Wolfenstein: The New Order walkthrough

The locations of all Letters, Enigma Codes and Gold Items.

Captain William BJ Blazkowicz signs up for a new episode 5 years after the previous installment simply titled Wolfenstein. Resistance is at bay after the death of Caroline Becker and attempts a massive assault against the fortress of Straasse responsible for the Nazi military omnipotence. But the mission turns into carnage and Blazkowicz is immersed in a lethargic state for 14 years. When he awoke, Nazi Germany ruled the world with an iron fist and resistance seems completely annihilated.

DTGReviews will guide you throughout the adventure in 16 chapters to not miss anything 132 collectibles hidden throughout the levels. So you get your hands on all the letters, fragments of Enigma code and all the golden treasures that will look great on your shelf.

Table of Contents

1 General Tips
2 Weapon FAQ
3 Locations: Enigma code
4 Chapter I: Intro (Death's Head compound)
5 I.2: Storm on headquarters
6 Chapter 2: Mental Hospital
7 Chapter 3: A New World
8 Chapter 4: Prison of Eisenwald
9 Chapter 5: A New Home
10 Chapter 6: London Nautica
11 Chapter 7: A mystery
12 Chapter 8: Storage Selo
13 Chapter 9: New tactics
14 Chapter 10: Berlin Catacombs
15 Chapter 11: submarine
16 Chapter 12: Gibraltar bridge
17 Chapter 13: The Moonbase
18 Chapter 14: Return to London Nautica
19 Chapter 15: Under Attack
20 Chapter 16: Return to skull base

General Tips

Commander can be found in almost all levels of the game. Once these have noticed their presence, they trigger an alarm and call for reinforcements.

The proximity of the commanders and their alarm conditions are displayed in the game, once you have the advantage of "Scout 1" enabled (overwhelmed to a Commander secretly). The locations of the commanders are displayed on a map in the game, once you have the advantage of "Scout 2" unlocked.
The choice - Consequences

At one point in the story you have to decide whether or Fergus Wyatt may live and who must die at two by General skull.

- If you rescue Wyatt, you get the ability to "lockpicking", which the player gets access to certain paths and armor improvements.

- If you rescue Fergus, you get the ability to "short-circuiting", which their access to health improvements and alternative ways gain.

- You can repeat every completed level, to search for Enigma codes or secrets that you have overlooked before.

Enigma code and bonus modes

The player can unlock bonus modes by collecting Enigma code and decrypted. There are four Enigma code and four bonus modes.

- The Enigma codes are hidden everywhere in areas in the game and are often away from the obvious path.

- If you had the advantage of "Scout 1" unlocked is displayed, where the codes are in each level.

- The solution for each code is a simple number puzzle.

- Enigma codes are "Tools" in the menu solved.

The following bonus modes are unlocked: 999, Ironman, walk and hardcore.

Tips to the benefits (perks)

The benefit system will assist initiates in one of the following styles of play to decide by their improved values ??and skills gain.

- Stealth: This style of play focuses on the secret Overpower and reward you with benefits that support this style of play. You gain extra ability example, if you secretly overwhelmed someone, and the ability to throw knives.

- Tactics: This style of play is head hit coverage and the use of small arms in the foreground. The benefits provide for an enlarged magazine for faster reloading and faster health regeneration, as well as a higher hit rate for head shots with small arms.

- Attack: This playing style stand akimbo, heavy machine guns and the laser power plant at the center. The benefits allow you a higher movement speed with machine guns and you get the ability to get armor for fast successive eliminations.

- Destruction: In this game style is all about grenades and rocket launchers. The advantages ensure increased grenades and missile capacity and the ability to detonate grenades as soon as they hit opponents.

All benefits must be enabled. The criteria are listed in the diary under "Benefits". Once unlocked, all the benefits are permanently enabled.

How do I know what advantages do I have?
The advantages do you see under the tab "benefits" in your journal. Here your current progress in the conditions to unlock is displayed by the individual advantages are highlighted.

Weapon FAQ
Many of the weapons found in Wolfenstein can improve it by their corresponding extensions found in the level. Keep your eyes open and looking at places that you normally would not happen.

Diameter: Your first weapon in the game. Useful in close combat or to sneak up behind an enemy and secretly to kill him.

Submachine gun: Standard submachine gun of the U.S. Army. With its high rate of fire, it is useful in the fight against multiple enemies at close range.

Stielhandgranate: Weapon of Regims. Useful for taking down multiple opponents, to create a diversion and to destroy machine-gun nests. Do not forget to stay out of range of the grenade.

Assault Rifle (1946): A standard rifle of the regime with selector switch to switch between automatic and semi-automatic firing mode. Useful in the fight against multiple enemies from a medium distance.

