker game in progress in the basement of the specified House passing by behind.

Whatever you do during the game, your target will flee power: continue the therefore logically to be able to give him a small batons in the gums and recover access to the bridge. From now on, you can also use services of Tobias to buy the ingredients for your confections.

In the corner
Return to the bridge to rotate and cross it, head to the building at the bottom right before you and make the tour to find an audio recording as well as a lift that you need to borrow to reach a scale height. Piratez cameras on the roof to unlock the door, blow gas canisters before you by keeping your distance to destroy the fence and cross to the adjacent roof to activate the first fuses.

Go via the elevator on the right side of the building after having been traced back, approach the nearest goal, scroll down the empty container to be able to climb inside and climb the successive containers on the left leaving you fall on the occasion. On the roof, go to the left side of the screen for the camera to hack and unlock the door, take the elevator on the left to go down and select the second fuse.

Borrow the forklift to easily exit the area, head to the last point of interest and piratez different cameras in lowering and under the container to clear the view angle and thus unlock the gate. Will mount on the gray container on the right before you hack it for you grow and reach the roof via other containers, select last fuses and retreat to enter the bunker.

You'll be while restoring power after was joined by Clara to close the mission.

In order to start the next, you'll however need to hack a new system ctOS in the city centre: recovery of access code and hacking of the server will be once again of the part, you see how you want to carry out your business.

This mission will be the choice, as a large meeting of infiltration or as a shooting session supported depending on the approach you choose. The Court of Rossi-Fremont is monitored by a slew of guards armed to the teeth, supported not three shooters in height and some can call in reinforcements. To hack the three terminals indicated, you must be very careful that this either by neutralizing discreetly too troublesome enemies or finding a position where you can annihilate any resistance without taking too many risks.

Three pirates terminals, appointments to the North, taking care to enemy reinforcements will arrive that you have been detected or not, make your way up the Tower between processors, and then welcome reinforcements of gangsters by activating the terminals and other urban device able to destroy vehicles in approach. Finish the job by reducing to silence all remaining enemies and you will have any leisure to move to the next mission.

The Granny
Return to the bunker on your little island privatized, enter in the system after the scene and enter the network of cameras of the building. Retrieve the audio recording on the left, call the elevator to climb into the upper floors through the camera inside of it, "hang on" to the camera onboard the gangster who patrol at the top on the left, and go your merry way from camera to camera to cross all parts of the building in ruins.

Take control of a portable camera along the way, open the blinds to allow go-returns before continuing through the hole in the wall, and you will soon find you blocked by a card reader. After the scene unfolding before your eyes, get out of the bunker to get to your next mission.

Not a job for Tyrone
Go to the heart of the shown and piratez terminal near the House of Bedbug to virtually introduce you him. Follow it then discreetly, first on foot and then drive taking care around areas in red, and then lower your vehicle to continue spinning. In the heart of the neighborhood in which Tyrone walks, always stay cover using lures if need to clear passages monitored, disable one or two isolated guards if necessary and made good use of the cameras on the end of the course to follow Tyrone to the trace.

During his interview with Rabbit, tuned to blow the pipe behind Bedbug at the right time to allow his interlocutor's stash, then guide it through the zone in switching between different cameras to save her the loaves (to be noted that its survival is not mandatory).

The spoilsport
Join Jordi near his truck, inaugurez your new toy by blowing up the vehicle after your distance, then go to bricks, where Bedbug is supposed find a disastrous ending. Analyze the configuration of sites while retrieving all items scattered here and there and place an explosive improvised at the two ends of the shed, where you notice traces of tires. Upon the arrival of vehicles, get ready to the next level and blow your loads to destroy cars and eliminate their occupants at the same time. Finish the work, paying attention to the soldier heavy if it has survived the explosions, then set his account to the latest who thinks could escape straddling the nearby bike.

You just then find Bedbug in the city centre following discreetly from a distance and intimidate by displaying in the eyes of all the data that you have collected on him.

Treasure hunt
Venue near the River to begin this new mission, watch the case which passes from hand to hand with the air of nothing (in other words: without it squint as a spy of the Sunday), then hop on the bike at your disposal to follow the boat along the quays avoiding as much possible to overturn bystanders (are you the vigilante After all). One time made at the Terminal, align gateways in order to achieve the monitored area and start your workout ritual infiltration.

