Anomaly Defenders review

People are a bunch of jerks who ruin their existence the universe. Think that the aliens from Anomaly Defenders least. These creatures are namely attacked by man in the game, you're controlling this robot-like creatures to prevent them from extinction.

If you have played previous games in Anomaly series - including 2 Anomaly and Anomaly: Warzone Earth – you will enjoy this game as well. In those games, the earth was in fact attacked by the aliens you're playing in Anomaly Defenders. The roles are reversed in the last game of 11 Bit Studios, as now humanity to war.

Tower Defense is Offense
If you try, you'll see Anomaly Defenders right that the gameplay has undergone. Quite a twist Tower Offense - driving the 'waves' of soldiers by a path and targets to choose from - is in fact exchanged for the well-known Tower Defense. You don’t send your males and vehicles as almost certain death, but this time you place towers, upgrade your defenses and pray that people do not reach your launchpad.

You launch platform is your base in all 24 levels in Anomaly Defenders. The aliens are trying to escape because of the humanity by anyone to shoot, in the hope that the aliens in the future, new planets to colonize the space. In each level you have to withstand several waves of enemies, and so your spaceships on your launchpad enough time to escape.

Incidentally, it is unfortunate that the feeling that you are fighting against people hardly comes across in the game. All enemies are hiding in big robots, tanks and aircraft. Because in this way only humanity will face, it seems like you're fighting against any alien race. Too bad, because the game had given a better atmosphere. Few "real" soldiers

Few troops in Anomaly Defenders
As expected in a tower defense game you move around the path to the launchpad different towers down to the people to explain. The various defenses that you have at your disposal, offering great many variations. So you have to include Scorchers thick spit fireballs, Predators that the shields of pulverizing machines and Enforcers who take it as a kind of sniper from a distance the enemy under fire.

Although there are eight of these different towers in Anomaly Defenders, this number still feels a bit skimpy. Each building has it's own features, but the low number of buildings there is less room for different tactics. Too bad, because with a little more towers this had been avoided.

The same problem also applies to the way the attackers in the game, who do not know much variation. This same problem occurs quickly: you'll apply a tactic several times.

Gameplay works very tasty
The lack of many troops in the game is a shame because the rest of Anomaly Defenders is very good. During the waves of enemies, you cannot only build towers, but also upgrade making them do extra damage and gain stronger protection. You can also give you a temporary boost defenses, making them stronger for a short time.

The various temporary improvements give Anomaly Defenders some extra depth, since you can give additional features. Allow your towers, this allows you to place a temporary repair aura which structures are healed temporarily 'furious' make towers for extra damage or give them a shield which enemy bullets are better kept briefly. It ensures that you are not only depends on the way you place your defense, but you beat. Also another way humans.

Dynamic playgrounds
Finally help provide the playing fields in the game some extra variety, as opposed to the troops. These different levels have a special condition that you need to consider as you build. So depends on certain platforms launching an electromagnetic cloud that lightning can strike in your machines if they are too close to each other. So make sure you space between buildings.

In another folder, you must take into account a meteor shower, your towers equal with the ground if you're not careful. The stones falling from the sky give you other interesting dilemma, since you have to choose your towers sets apart - and with higher chance of being hit, but only to a point - of all places together - so you incur a lot of damage if you get such a rock at your head.

Satisfactory tech tree
What is perhaps the best in Anomaly Defenders is the tech tree. After each level you get a handful of technology items, which allows you to unlock. Anything in the development tree, with these points your new towers, upgrades, and boosts passive enhancements unlock. This lets you better stop humanity by way of defending your purchase.

Do you use a lot because the Enforcer sniper-like towers, then buy a stronger version of this building. If you prefer to always want to do your towers some extra damage than you invest in a more powerful version of the Rage technology. This way you can take control of the development of your defenses, allowing you to battle better draw from those pesky earthlings.

Not too solid frame rate
Finally, there is still a remark made about the frame rate in Anomaly Defenders. The game looks pretty okay with a reasonable amount of detail, especially in the area. Unfortunately it is the stability of the image is not always good, especially when there are many machines are conjured exploding on the screen.

Fine Tower Defense title
Yet an occasional unstable frame rate and lack of a large number of troops in small smetjes Anomaly Defenders. The game from 11 Bit Studios is in fact a very good tower defense title. The gameplay works, the playing fields offer a lot of variety and the tech tree gives a lot of satisfaction. Alien is good, the game might not, but the game certainly did not deserve to be exterminated.