Assault Rifle (1960): An improved version of the 1946er assault rifle. It has an enlarged magazine and increased rate of fire. Useful in the fight against multiple opponents from low to medium distance.

Gun (1946): A standard off-hand weapon, often used by regime commanders. Useful in the fight against lightly armored opponents at close range.

Gun (1960): An improved version of the 1946er version, brought up to date with an extended bursts to primary firing mode and a recoil compensation. Useful in the fight against lightly armored opponents at close range.

Tesla Grenade: A grenade that causes a strong electromagnetic pulse. Suitable for taking down multiple opponents and to create a diversion. Your magnetically charged case adheres to near and mechanical enemies and turns them off briefly. Do not forget to stay out of range of the grenade.

Sniper Rifle: A semi-automatic rifle with a telescopic sight, can be switched off from a distance with the opponent.

Laser power plant: A prototype weapons, very effective treatment fully against heavily armored and mechanical opponents. The primary fire mode fires a short, high-energy laser bursts. In addition, the laser power station has a second shot mode, which allows it to cut through chains and thin metal plates.

Locations: Enigma code

Locations Chapter 2: Castle of General skull.

Locations Chapter 8: Storage Selo - crew quarters.

Locations Chapter 4: prisoner transport.

Locations Chapter 8: infirmary camp Selo.

Locations Chapter 8: torture chamber Selo.

Locations Chapter 6: London Nautica hangar.

Locations Chapter 6: London Nautica entrance.

Locations Chapter 4: Iron Forest.

Locations Chapter 3: area cleaning.

Locations Chapter 11: U-boat.

Locality Chapter 10: Berlin station.

Locality Chapter 10: Berlin catacombs.

Locations Chapter 1: bunker area.

Chapter I: Intro (Death's Head compound)

I.1: Dogfights
After the first short cutscene you find yourself on board an airplane again. Go back and closes the fuel line. When you have arrived there in the room, you turn away to the right, opens the closet and take its contents to you. A few steps further finds her a newspaper article on a cardboard box - read it. But hurry, because if you take too long explode the plane.

Your duck you and crawls through the opening at the far end of the room. There you can fix the hose. Since the aircraft has, however, still struggling, you will be instructed to take any cargo from board to make the flying vehicle easier.

The previously locked door on the other side of the rear space is now open - through him you come into the cargo hold times and received your first weapon: the knife.

Free the charge from their anchorage and then returns to the pilot. On the way back to the cockpit you will be taken under heavy fire of the German air defense. Climb into the turret next to the pilot and take the enemy fighter on the grain! Tip: The enemy airmen recognize her at the clearly visible red contrails.

After you back on your feet since you activated with a push of a button the radar in the cockpit. Then you start with a lot of sprints out the door and to the adjacent plane.

Then talk to the soldier next to him a bit later, just take a much needed health pack. Now go into the cockpit and see to Fergus, your friend from the first aircraft. Here it is: Well hold on, you are in direct landing on the island of General skull.

You have the landing survive and take radio contact with Fergus on. Here, you will now instructions on how to proceed. Leave the aircraft and turn away towards the sea, passing to go through the water and the metal beasts that beset you on the turret. With this large caliber that can to the enemy creatures neatly fur burn and also included private Wyatt in the plane wreckage help next door.

Before that you should take a look around, however, still in its own plane. The Kister behind you, blocking the door, you can destroy and so is a Health Pack. With one fell swoop it goes past the steel beast that you want to the collar.

After you've still bagged two more visibly placed health packs, you are swimming from the wreck. Is always under water and only briefly for air upwards - otherwise you will shot down. Follow the water bodies to reach the goal and shoot with your cannon the two giant dogs. Leave the gun, and then meet up with the team again. Time for a cut scene!

Your next task is to sprint through the crater in the direction of the MG nest and switch it off. It is important to be here very quickly, or you'll be captured by enemy fire. Have you reached the wreck on the opposite side of the bay, you climb through the hole in the ground, take the armor and put yourself through the trenches to the machine-gun nest, which can destroy you quickly with a specific hand grenade.

Put yourself then through the door to the outside to help your friends in the fight against the next even larger monster.

Storms through the trenches to the front and does the opponent. Before her, however, turns right and continues, crosses the soldiers be initiated by a door at the top of the stairs. Here you will find a card with which you navigate and find new goals easier.

When you come out from the trenches, fend off the attack dog and turn you to the right. Now enter the new area of the trench, get on top of the stairs again some ammunition and arms off and then follows the course of the trench.

When you reach the end of the trench you enter a bunker and secretly stabbed the guard from behind. Follows then continues by following the trench

Here you will meet a junction where it is advisable to proceed quietly and off the guards one by one. The first priority while the uniformed leader, who may otherwise summon reinforcement.

