2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: Change the selection of jersey numbers

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (Video Game) brings all 32 qualified teams for the championship, with uniforms and licensed squads, and all stages of the competition. With summonses already announced, the teams began releasing lists of the numbers of players.

Want to update the game? Check out the tutorial.

Step 1: From the main menu, use the right shoulder button control to go to the "Customize" tab.

Step 2: At the bottom, look for "Edit Player".

Step 3: On this screen, choose the team you want to edit the numbering. You can also edit the selections that will not be in the Cup, but are available for the mode of the playoffs.

Step 4: Now select the athlete who will be exchanged number and press A / X (360, PS3). In the example, we will edit the uniform of the Hulk, which will use the shirt 7 in the Cup, but comes with 19 in the game.

Step 5: In "Kit Number", select the new number of the athlete, and then press Start to save changes option.

The process can be repeated until all players of the team is appropriate numbering. Several players who were not even summoned the shirts may also be edited normally.