Wolfenstein The New Order: Fix the Bugs in the PC Version

Wolfenstein: The New Order, the latest installment in the classic series of first person shooter, has just been released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 and PC. The computer version, however, may have some adverse problems.

Check out how to fix some of the most common issues.

Game Does Not Load or Displays White Screen

If the game does not work properly or display a white screen when you start it, the problem is probably your video driver. If your card is Nvidia, try to update your Geforce 335.23, or authorize the beta versions for the version 337.50.

In the case of ATI Radeon cards, the version of Catalyst that works best with the game is 14.4. If your version is above this, try uninstalling and return to older one. For now we don’t know why newer drivers are not working well with the game, but other future versions will solve this problem.

Error in Windows 8 and 8.1

In some cases systems: Windows 8 or 8.1 the game may display an error when trying to start it. To solve this find the game executable in the folder Steam on your computer ( Steam / Steamapps / Common / Wolfenstein new order). The file name is "WolfNewOrder_x64.exe".

Click the right mouse button on the file, click Properties and select the Compatibility tab to run the program in compatibility mode like you're running on Windows 7.

Poor Performance

In the case of the game work, but be ridiculously slow, a frame rate between 3 and 6 FPS, first try updating the drivers of the video cards. If that does not work, look in the options attribute Shadow Resolution and decrease it or turn off completely. Apparently there is a bug that causes this element of the shadows suck excess resources.

Random Crashes

Sometimes some files may have been corrupted during the installation or even be missing altogether due to some problem, causing random crashes. To resolve this issue, go to your Steam client, select the Library tab at the top, click the right button on Wolfenstein: The New Order and select the Properties option.

Then click the Local Files tab and then on the last button that says "Verify integrity of files." This option will compare your files with the latest in the database of the Steam digital store, replacing or replenishing anyone who does not agree.

Textures Fading

The problem of textures of the scenery and other objects disappearing might happen in some of Nvidia cards, always remembering to update the driver should solve most problems. For this specific error textures, check the Control Panel of your Nvidia card and disable Triple Buffering option and set the Vertical Sync option "Use the 3D Application Settings".

Excessively Time Consuming Installation

If you purchase the physical version of Wolfenstein: The New Order, this means you have a long installation ahead, since they are 4 disks. However, upon arriving at the fourth disc, the connection may get even longer. This is because at this stage, if you are connected to the Internet, the game will attempt to download all available updates, 20 GB of data.

To avoid this problem, disconnect from the internet before installing the game, and you could complete the installation even without updates. However, you still need to perform them later, at least the "Day 1 Patch" 10 GB.