Your place in the immediate vicinity of a bomb with which you can chase right at the intersection in the air, the rockets in the bunker. In order to find the bomb, you have but one more time to prove Schleich skills and get past the guards on crossing.

The explosive device you found can also use to blow up the big gate directly at the site - you will come out in both places but at about the same place. However, you will be walked through the shelter in the then exposed short underground passage a sound attenuator for your weapon found - not a bad thing!

At the end of the hallway you come into a bunker area where another leader wants to be quietly turned off because otherwise you have to fight with many more soldiers to victory.

Have you cleaned this area, you continue to follow the tunnel. In bunker complex 3 (her, the numbering of the buildings found in white numbers usually right at the entrance) you can find a map of the surrounding bunker system. Very useful!

Now follows on the rails. In the building on your left, which is illuminated red inside, you find your first Enigma code. Now you find yourself in a dead end, since a large gate blocked the way forward. Back to the bunker complex 00, which you have already been cleaned. In the rear you will find a way to sneak into the interior of the building part.

I.2: Storm on headquarters
Run through the corridor and you will find blood spot in the room with the bodies on the desk a gold medal. Now open the door to make it easier to access in the future in this space.

Now the stairs of Bunker 00 and runs all the way up where the fire was opened upon you. Kill the soldiers searched the lower rooms of the stairs and then rises this up.

Here you handled the team of Flak 1 and then through the space left of the gun to Flak 2 to go, which still takes the planes of your friends under attack.

If you go up the stairs, you discover in the room right three switches. The right combination of solutions can be found directly on the wall in the same room. As a reward you get a gun and another Enigma code. Take the stairs instead further up, does the soldiers and a little further on the right side of the guards of Flak 2 now opens the door to the right, you continue to pass through the top.

Well it goes on, you open a door and boasts a new cutscene.

Before you let yourself high help of Wyatt explored yet the space through which the attack dog has come.

Now, your goal is to come into the control room over the gate and open for your troops. Then nothing is between you and the base of skull.

Climb the portal up and done all enemies along the way. At the top, you climb down the ladder, open the door and used the chains of the counterweights to continue to go down.

There you completed all opponents as quietly and unobtrusively as two leaders with radios lurking nearby and could call for reinforcements.

Follow the passage until now her a room with a large painting arrives.

Before you climb up the stairs, you should at the crooked sword of the knight left drag the image. With this you will open a secret room. From here it passes into a double wall, from where you can take considerably easier in the commander bead on the guards, as when you go up the stairs.

Do you follow the path behind the wall, you get into the captain's office. After you have turned off these, transgress through the door into the main hall, completed the guards and follow the golden marker that leads you out of the field again.

You step out onto a kind of balcony and passes through a window into a neighboring building. Follow the passage until you get into the large courtyard. Manned the gun and give your friends who stuck currently a little stuck, fire protection and do the opponent.

If you kill all enemies you hit with the others and then jumps start over the abyss.

It follows a cutscene.

You'll find yourself in a strange morgue again. One of their comrades accidentally activates the incinerator and you have to quickly find the key in one of the drawers. Then open the door.

Here you encounter a machine soldier. Target of the two breathing tubes on his shoulders to finally focus on its face. So you can quite easily do the opponents.

Then, however, appeared on General skull and takes you captive. The following is a cut scene in which you have to choose you, what your comrades give their award of torture.

Then you destroy with the crowbar combustion valves, opens the window and flees. This chapter ends 1

Chapter 2: Mental Hospital

You are conscious again, and take the gun in front of you on the floor to you. Your task is to find the kidnapped Anya.

Leave the room and does the patrolling guards in front of you softly, as a leader is staying with wireless microphone nearby.

You finally come to a wooden staircase, which should increase their down. Battle your way through the hall and use the buttons next to the microphone in the little house at the end of the hall. Kill the guards that come in through the open swing doors.

Battle your way out and destroyed the there waiting on you soldiers with grenades then turn off the drones targeted shotgun shots. So you have Anya gerttet and escape from the asylum.

Chapter 3: A New World

After a long cutscene, you find yourself in the basement of your savior resists and confront a captured German officer. Look good while talking around the room, because you will find some upgrades and a gold artifact.

A cutscene again you find yourself in front of a checkpoint near Szczecin again, you must clean yourself before you can continue on to Berlin. Instead of taking the obvious path through the main gate, I should penetrate slightly to the left of the car through the channel into the enemy base prefer.

First turn you to the left and you will find in the hallway a pistol with a silencer, with which you can now turn off the following guards unnoticed. Is you in your approach always according to the distance to the radio signals of the commanders, because her this should first off.