You decide to go quietly or leave the entry assault rifle, shooting the contents of the Briefcase once you have access, exit area, then go to the Mad Mile ctOS server to unlock the network of this area as it is customary to do so. This is not the cameras and corners that are missing in this complex, so do not deprive you remain discreet, it does not eat bread.

The human condition
Go hack the terminal outside the car dealer for you infiltrate the network, make sure you have a car on hand to quickly leave and start to fire on henchmen on Crispin inside the shop to scare your target. Take then naturally hunting by stamping his vehicle in an element of decor hack or not, crush it without remorse, piratez quickly his laptop before carapater you, then escape from the scans of the ctOS that ensues to spare you a Police Chase.

Then go to the club infinity 92 letting you guide by your host to retrieve your invitation, then exit this den of perversion after the scene to engage on the sequence of events.

A risky bid
Go on-site auctions by parking your new brand Z type, follow the guide in the bowels of this perverse in any meeting by collecting scattered here objects there and scan the plates from Iraq when you cross the bridge. FileZ then English down in the back of the guard in the office not far in remaining crouched, go through the piping in the basement by neutralizing one or two guards if necessary, reassemble the scale and continue forward without making you identify.

Retrieve your weapons in the bag at the top of the stairs before you hack the camera at the back to unlock the door, and then get ready for a rather short obligatory gunfight that you can finish by skip lines behind your attackers. Unlock the door a bit further, made toy with the environment to trim the enemy ranks before moving into freshwater as a ferret or finish the work (heavy soldier attention), then use stealth in the box that follows to pass between the cracks (cutting a few STS if needed).

Opening the door of the hangar at the bottom, keep covered to not make you pick by the heavy soldier who awaits you behind and do not hesitate to use your talents with truncheons to neutralize when he will draw nigh. You should then run away drive to put the distance and move on.

Parental figure
Here your goal is clear as Crystal: you must put out of action all enemies in the area. Fortunately, the opportunities are many, even the corners where to plan your attacks, and with the help of a few lures to attract attention in the right place, you will have no difficulty in pacifying the area. Enemy reinforcements then arrive by car: piratez the manholes when the command appears on the screen to demolish at least one of the two and step onto the balcony to quickly dispose of the survivors.

Do you need then to approach the designated room to find Jackson in fetal position in a corner and be able to move forward.

The sneak
Go to the bar designated for the deposit of the device should be Tyrone, then drive until Rossi-Fremont will kill a new group of gangster near where you already have work previously. Then enter the building designated for mounting your hideout, Tyrone in the building without having to be take and piratez servers you access finally in the last room after you enter the network of cameras.

The spy (The informer)
Follows what must ensue... Then comes time for you to clear them off from your small stash. Gangsters cars not spot you immediately, so you can potentially spinning in English without firing a shot with a bit of luck and skill. If this proves impossible, set your old-fashioned business (understand: with a good dose of bastos) to access the next mission.

Under the radar
Return to the bunker to start this mission and make the point and then join the warehouse said to plot the last signal of Kenney. Yet once, you must use the strong manner, either discreetly or not, to fill your goal: made first around the building to reduce the enemy ranks and encircle your next victims inside and complete work yet and still the opportunities offered by the environment. Piratez then the old computer on the shelf and get ready to receive guests.

Place if need some explosives improvised to key locations to prepare the ground, wait until the download by taking advantage of the grenade launcher placed at your disposal on a case not far, and then run to the nearest car parked on the left to take hunting the fire truck and set his account to his driver. You just then to sow the police who will not fail to join in the fun to end.


The hope is for idiots
Start by going to hack the ctOS in Pawnee system for benefit coverage sites if it is not already, start the proper mission and go hack into the computer of the marina. Then activate the profiler to review all Aboriginal people in the surrounding area to find two people working at the marina and recover the password, use it on the computer, and then drive to the parables indicated on your card.

Take a tour of the area thanks to the cameras to unlock the gate and one at the bottom, go in the basement to unlock a grid that you can spend that a little later, piratez antenna in the Center while taking you on the bridge of the parable of the substance reaching the second grid unlocked below before stepping on the scaleand then continue on the catwalks of the following parables by rotating so they meet.

Enter in the second part of the basement, blow pipes to the bottom by preparing to run or to cash out jets of steam coming out of the ground, then go hack the terminal a bit further now that you can pass continuing then towards the exit. Enter the first part of the basement again to access the ctOS Tower, and then drive to the bar that your clues seem to point the finger. You will find Kenney, well mid-discussion, and have to pass with honours a little test of tolerance to alcohol in order to continue.

