Wolfenstein: The New Order - Guide to fight against Nazis

Wolfenstein: The New Order, a new installment of the shooter video game series is released - in order to always maintain an overview of the new anti-Nazi shooter from Bethesda, we summarize the most important tips and tricks for you. Also The New Order solution to recommend various Perks: Besides references to collectibles such as the Enigma codes or other evidence found in the game.

Select The New Order between various perks that grant you a bonus in certain situations: in your Wolfenstein. We tell you what it with the "stealth" -. "Tactics" - "attack" - and "destruction" Perks is all about and what is best suited for your play style Over time we will update this Guide for you.

In the general tips to Wolfenstein: The New Order, we tell you details and advantages of the perks.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - The Perks
Depending on how your game style looks, you choose one of the four perks in Wolfenstein: The New Order. You can choose between "secrecy", "tactic", "attack" and "destruction" - each perk has other advantages.

Stealth: Secret Overpower and Killing are in the foreground.
Tactics: instead of trigger-blind or sneaking around the "tactics" perk aims mainly at headshots, meaningful coverage and the use of small arms from. The advantages for the choice of "tactics" perks talk a larger magazine, faster reloading and quicker recovery and a higher headshot rate when shooting with small arms.

Attack: double weapons (also called "Akimbo"), heavy machine guns and the laser power plants are the axes of this perks. Extra armor for kill combos and higher movement speed with machine guns are your benefits if you choose the "attack" perk.

Destruction: The name says it all - rocket launcher and grenade are the main elements of the "destruction" perks. If your decision on this perk, you can carry more grenades and rockets; also you get the ability to be directly grenades explode on your opponents.
How do the benefits?

You have all the advantages unlock - the criteria can be found in the diary under the "Benefits" column.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - The commander
The leader of the Nazis, always pose a great danger, can be found in almost every level of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Before you come to the forefront of the commanders, this will trigger an alarm and call for reinforcements. With the advantages of "scouts I" and "Later II", which, however, only need to be unlocked, you will receive information about the alarm state and the sites of Nazi leader.

The agony of choice - What are the consequences of the choice of Fergus or Wyatt?
At the end of the prologue from the skull in front of a choice made that continually affects the game and the Story: Should you decide for the rescue of Wyatt, you will receive the "lockpicking" capability and can watch as your way to armor improvements Abbreviations and railways. If you opt, however, to save Fergus, you can with the "Quick Connect" capability access to health awareness improvements and alternative ways gain.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - Collectible and secrets
Attentive players in Wolfenstein: The New Order, there are a few items that can be collected. Among other things, drawing can unlock in which their particular places "flush" or insist in the fight against special opponents. Gold, Enigma codes and letters are hidden in each level.

Per level, there are at least (!) Has a secret area where you helpful hints for the game world gain. Should you have and overwhelm a commander secretly about the "I spy" perk, it automatically unlocks important places on the map of the current level. Have you completed a level and did not find any items, you can re-enter the level and look for the rest of the items on the selection.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - Enigma code and bonus modes
With the help of the four Enigma codes you can code each bonus mode in Wolfenstein: The New Order unlock - "999", "Ironman", "walk" and "hardcore". The "Scout I" Advantage shows you on the map where their codes - you can find - any Enigma code consists of 18 fragments. Each code will be solved by a simple number puzzle, help and tips are scattered throughout the game.