If you manage to climb the high tower right at the entrance where you kill even one of the commanders, and you will be rewarded with a sniper rifle. Cleans from here with Commander level as the highest priority.

Use then the taut rope to swing to the house opposite and to pocket a map of the camp and Enigma code 8:2 inside. Then return to the car.

Here your advancement is again blocked by a barrier. First go into building one, where you mow down the waiting guards on you. After her across the room and opens the door, which is marked with the blue mission marker.

The guards who are waiting for the stairway down on you, you should turn off silent again best. If you go down the stairs and move you to the far right, you discover a further improvement in a shaft.

Keep yourselves in the next room on the far right and her best discovered in a small room more ammo and a second knife. Stay tuned to the right and turn the guards in her back out. Then take the stairs down, which leads you into a blue-lit room. Here you have to back off as quickly as possible a Commander.

Attempts in this room as quickly as possible to gain a height advantage and climbs the ladder right to the top. From up here you can watch the guards quite easily be done with a silenced weapon.

If you kill all the Germans, the switch, the you can find on the platform above the blue monitor wall. Then go through the door to the right and upwards, does the little reception committee and you have arrived at the car.

Now we have to back up the western part of the onward journey. Turn it to the left to the bunker and manned the gun. From here you can do and also the incoming gain should not be a major problem many of the soldiers. If you then Step into the first building on your left, you will find a new Enigma.

Then returns to the car.

Suddenly, however, two wax robots jump out of hiding - runs fast to the two fixed guns and done with them the mechs. In this way, you should pretty quickly be done with them - keep always nice on the head! Now you can finally return to the car and continue your journey.

You are now in the night express to Berlin. However, Lieutenant angel mind and engage you on, to sit with her. The test, which subjects them to you, there is definitely - the main thing, it does not access the weapon. Set your path then travels back to your place.

Chapter 4: Prison of Eisenwald

You must find a way into the train that goes to jail. Here is once again fashionable sneak. First Gives you an overview of the balcony. Then run it over the roof to the left and get them through the windows in the building. Here you will find a document and a letter, which you can add to your collection.

Now back out of the building to the outside and over the pipe left to bottom.

Straight from her place on the work table is a useful device for which you need but only find a battery. You'll find them on the generator in the same room. Now you will receive finally the laser cutter, to her, however, you first need to recharge.

Go down the stairs, past the fence and on the other side back up to boot there your device. Click here to go now, where you cut a hole in the fence after you've nabbed still below the Gold Cup.

Then jumps through the window on the other side, there is climbing into the building and switches the patrolling guard. Since the opponents are armed only with simple sticks, you come pretty easy to the office of the leader whom you off and leave her his office through the window.

Shimmy along the roof, followed by the security guard with the prisoners on the roof and then jump on the bus.

After the cutscene you find yourself in the middle of enemy territory again. Again, you should in peace for your location scout. So you can find that their droves of opponents - are surrounded - and even a guard robot.

Run up the ramp from the bus to the top and goes to the left. At the end of the balustrade you'll find a ladder that you climb to the top. If you go to the left, you will find around the corner a ladder that you must climb it to the top. Now your goal is already one step closer - no reason, however, not to spare the first watch in the area, around the stands alone between the ventilation shafts.

Cut with the laser cutter by the chains and step through the door to your left. Now it's back down to where you eliminate the guards silently as possible. Have you come unscathed through the grounds, take the stairs.

Incidentally, do not hesitate to use your laser cutter to shorten through the fence - charging stations are plentiful. You finally come to a kind of courtyard, where you go through the locked door. Turn left, keep doing the guard on the toilet. Back in gear you sneak right behind the dog's gear on.

In this room you will do the sleeping guard quietly and find a map of the area. Now go back to the corridor and take care of the guard dog. Then in the room. To your left, where you will find a new Enigma code (8:3) Leave the area then finally through the last door and enter the coal factory.

Here you follow the patrolling guard on your plane and finally finish them off a corner on the shaft.

On the other side of the hall you will find an improvement for your laser cutter who do not want to miss her. Leave the building now through the door on the opposite side. Here you will meet a corridor in which a tank dog is waiting for you. Sneak past the side of him, so that he can not reach you.

Now if you continue to follow the path and lowers the barrier with two aimed shots of your laser cutter, you come in cell block B.

Go into the round structure inside the circular hall and ride with the chair up. Follow the path until you come to the blue mission marker, which marks the capture of the tract of you looking for resistance fighters. Step into it and does the guard and finally freed the prisoners

After a cutscene you find yourself by the German soldiers besieged again. Climb on the table and in the ventilation shaft in order to surprise the enemy from behind. Help Wyatt and returns with him back to the elevator, which you unlock.