After the scene that follows, follow Kenney in his construction, raise its trap to make him happy before retrieving the rifle at your disposal, then hop on the motorcycle not far away to you towards the equipment truck described by your new partner. Discreetly household goshawks of your lens to avoid your enemies to call reinforcements and then drop to your pursuers in this rolling dung to power the file and activate the trap prepared by T-bone.

Complete your pursuers by dropping one or two grenades to blow with their car and you've finally finished this mission.

Paranoid paradise
Join the picnic area shown to break the crust and hop on the bike at your disposal to take the helicopter that flies by spinning. You only have to follow the roads the most obvious to follow, so no need to make the off-piste except if you're feeling shoulders (station barriers). One time arrived at the campsite, piratez camera onboard the helicopter and scan the faces of all occupants to identify the two heads, each with potentially the key you are looking for.

Less than master decoy tactics, moving and stealthy removals remotely advanced, for once should be understanding of the situation in a very frontal manner: the chopper which patrol will indeed be a real wound for the more Sam Fisher of you, and eliminate the embedded shooter will therefore remove you a large thorn from the foot. Many other thorns remain unfortunately, but you can remove them suddenly from Granada or eliminating conscientiously all soldiers present until power hack the data of the two leaders.

The second however will leak when the noose will tighten surrounding him: so keep a vehicle at hand and go hunting to send the coward in the scene to retrieve the keys both sought by hacking. Sow or obliterate your pursuers to finish and move on.

Unstoppable force
You will first need to neutralize a convoy: cut him so quid on its route and place an improvised explosive to blow up everything. Escape any reinforcements and... you've already finished with this long-term mission.

Blume, is the future
Go to the centre of Blume indicated by parking your vehicle like a professional, using the cameras to explore the area and "jump" to the onboard camera of the guard just left the complex in order to unlock a hidden door. You'll have so much more facilities to you infiltrate by neutralizing the guards who cross your way, as the slightest detection is fatal during this mission. Piratez terminal once the latter surrounding area clear, then profiling enabled, will trace the electrical flow from the specified console.

Conscientiously neutralize the guards on the way, return hack the console by solving a series of mini-games of hacking in order to reach the servers, then "hang on" to the onboard camera of the soldier who goes to reach the meeting room. Carapatez you then speed of the complex to avoid the Pack of guards on alert, hop on the bike available and go join Kenney. On the spot, no need to play it smooth: get out your best families assault rifle and made clean up anytime soon arrived.

Protect then Kenney by activating its pitfalls and going to all goes after you posted height and continue the carnage to be able to escape after a nice Fireworks.

Then drive the boat along the River to return automatically to the bunker and finish the mission.

By all means
Once is not custom, venue on the outskirts of Rossi-Fremont to introduce once again into territory gangster. Enjoy this time of supports of Jordi, but more you can eliminate enemies discreetly, more you will be easy to clean up until the entry without risking to encircle. Especially beware the snipers and heavy soldier, induce a blackout at the door to be able to enter and move quickly to the Interior.

Return the lift to avoid having to do all the soldiers suddenly, remove the first batch before remember the second, take the elevator by the household to the arrival and mount upper floor passing debris. Continue your great purge through successive rooms, eliminate the two gangsters who await you at the top of the scale designated before mounting and continue your anti-crime crusade.

Take two successive scales since the bathroom dilapidated, make a few holes over with your assault rifle and you will soon reach the room so well guarded where Iraq hideout all its secrets. After you have downloaded all data, make mine you flee for fall on the master of the House, then use wisely the improvised explosives placed at your disposal to eliminate the heavy soldier Iraq, coming to close the ball.

You are then automatically returned to the entrance to the neighborhood, your mission accomplished.

Act IV

Someone seeps (infiltrates)
Return to the bunker to begin this mission and resolve as quickly as possible puzzles connected following the hacking of your installations to put an end as quickly as it began.

To everyone (In the eyes of all)
Return to the centre to initiate the mission and have a little chat with Damien, then you quickly find a vehicle to hunt the fixer who helped your "friend" to broadcast your portrait on all screens of the city. Enable a Terminal, a pipeline or a fire at the right time to stop, then roll him over without warning to terminate the mission.

