22 Jump Street (film) review

21 Jump Street was a huge success last year. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill delivered a movie packed with brilliant humor, and the critics set high expectations for the sequel. Did the 22 Jump Street meet those expectations?

In the 21 Jump Street cops Schmidt and Jenko went undercover at a high school in order to discover drug dealers. During their mission, the two encountered not only problems in their police work, but also typical high school drama. All in all, namely the two to track drug traffickers and runs well.

A brand new office

The team of 21 Jump Street gets thanks to the success of Schmidt and Jenko a new budget and moves to the other side of the street: 22 Jump Street. With a brand new office a brand new mission should be: the two go undercover at this time a local university. Since it is intended that they discover the new drug dealer. This is obviously not trouble them off.

Crying with laughter

The film is once again packed with hilarious moments that many cinema convulsions of laughter are able to provide. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are still acting with the same manner that we know from 21 Jump Street and managed to twist themselves in the craziest situations. All elements of the typical American college life passing by student associations to spring break; nothing is missing.

Relationship problems

Where in the previous film Schmidt was suddenly popular of the two, it is now Jenko that falls in the cool guys in flavor. The success of the two police Jenko drifts apart. In the film, this is put down as a relationship crisis, even where the two end up in a relationship consultation accidentally. The dramatic way in which Schmidt and Jenko handle their 'relationship', works out well and makes for a whole lot of extra smile moments.

Lamborghini's and shoot-outs

Of course there is also plenty of action in the film. In fact, it opens with a thrilling and above all funny chase with Schmidt and Jenko the underworld figure 'The Ghost' sitting on the heels. Also at the end of the film bursts spring break adventure in Mexico in various pursuits (in bold Lamborghini!) And shoot-outs. It will be absolutely no expense spared.

A successful sequel

The fear that 22 Jump Street would be less fun than previous film is absolutely irrelevant. Directors Phil Lord and Christopher did a great job, without giving the feeling that you're watching the same movie again.

22 Jump Street is in a sense a parody of the whole concept of a sequel, because the agents are constantly trying to do everything exactly same as during their previous mission. This works-of course-all wrong.


Is there really something wrong with the movie? You could say that it is somewhat predictable. But those who are going for 22 Jump Street movie expect a plot twists? Moreover, there is certainly an unexpected turn in the story that does not really have anything to do with the trend but is no less ingenious.

The way both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as Ice Cube play this scene (to avoid spoilers, we don’t discuss the contents) deserves better ratings.

Run to the cinema!

Is 22 Jump Street better than 21 Jump Street? No, certainly not. In 21 Jump Street all the jokes were new, something at 22 Jump Street is not always the case. But that makes the film no less funny. The sequel can certainly measure up to the first part and is all but obsolete. It is again a movie ticket worth! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have proved that they still have a golden duo where we can not get enough.