Battle your way now the way and makes sure not to miss guards - they attack from both sides of the passage at.

Battle your way with Wyatt and on. Around the prison and uses in the tight spaces extensively the grenades inventories. Finally, you reach a large courtyard with Wyatt. The alignment with the car found there, however, is only quite short and you find yourself caught quickly under your wreck. Free yourself with the laser cutter and hurries for cover before the tanks rolled over you. Finally, since you reunited with Anya.

Chapter 5: A New Home

After a short cutscene, you have to jump off a bridge and make a protection of spray or under water - otherwise create the soldiers fire. So jump down and follow underwater Anya and Wyatt. Destroy the barricade in front of the valve wheel with your laser cutter. Continue until you come to a ladder. Go up to them and so leave the water.

Before you follow Wyatt you still have the chance at a charging station to charge your laser cutter right of you - that should make her urgently. What follows is a cutscene.

Now you are allowed you to move freely in the headquarters of the resistance. Ye shall bring out of Klaus upstairs floor the secret files to project a whisper that he has borrowed - but on the way there it is worthwhile to look again thoroughly. On the walls are many documents and at the workbench in the room next to the bunk beds you can make an armor improvement.

On the first floor you find out about Klaus that he has to return the folder and it should put in the desk in Caroline's room on the ground floor. Go out to get there. However, you will not even find it here, but discovered behind the poster on the opposite Wan of the desk a secret entrance. Step into him.

If you follow him, you will come back out in a room upstairs where you will find a hammer in the trash. Leave the room, turn you, turn left and enter the room of Max where you left off the bed the folder you see jammed behind a board. Go out of the room and out on the ramp still one floor up and follows the TOOLS ("tools") - ad that leads you to a door. Here you will find knives and Brecht rod - ie from back in Max's room!

If you want, you can put you on the warehouse that can be found just to the left of the target. Here you get the opportunity to play a round of classic Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

You are returning to Max room where you see a cutscene. Now take the folder to you and returns to Caroline.

Chapter 6: London Nautica

After the cutscene, you should quickly find cover. If you oriented yourself to the far right, you bump into some ammo and an Enigma code. Returning now back on the court.

Hold on the left and put yourself through the hole on the left of the site that is blocked by the metal dog until you come across a wire that you can cut through.

Now again comes the metal dog to you, however, stuck in the cut-away piece of you. Turns his back, turn you, turn right and go through the gap in the ruins, he blocked before. He follows you again, but really nothing can happen to you if you ever follow the path. Eventually, you will get radio contact with Anya and it goes on.

Done Lieutenant Colonel quietly and goes further into the interior of the building. The next watch can you turn off quickly and are now entering the London Nautica. A security robot surprised you then, but which is quite easy to defeat: addiction recovery, and waits until he has to charge a shot again. Then equips you with the Akimbo Assault Rifle and give him sour - that should be sufficient.

In the next room you will be taken immediately targeted. Immediately enter the room on your left and equips you there with ammunition and grenades. From here you can do a few soldiers before you change the page and to the right rises to the top - ignored the vast central region, as their otherwise getting into crossfire.

Get moving as quickly and cleans so only your site, only to rush with a sprint to the opposite side. Take care only about the Mech in the aisle if you kill all the soldiers. You are the mounted guns that you can detach it for this fight, provide a valuable service.

Have you done all the soldiers, a gate, passed through here in the kitchen area opens. Open the ceiling door with the blue mission marker around the corner on the left.

Follow the shaft system. You will notice that you now find yourself on the hall where the fighting had just taken place. Leave the tray through the opening. This is a good place to do all future battles in this area quietly.

Now open the door to the next room and fight your way through the ladder system to the top.

If you have arrived on the ramps on the top control room, push the switch and go back down to the maintenance room. The way there is, however, blocked by a locked door, so you have to once again choose the path through the ventilation shafts. Remove this Ketter the front of the entrance right next to the locked door and climb through the opening.

Jump over the chair ride to the other side of the pit, climbing up a rope and to the right. Jump on the counterweight and the elevator shoots up from there from the four elevator brakes. So you come to the top.

Follow the short piece on the balustrade and down through the opening back to normal soil - and in a cutscene.

In the laboratory, you should grab everything that is not attached to the Level Architecture - this includes on the one hand a lot of artifacts that are found mainly on the tables and a map of the environment. Invite then still the laser cutters at the station to then climb the ladder on the wall to the top.

Shoots from here to the two chains, and then the yellow button pressed before the glass case on the floor. The weapon now cuts through the entrance and you can collect the laser power plant. Now cuts so that the wall to the right of you and step through it.