The Lair of the rat
Having started the mission before the coffee, go back across the road underground to find the console to hack, then when T-bone out of the apartment, help him to escape by the skin to the small brigade who patrol at the level of the light architectural elements. You then quickly find a vehicle to spin and beware of hackers that Defalt will launch on the city, evidenced by a red icon: it may indeed trigger the same kind of misfortunes that you use yourself in normal times.

Take advantage of the lifting of a bridge to sow your pursuers and escape them once and for all and you conclude this mission.

The Defalt condition
First enter you the theatre network by hacking the terminal in the alley to the right to unlock the door on the left, pass it, and then piratez laptops whose Defalt took control up his trail using cameras to find the last two on the balconies upstairs. You then enter the server on the central balcony, solve puzzles, and then go to the stairs at the back of the room after having witnessed the outrage of the hacker.

Keep it up while climbing on the crates and ladders right and put you quickly cover out on the roof to have quietly fixers who ambushed you then quickly descend into the street to get a vehicle and give hunting Defalt. As a first step, paste it to the train to be able to download its data with impunity, and then once the transfer is finished, plant his vehicle in the way that you like to be able to spread his face from rats on the concrete of Chicago.

Little sister
Go to the indicated wasteland, piratez terminal next to the root van outside the prohibited area inside, and then explode the pipe behind the guard from the camera to the computer so Nicky can get out. Piratez phone to keep in touch with her, piratez forklift to distract the guard, stir-fry just driving next to kill him and attract all its congeners, and then the cross the first bridge.

The guard in faction should thus being absent and all converged on the explosion: take advantage to lead Nicky at the bottom of the driveway before it cross and to port the car at the bottom again distracting the guards if necessary after opening the garage door so she could escape. Exit then simply the area to conclude.

The ghosts of the past
To complete this mission, you need to simply drive through police roadblocks for out you of the district to conduct Nicky and Jackson in a safe place. Help you tracking below if necessary before the events.

Point of no return
Go follow the Mayor's speech by hacking the network of cameras, follow it by introducing in the terminal you uncover in height by taking control of the most distant camera. After the scene, insert you in the system since the adjacent room to do a little tour horizon of the forces in presence using the cameras on the guards, and then finally take action by finding a service on the right of the building entrance.

You won't as well as one or two enemies to neutralize in silence in order to achieve the lift bypassing the wall separating you from him. Attention however, a surprised guard awaits you inside, so get ready to neutralize me in turn. After the scene that follows, get rid of your captors using focus, eliminate the heavy soldier who arrives from the outside with truncheons and made a little household vacuum in the outdoor lounge by the Merlaut with your best assault rifle.

Also be sure to dislodge the shooter of the helicopter to have peace or run take refuge you indoors, piratez all devices that you find interesting information, then open the blinds in the panic room of Quinn by hacking the button behind his desk. Get your money then the old man more vulnerable than it seems and exit speed of the building ran onto the e roof leaving you fall towards the car parked outside the Merlaut. Being fast enough and while driving around the building in a clockwise direction, you can escape a potentially unpleasant prosecution by remaining hidden at the end of the path that flanks the hotel, near the water.

Now start driving in fourth gear to the cemetery to the West, eradicate the forces in attendance and collect the last words of Clara to complete the mission.

Act V

You may also lose
Return to the bunker to begin this ultimate mission, then go to the headquarters of the ctOS in the city centre while avoiding dirt that you reserve Damien, who took control of the city. Before reassembling in your vehicle, locate the three objectives that have emerged in remembering their position well on your map: to reach them, you need to indeed arrive to repel the advances of the police cars that Chase you all along while taking care to various hacks that Damien will implement to slow you down on the roadwhich includes fictitious targets which may appear anywhere on the map.

So up on your driving, grilling a little focus if necessary, and go to the three points listed for a virus until its complete transfer before.

During this interval, play hide-and-seek with police officers who you would have followed before exiting again, then return to Headquarters to conclude full piracy of the ctOS system. Then go to the docks near the lighthouse to commandeer a boat, mount up once arrived at destination and fill quantities during the scene that follows to get out you.

Guys like us
As an epilogue, you experience little or less at the same option at the beginning of the Adventure (which was not really one at the time): kill or save Maurice. The decision is yours, as well as morality that you want to remove this.

Activities Schedules

Towers ctOS
After have infiltrated the ctOS servers in a district in order to dispose of the network, you need to do for each area of the game campaign, towers will make their appearance on the map. By pirating each of these tours, you materialize on this same card all possible and imaginable icons that will help you to locate and find all the objects and complete all of the proposed investigations. In addition, each round will show a new hideout, which will facilitate your rapid movement. Suffice to say that if you need to start somewhere, it is thereabouts!

