AOC U2868PQU - review

For those who don’t know: 4K is the new standard for crisp picture quality. More and more television screens mounted models and brand awareness is increasing (including through the World Cup). Now, AOC also comes with such a 4K screen. Know this U2868PQU-computer to overwhelm with sharp quality.

AOC U2868PQU with excellent specifications
The screen is too large as 28 inches, and thereby comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is four times bigger the resolution of full HD. In addition, the screen, according to AOC, a response time of 1 millisecond. All that is in our view also to the speed of the PC that you use it. Indeed, we did not notice any difference in the response of our screen in comparison to other monitors.

The screen is also one LCD monitor with LED backlight. This allows for an image brightness of 300 cd/m2. This is the U2868PQU at least in the top in terms of brightness, as most displays have a brightness of 200 to 300 cd/m2. And the viewing angle is 170 degrees very large (since it's 180 degrees maximum).

Robust and unobtrusive appearance
Where the screen is very noticeable in terms of specifications, this AOC has offset appearance. It has decent screen (apart from the size, of course), no further appearance that really catch the eye. The screen appears as a solid black color, with a similarly colored black stand. The buttons at the bottom right of the screen, which include the device on and off, are also touch screen.

In terms of output, the screen is fully equipped. The screen is to be connected with an HDMI cable. The monitor also comes with two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports. And these outputs are otherwise well hidden, on the sides and bottom to be exact.

Working in portrait mode
Another unique feature is the ability to tilt the screen and use the so-called 'portrait mode' vertically. This is the 'normal' user of a computer screen is not really advisable, but for certain industries can certainly a useful outcome.

Because even in this respect is the angle of 160 degrees with very large. The display is also very elongated due to the size when you tilt the screen, creating a portrait mode is definitely different from the normal mode. In the normal mode, the screen is incidentally to 13 inches in height and up to 90 degrees.

Gorgeous but unmarketable screen

That the AOC U2868PQU a very powerful and brilliant display is not crazy, given the 4K quality. It is only the question of how large the need for such a screen is at the moment. With retail price of 650 euros, the AOC U2868PQU moreover no bargain. Add to that a powerful computer is a requirement to be able to show the 4K crispy display and soon you come to the conclusion that this screen (so far) is only for the elite.