Shoot the first four lift brakes WITHOUT standing on the lift. Climb then the yellow ladder and does the same with the counterweight. Now shimmy to the side to the opposite side and, with the laser power station a hole in the wall.

You are now in the hangar and have to open the gates. Done first with the silenced pistol, the guard who patrols right directly from you and the. Across the platform This should not cause a stir. The trick to this level is to keep to the right and slowly work from guard to guard. Have you turned off the last soldier, you approach a helicopter and uses the local guns off the Mech.

Before you sneak to the helicopter, still enter the room behind the second commander. Here you'll find in the corner of an extension for your laser power plant.

If her the last of the two mechs you off, dip some soldiers - who you can send with the fixed gun in the happy hunting grounds rather simple. If you then crossed the hall, breaking another Mech through the door. With his teammates, he sets the guns of the two helicopters alternately overridden, so you have to quickly switch between two positions - in this way you should also use this Mech soon get down. Alternatively, you can stun him with your Tesla grenade and then continue properly with the laser power plant.

Climb up the ladder and then crawling through the ventilation shaft. Opens the wall with your laser power plant and goes into the room to your left. Here you will find Enigma code 2:7. Bring the Caroline landed in a helicopter and off we go.

Chapter 7: A Mystery

Back at headquarters, you should speak with Anya first. After that, we go first to the archives - access can be found next to the guitarist directly behind the yellow door. The key to the door of Wyatt gets her on the first floor. Now we can search the archive and pass the index of persons found there to Anya.

To find the mold sample, we should first read a note on the growth of mold on the stairway to the tools and then go to the basement: Well you are in the sewers on the way to the hangar.

One of the helicopter, where Max and Karl are discovered her mold. Now you still need a circular saw, they discover something left. Unfortunately, they break through the soil and need to find a way up again.

Follow. Way to the left and shoot them out of the cover out with her laser power plant, the monitoring system broken. Now, go right through the hole in the fence through the barrier and through the open door. Follow the path further. You encounter then on your left for a surveillance system that you turn off after you went to the right and the expansion module you generate for your laser power plant. Now it goes through the closed door that appears.

Take the gun to you and does the attacking drones. Run further down the path and climb the yellow ladder in the corner to the top. If you follow the hose you come back to the hall, through the bottom you have fallen a few minutes ago. Now clears the mold sample. Thus returns to Anya and looks over at Max also.

This has lost his toys. You should help him in his search! Find the missing items to her at the following locations.

- The phone in the room by Caroline
- The toy soldier in the hangar on the floor
- Caroline Secret passage
- The red truck in the archive

Chapter 8: Storage Selo

The first steps are in prison to make little wrong. Destroyed by arbitrary use of the lever and the machine is then re-started. Thanks to the work accident, you are allowed in the neighborhoods where your target person should be. You can find them in the bunkhouse, the first large building on your left, in the back corner. Here you can expect a cutscene.

Seth wants you to release all prisoners and the acquisition of technical infrastructure in prison. To arrange this, however, first the safety systems off in block 6.

And if they turn to the left and talk to the woman next to the gated entrance. It requires that ye "Knife" takes care to an unpredictable overseer named.

But once through the door adjacent to the monitored input with the blue mission marker. Follow the rails, and shortly afterwards you will be overwhelmed.

Once you are awakened in the factory, you will do the two guards. Then Turn to the left and you worried the plan of the environment on the wall. Then go in the other direction and by the staircase one floor up. Kill the patrolling guard and cross the bridge. In the room to your right you will find a Enigma code. Now follow the corridor in the other direction.

On your way met her Mr. Messer, then you can easily find thanks to your wireless signal range diameter. Beat him. Now follow the passage further, until you get to the control center where you can switch off the monitoring system. Now run through the open door.

Run straight to set, the very place her on the edge of the area.

Now it goes in block 6 to get the battery. Get in the factory, you, turn to the right, cross the bridge and turn left through the opening. Here you discovered around the corner a switch in green, with which you can open a door. Come through them. Now you stand in front of the command building.

Go to the left and climb all the way up on the scaffolding and then through the window into the building interior. Sneaking into the room to your left, handles the guards and take the Enigma code in the file shelf at you. Now back on the course.

Step into the opposite room, heard the woman angel dust and important documents in the desk drawer from. Works to you now continue undetected through the floor and take the stairs down.

In the room to your right, you must now pass through the two guards are on the go. Always remain crouched and turned both off rather you take the stairs in the far corner of the room right down. Here wait three guards on you, but in addition to a gold bust on a desk is here to pick up anything. Interestingly, it is then already in the left rear corner of the room where you descend into a kind of bunker area and two guards will be off of you.

Then you take the required battery from the generator compartment, only to get a nasty surprise.