- Brandon Docks

For the first tour throughout the South, piratez terminal behind the cabin lying behind the car facing the empty container, move said car in the same container before you do if keep then put gas taking the momentum to get on the roof.

Take a tour of the perimeter of the tower to the West of the district, piratez the camera outside the area on the corner of a warehouse in order to unlock the doors by far, and then take the elevator to reach the tower.

Finally, once in the vicinity of the tower to the North, piratez cameras to unlock both doors via a console on the floor of the warehouse and another on the roof of the previous building, use the elevator near the latter to reach a scale and cross the footbridge to reach your goal.

- The Wards

For the first round to the East of the district, take control of cameras on rooftops to hack a first electric table, Mount through the blue elevator to move the door thus opened and climb on the louvers on the right to find a second table to hacker. You have to do the right turn to climb down ladder and unlock the tower.

Just to the West near the next Tower, piratez cameras on rooftops to reassemble the flow of electricity and blow the transformer on the left of the last camera to destroy pallets and access to a control panel. Back on the street, find a place from which mount on the railway was suspended and will pass the door unlocked so to activate the tower.

- Parker Square

En route to the first tower, at the South of the district. Walk along the building adjacent to the one that interests you to mount on a trolley, pull the lift at the end of the bridge to form a kind of bridge and mount up to be blocked by the door: piratez camera and look at the bottom right to find the table that the unlock.

Direction then the North of the district for the next round, where you will need to climb some rocks. Piratez camera when you find yourself blocked, lower the carriage to access another camera and hacker table, then leave in the opposite direction to pass thus unlocked gate and climb across.

- Mad Mile

For the first tower, towards the West of the district on the peninsula. Go to the nearby docks, piratez cameras in height to access a control panel, pass the door ahead of you to walk up the stairs and tour of the building by the right to install and unlock the pathway leading to the tower.

A little more to the Northeast lies the next Tower. Take a tour of the building concerned to find a first electric table, mount on the adjacent building to the West the blue elevator and the scale and turn once on the ground glass to find a second table. You have then more than advancing roof roof to reach the tower.

Direction is Mad mile for the next round. To reach it, you have to go at the top of the adjacent parking and drop you to the gateway below, which you can access on a scale.
Then around the building to the right to find a table, complete your full tour to introduce you in the console so supplied and unlatch the door via the camera phone.

- The Loop

Go to the northeast of the district to approach this tower, go in the back yard of the buildings that surround it and climb on the left then on the scale at the end of the bridge. Facing the locked door, then piratez corner cameras to achieve as close to the Tower, where the electrical panel in a blind spot.

Towards the West for the next round. Take the blue elevator in the courtyard, climb on the roofs to be blocked by a door and piratez cameras nearby to blow the pipe more far before you, on the one hand, and enable the two electrical tables, on the other hand, one being accessible only via the camera above you. A little later, climbing you will find both desired Tower.

Finally, for the last tour to the South of the Loop, piratez highest camera in the courtyard to enable a first table just beside your goal, then take control of the camera on the left to find the second. You have then more than to borrow the blue lift not far and climb to sesame.

Criminal convoys
To complete this series of missions, nothing more simple truth: locate each time some improvised explosives, place from two to four on the route taken by the convoy that you must neutralize, wait not later in your car and cause the explosion at the right time.
Most of the time, you won't so even deliver Chase and can annihilate the convoy suddenly.

Contracts of fixers
These contracts are divided into three categories: carrier, interception and lure. The first you will put in the skin of Nicholas Cage in 60 seconds Chrono and will require you that you were engaged a maximum of car in the location indicated, and keeping vehicles in good condition. The latter, for their part, must be completed using a target designated to hack its data before sending it in the decor, to the image of the fate that you book in Defalt during the campaign.

Finally, lure contracts will require accuracy and speed and will require that you pass through a series of checkpoints while avoiding if possible the ctOS scans launched on the city, lest the cops as dry, reapply complicating your task.

Gang hideout
These missions are aimed at aficionados and the castagne and infiltration. To fulfill
these contracts, you indeed need you insert in a prohibited area filled with thugs armed to the teeth and achieve to neutralize a target designated in advance. Attention!
You can kill as many gangsters you want, but the target should only be intimidated, batons so suddenly. Pure infiltration remains a solution of choice to achieve this objective without risking stray bullet.