Penetrate using the mechs into the base. Fight against the other robots, while the MGs can turn quickly enemy soldiers. When you are finally arrived at the garage, Seth is off and you have to defend the fugitives for a while. After you leave the Mech to call your friend and also ascends the getaway car.

Chapter 9: New Tactics

Back at headquarters reached their set now need support in his work. First, you shall bring him a welder that you can find in the hangar. Better said, Wyatt has borrowed it and lost the fountain. You have to get it out there.

Go back to the main room of the HQs and the yellow door Opens the wall with the laser power station, take the torch to you and dive through the tube under water, until you get to the exit.

Go ashore and shoots me your weapon down the ladder. Climb up this and collects on top of the right side of a new expansion for your laser power drive.

Go to the large room where you can shoot from the ceiling, the rectangular boxes. Before you push the lever on the console, load again on your weapon - you will find them in the short fight against the two soldiers emerging need. Abandon then the hall through the now open gate on the opposite side.

Follow the hallway to return. After you have made the welding torch, the note obtained forwards them to Anya.

Chapter 10: Berlin Catacombs

Penetrate into the interior of the catacombs with the tunnel glides. In this case, you just need to make the water course and if you come across a gate open this with a targeted shot to the chain with your laser power plant. Then return to your slider back and drive on until you reach a large hall whose ceiling is illuminated with green light.

Now follow the channel on the opposite side of you and you come to an area where you have to turn off the pump gears manually to get ahead. This, Climb the ladder to the top.

Keep the pump at the spot where the wide column allows you to get through the water. When ye therefore the channel further follows, you discover to your right a water balance room. You must find a way to increase the water level there. Climb up the ladder to the left of you up and take the other. You are now entering into an open space.

Operates the pump in the room directly located next to it.

By now swims the newly opened area in front of you and separated under water the mine of their chain to open the locked access. Swim through it and follow the water course. So you finally enter a dark room full of crates. The fence can you overcome by targeted jumps on standing around crates on the right side and the way to the elevator to the top is exposed.

Now it's your first task is to kidnap the fully loaded train from the weapons depot. Provide you first with everything that you may find in this first room: Energy for your laser gun and an expansion module.

Now follow the path to the left where you come across a group of soldiers guarding the train. Turns out this careful where they should pose no greater danger. Tip: The two leaders, which could call for backup, both located in the left rear corner of the area. Then increases in the train and pull the lever.

To re-interpret the rails, you have to get into the control room. First pull the lever. Complete the breaking through the gate with your laser power plant.

Now follow the path behind the opened door into the control area and submit to the local switch.

Now Fights the emerging soldiers. Try this, to do most of your foot fighters higher position before you dive on the battle who shows up only when you enter the floor. Caught her a timely opportunity, you can also try the sprint to the train and take flight.

Chapter 11: Submarine

You have to try to find the radio room of the submarine and radio contact with Caroline. Beat you to the first room and keep you always on the left. You should come quite easily to the surprise soldiers. Now open the door with the blue mission marker

Fight your continued through the halls and climb the yellow ladder. Battle your way now to the front of the command center and let the radio buoys rise to radio contact with headquarters. There is no mystery, this section is therefore quite simple.

Result now set to headquarters. Shoot just on the gold plates to create a walkable platform for a short time. So you should pretty easy to get to the top.

Chapter 12: Gibraltar Bridge

Your task is to penetrate up to 6 wagon and catch the Chief Scientist. Follow to the debris trails that guide you like a hose. Right in the first wagon compartment that you enter, you will find plenty of weapons and ammunition, as well as a new attachment for your Assault Rifle. Leave the compartment now to the left side through the door.

Both the gun that shoots from outside the next car, the you enter, as well as the guard can be eliminated quickly and specifically with the new grenade launcher. Next it goes. In theory, you can not run you, because there is only one, rather narrow way through the wreckage. If you're still manage to get lost, watch out for yellow-black-striped objects out - they show you the way.

When she finally arrives on a roof (see picture), take the sniper rifle at you, which is located a few rows of seats behind you. So you can watch the soldiers off the gun and finally the Mech in combination with a grenade.

Then you climb onto the roof of the opposite you wagons so as to reach the adjacent compartment via the metal rung. With a quick jump it goes on now.

Here it's all downhill. Through the fences you cut you as before with the laser power station until you finally stands almost directly in front of the target car.

Turn out the emerging super-soldiers with a combination of grenades and laser rifle. If you run out of battery, you can charge it directly on the charging station on the wagon again. Then you have the hill from before you. Uses the cover on as well and use your grenades and laser ammunition for the armored soldiers.

Chapter 13: The Moonbase

Now you break on to the moon, to infiltrate the most secure base of the regime. With the identity papers of the Chief Scientist of you take his identity and can enter the lunar base.