Privacy intrusion
Evidenced by a look at the map, these small add-on allow you to play the voyeurs: indeed, after having hacked up to two consoles outside a building in having located them from a terminal ctOS, you will have any leisure to infiltrate a home network to observe a slice of life that sometimes any or just the opposite.

Intrusion ctOS
After having hacked a first terminal designated by an icon on the map, four goals materialize surrounding you and you will need to hack these four new terminals in the time to complete the intrusion. The location of the four objectives is sometimes a tad convoluted, do not hesitate to take back, search the rooftop cameras and even look under the bridge to find terminals.


Codes QR

- Brandon Docks

You will get the correct angle of view of the first code to the southeast of the district prospecting across the street and hacking one of the cameras hanging from a lamppost.

Code more to the West, tagged on concrete columns, cross the bridge not far and piratez the camera on the right coming on the other side to have the correct angle.

Further north lies the next code: take the distance and piratez camera hanging on the corner of a building, next to the metro station, in order to decrypt the code away.

Finally, just north of the district, simply take control of the camera attached to the lamppost opposite the root store to get the right angle.

- The Wards

Venue in the South of the district for this first code and piratez camera height in the centre of the small subdivision West of the code to have the proper angle of view.

Go then more North near the docks, requisition a boat in order to achieve lot of containers on the barge and climb on them to be able to hack the camera and decipher the code.

- Parker Square

Branch the first code to the South of this district: pretty simple access, you simply take control of the camera near the small parking in order to align it as it should.

Further to the North West of the metro line, find a camera back in a Street adjacent to have the correct angle and retrieve this code.

- Pawnee

Go to the southeast of the district, Park on the area of construction between two tunnels and piratez the camera at the bottom of this small area to be able to find the code, partially printed on the poster.

- Mad Mile

Direction Northwest of the district to search for this code, you will get easily from the ramp by hacking one of the cameras arranged on the building outside of the turn.

Then go to the heart of Mad Mile to find the following code: for can align the latter starting looking for a replica of Castle East of the icon on your map and by hacking the camera perched on the corner of the building just across the street to the East.

Then go to the West for the following code and decrypt it simply by hacking the camera above the terrace across the street.

- The Loop

Proceed West of the Loop to search for the first code, mount to the metro station a little more Southwest and piratez camera above you after having run on track northward, toward the Red scaffold, to get the perfect angle.

Direction then the heart of the Loop to the following code, you can easily align by hacking the camera almost at the end of the alley East of the icon on your map.

Visit venue then just to the South of the district, mount the metro station nearby and piratez camera just to the East on the building of red brick to get away-aligned code.

Finally, take the bypass to the West of the Loop, go under the ramp and follow the latter crossing the water Court which applies: you can hack the camera that lies there and decrypt the code towards the East.

To conclude this investigation in good and due form, then go to the heart of Mad Mile and solve the puzzle of piracy that is offered (probably one of the most retard game) to pass your rite of passage at DedSec.

Disposable phones
You'll get the first of eight telephones during the prologue just after turning Maurice KO. For others, just simply follow the trident-shaped icons placed on the map once the ctOS towers pirated, these elements being childishly simple to recover.

Trafficking humans
In the same way that disposable phones, these investigations will not bead of sweat on your forehead masses and prove to be very simple to carry out for little that you have unlocked all ctOS towers. Simply join the silhouette icon to intercept the conversation of an involved individual and give you a new Briefcase on the map icon: join in turn and insert you into the network to be able to analyze the container and conclude each 11 investigations.

Yet once, any obstacle particular here once you have marked the card hacking towers. Join each icon magnifying glass to find a more or less well stashed corpse to analyze and then, during the last mission, simply follow discreetly your suspect in the middle of caravans in any kind to teach him the lesson that it deserves at the appropriate time.

Arms trafficking
Once is not custom, find the crates of weapons that you instructed to find Tobias proves be childishly simple, icons of 9 cargo all naturally occurring on the map when the towers ctOS have been hacked. The fix will however come to emerge the tip of his nose in the last and ultimate proposed mission, once all funds recovered: you will indeed during it eliminate a group of fixers in a warehouse and then prepare to host several successive waves of enemies, and not least because heavy soldiers will be commonplace.

Prepare so the dose of explosives and grenades in no skimping not on the use of the focus to place necessary headshots, eliminate the priority targets and get rid of the survivors to conclude.

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