Once there, you bring your gear from the first boot after her habe. Leave the X lock behind you

Then you are looking for a space suit in order to advance later in the command module can. Go to first in the crew's quarters, then through the labs and eventually directly to the space suits in the airlock. But to get to the crew's quarters, you have to you by fighting on one of the lower levels. Ye must gain access to the vents, which you will find in one of the residential areas and finally follow the signal on.

When did you fought to the labs, then searches for the access shaft to the airlock. Then it finally goes to the surface, from where you make you way to the command module. Next goal: find the codes of the atomic bomb.

Power to you. Searching for a computer can give access to the key database Then prints the originals in The command center. Battle your way then up to the first hall through and take the elevator to the top. In the green domed building you will find a green-lit access, which also houses the computer.

After you have collected the documents on, head back to the hangar bay, where you seek to the next building complex according to the connecting track. The hangar bay will take you back to Earth.

Chapter 14: Return to London Nautica

After the rough landing you have a defense for bitter battle against robots and soldiers perform. Take as many enemies as you can with before you can swing thanks to the saving rope in one of the houses.

There, the struggle continues. After you've killed all the soldiers you walk to the end of the hall and jumps through the closed area through the rubble. Removes the chains to the scaffolding and you come down. Repeat this until you finally reached an open door, wait behind the soldiers again.

Seeking a way out of the building. Run on the wooden boards along and go one floor down again into the building. Kill all the enemies and the helicopter of the regime. Follow the path onwards now until you arrived back on the scaffolding on the outside of the building. Run down until you are in the elevator and pressed the switch.

Once you're down with the elevator down, ye catch the eye of London - these giants must destroy her.

If this still in the sewers, where you will find enough equipment and charging stations for the laser weapon. Then waits until the robot open his eye to take you under fire. Then fires a broadside at the open eye and repeated this several times. After it is even missiles at you hail, but with a little skill and patience you survive this phase, if you concentrate your fire on the glowing spots.

Finally, the robot opens its drive after each hit. Move it under the machine and fired it until the monster is defeated. Klaus cross finally comes to the rescue and brings you did. Back to resist, where the troops of the regime have already occurred.

Chapter 15: Under Attack

You find yourself at the entrance of Hqs. While Max takes care of Klaus, you must both protect them from the hostile drones and soldiers. Wait until Max opens the door to the entrance for you. Then run through and climb up the ladders. Kill all the enemies and finally returns one to the top floor.

There you cut through the chains of the truck and jump into the shaft. Follow the path now to the sewers where you will meet fierce resistance. Once you have survived the battle, you take the way on the stairs. Go up to the incident through the ventilation shaft.

After she was rescued by Caroline, you have the soldiers and the robot dog to hold back, to help Fergus. Are the Fine done, you ascend to Caroline and Fergus in the helicopter.

Chapter 16: Return to Skull Base

You are now in possession of a nuclear bomb, and makes you one last time on the way to skull base to once and for all kill him. At the beginning of the last mission, you sit at the helm of the submarine cannon and fires a twists bomb.

After the base plug in had significant damage, you are swimming in and makes you to search for Anya and the other prisoners. Follow the path through the rubble and take as many items with, as you can carry.

In the halls of the base you expect even the first regime soldiers. Take them out and proceeds before. Now put yourself into the higher floors and kills everything that happens to you the gun.

Finally, you can escape the laboratory. Addiction through you one way and take the stairs up into the ventilation shaft. There you Bubi (the constant companion of Mrs. Engel) is attacked. After he administered a drug to you, you can overcome him nonetheless.

Only a meager knife in the hands of their searches for the next elevator. Ride so down the cell block and unites you with your friends and comrades. Now go back to the elevator and ride up. Your comrades and Anya is rescued, while you ride high on skull.

The General takes a nasty brain and implemented it into a robot. Depending on which comrades have sacrificed their beginning of the game - or Fergus Wyatt - whose consciousness is now fighting against you.

In the duel with the mechanical self, you have to paralyze him with grenades, before you can remove the brain from the machine. Then dipped skull on in a giant battle robot. Before you can cause serious harm to him, you have to destroy the two Zeppelins, to interrupt its power source. To do this you need to edit on the sides of the arena signs with the laser and manning the big guns.

Both sources are destroyed, it returns to the center of the area and stopped the fight.

Rises into the ground in the middle of the arena and worries to you skull. Grab first a few improvements for health and shields and tried the robot of General grenades to incapacitate before you host a firework with your weapons arsenal. Aims thereby best to the cabin, where is skull itself. Pays attention to your movements and do not go too close to the flames.

If the robot to the ground, you move there and overwhelmed the general.